It’s taken me a long time to write this post, mostly because I’m scared that I will not do Palma justice and also because I’m worried that my pictures won’t showcase its beauty enough.

After traveling all over the world, and recently Europe for a whole month, it takes a lot for me to truly fall head over heels in love with a place. In my time I have experienced a wide variety of cities, seaside towns, foods and cultures. But there is nowhere so far, that quite compares to the breathtakingly beautiful Palma De Mallorca.

I never intended to go to Palma and when we planned our holiday to Europe, we hadn’t even booked to go there. But, my partner, unexpectedly landed himself some work there for a few weeks, so I decided to last minute divert from spending an extra week in Barcelona and hopped over to Palma, really not knowing what to expect and wondering if I’d regret my decision.

10 days in Palma De Mallorca

Not only did Palma take my breath away, but it’s a place that should be at the top of any travellers bucket list.

We arrived in Palma in late October for ten days. The sun was still shining, the sky was crystal blue and the sea was really warm. Luck was on our side from the start.

Palma De Mallorca

We were lucky enough to find some last minute accommodation with AirBnb, in a prime place in Old Town. Situated on a busy shopping street, 5 minutes from the port and above two ice-cream shops (great bribe for a mischievous toddler) we couldn’t have picked a better spot.

10 days in Palma De Mallorca

I spent most of the days with my toddler Evie, walking about exploring the beautiful architecture, making the most of the golden beaches and tucking into the delicious Spanish delicacies.

Old Town

My favourite part about Palma was Old Town. The architecture is so beautiful and on each corner there are a so many styles of buildings from all different centuries. Old Spanish architecture feels more alive here, and is quite easily to fall in love with.

10 days in Palma De Mallorca

But nothing can beat the grandest and largest Gothic Cathedral in the world, which boasts the most incredible views, right by the sea front. The little parks in front of it, were my favourite spots to sit. Evie could play while I soaked up the sun and the breathtaking views.

10 days in Palma De Mallorca

Palma’s Old Town is the largest we have visited. It’s so vibrant, with music on every corner and entertainment as you walk up and down. The shops vary from little independent boutiques, classic high street shops, to a street full of designer stores. Not to mention all the different delicatessens and restaurants down the quiet alleyways.

I loved how much choice there were for children too, and we spent lots of our time dipping in and out of toy shops, one even had a door especially for children.

If you are one for peace and quiet, there are lots of little tranquil parks to go and sit in. On the outskirts of Old Town you’ll find gardens with waterfalls and lots of little play parks for children.


The weather during our stay, was incredible. Although we had one day where we there was ‘red rain’ (very cloudy, red dust in the air) and one day of actual rain, the rest of our 10 days that fell between October and November, were scorching.

10 days in Palma De Mallorca

With highs of 31 and lows of 24, it really was nice to experience some proper bursts of sun for the first time this year. It was a whole other world, compared to the “summer” back home in the UK.

With rays of sun bouncing off the crystal blue water, it only made our final destination seem even more exotic. It also puts you in the mood for more outdoor activities, and the occasional daylight sangria cocktail.


It was extremely relaxing and hot at the beach. We took full advantage of enjoying the Spanish weather everyday that we were there!

The beach in Palma is a bit of a walk and we’d recommend either hiring bikes (we did this one day, it was so much fun) hiring rollerblades (which seems to be rather popular in Spain) or hiring little scooters. However, we didn’t mind walking it everyday as we loved taking our time and stopping off at the two parks en-route. It took about twenty to thirty minutes to get there with Evie. But as you can see, she loved the walk.

The afternoons were always scorching and we found ourselves picking up a rather lovely tan, dipping our toes in the warm Mediterranean sea and gazing up into the beautiful cloudless blue sky.


I was so glad that there were so many beautiful spots to walk to everyday, so that we could work off our food. Oh boy were we spoilt for choice with delicious dishes.

Around every corner we stumbled across the most delicious tapas. Although there are some fantastic places to eat in Old Town, we fully recommend venturing out of the touristy areas (which can be overpriced), where you’ll find the better restaurants.

10 days in Palma De Mallorca

Our favourite things to do was stop off at different delicatessen cafes every couple of days, to try out their spectacular range of chorizo and salamis, cheeses and wines.

Being right by the port, the fish is the freshest around. We also found out that a lot of the fruit and vegetables are grown right on the island. Visiting the local markets was a taste sensation. The colours, the aromas, the choices were incredible. If you are staying for a long holiday, we cannot recommend the markets enough, for buying your produce.

10 days in Palma De Mallorca

Our biggest problem on the holiday was by far our biggest treat. An ice cream shop right below our apartment. The beautiful colours and choice of flavours were extraordinary! My favourite were any of the three cherry flavours that were available. We all indulged a little too much!

Things To Do

There are so many things to do, both in Palma De Mallorca and beyond. The island has such a beautiful coastline. Our favourite activity to do was hiring out bicycles in Palma, and riding the designated bike path.

The bike paths take you all along the coast, past beautiful local harbours and beaches, right down to the airport. You can also hire rollerblades or scooters. There are plenty of eateries en-route too, so you can make a day of it and stop off for a delicious lunch either right on the beach, or with a sea view.

10 days in Palma De Mallorca

A great spot for kids, is the local aquarium. We took the short bus ride to the outskirts of Palma, where we met the fish, sharks and a whole other range of aquatic life. We even got to watch the sharks being fed and Evie was so impressed with seeing the diver, who even took the time to wave to us.

Palma itself has so much to see on foot, but if you want to add a bit more magic to your holiday, why not hire out one of the local horse and carriages to take you around the city?

This was the one thing we desperately wanted to do, but as my partner was working, they were always closed by the time he finished. It’s definitely on our to do list for next time we visit Palma.

Day Trip To Soller

There is one thing that should be at the top of every list when visiting Palma. Catching the Old Orange Train to the beautiful port of Soller.

10 days in Palma De Mallorca

We were recommended this when stumbling through Pinterest and are so glad we tried it out for ourselves. The train passes through the mountains. The valley and the views are completely beautiful.

The old orange train itself is quite something. We fully recommend booking tickets in advance, because queuing can sometimes mean having to get the next train. I didn’t pre-book and it was just by luck we managed to get onboard.

10 days in Palma De Mallorca

We got a one way train to Soller and caught the bus back. This was also a recommendation we found online and we were glad we took it because the journey to the port is quite cramped and long, but oh so worth it.

At the train station you have the option to stay in Soller or catch the tram for 15 minutes, down to the port. We chose the port and are so glad we did.

Port De Soller

The port is only small, but there are loads of things to do from trying out one of the 100’s of harbour side restaurants or diving into some watersports. You can hire boats, kayaks and more. Children and families can even hire pedal boats that have huge slides attached to them, great fun in summer.

10 days in Palma De Mallorca

In Soller we managed to find time to splash about on the beach, grab an ice cream and indulge in a delicious meal by the harbour. Fresh fish cooked to perfection.

10 days in Palma De Mallorca

We stopped off in a restaurant called Ran De Mar. It was hands down the best food we’d tasted on our entire holiday. From the lamb dish to the monkfish curry to the Albarino. I cannot recommend it enough.

The weather in the early evenings was still really warm and we even bravely attempted to go in the sea, which was surprisingly still so warm. It took a lot to coax Evie away so we could go and catch our bus.

Will We Be Returning To Palma?

100% yes. The one thing I regret not doing is hiring a car and exploring more of the island. It takes two hours to cross the island by car. With rugged coastlines, vineyards, fruit farms, mountains and golden beaches, it is more than worth doing.

Apparently there is a spot where you can watch a musical performance by boat in an Underwater Caves! Mallorca is a magical island and Palma has left us with a complete desire to go back for more.

Have you ever been to Palma De Mallorca? Do you want to? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. January 13, 2017 / 11:14 am

    The only time I’ve been to Palma is when we docked here at the end of the a cruise and the coach took us straight to the airport! I thought at the time it was such a shame not to get the chance to be able to explore the island.

  2. Jen
    January 13, 2017 / 2:36 pm

    Looks utterly beautiful, your photos are amazing.

    I haven’t been abroad for over twenty years now, and never been to Palma. It certainly looks like somewhere I could be persuded to go to.

  3. January 13, 2017 / 9:13 pm

    We’ve been to Palma and loved it, such a wonderful place to visit. Looks you had had lovely weather in October, such a bonus. You’re photos are gorgeous and they are making me want to go back! They do flights from Cardiff so I may be able to book a long weekend – certainly tempted!

  4. January 14, 2017 / 8:10 am

    We docked at Palma on our Carnival cruise but sadly didn’t get to see as much as we hoped as we decided to explore by foot and ended up in a shopping centre. We have vowed to go back as it is beautiful

  5. January 14, 2017 / 4:45 pm

    Oh wow, it looks absolutely stunning! And your photos definitely do it justice. I love architecture and old towns and it seems like there is the perfect combination of all the good things about holidays. Food and beaches and strolls, sounds perfect.

  6. Home and Horizon
    January 14, 2017 / 11:54 pm

    Oh wow – we did exactly the same holiday 3 years ago – and took the train to Soller. It was beautiful and I have very fond memories. You certainly made the most of your trip!

  7. January 15, 2017 / 9:25 am

    Wow. It looks stunning. Certainly brightened up my dull January Sunday morning! Those blue skies……

  8. Lyndsay-Rose
    February 2, 2017 / 5:01 pm

    Wow this place looks stunning. Your photo are fab

  9. March 21, 2018 / 1:23 pm

    We love all Balearics and to Mallorca we’ve been just pre-kids. Wrote extensively about Ibiza and Menorca that all my boys adored. Now your gorgeous pictures are prompting me to think about a long week-end back to Palma with the kiddies this summer! Thanks for sharing!

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