It’s almost Mothers Day, hooray! Whether you have a tot or a teen, motherhood is no easy feat and I love that both mums and dads get a special day every year to celebrate how incredible they are!

Having a child is wonderful, rewarding, exhausting, exhilarating, challenging and unpredictable. You’re constantly on a rollercoaster of emotions and every stage of parenting is different. From sleepless nights with newborns, to the terrible tantruming toddlers, to school aged kids that eventually blossom into teasy teenagers.

I’m so excited to celebrate my 3rd mothers day. It feels like I have been a mum for so much longer, in fact I can’t even remember what it felt like to not be a mum. Like so many others, I absolutely would not change that feeling for the world.

If you’re looking for mothers day gift ideas, then look no further. These gifts range from the ‘freebies’ to the more expensive treats, but all of them would be so appreciated by mums everywhere. Here’s our top 10 Mothers Day Gift Ideas:

10 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

1. Breakfast In Bed

Who doesn’t want breakfast in bed on Mothers Day? I think breakfast in bed is such a lovely treat for mums and it really doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. I personally, would be so happy with a simple bowl of granola in bed! But, I do have to admit that I absolutely love this Mothers Day themed ‘Breakfast In Bed Box‘ by Zac and Lily.

It’s such a sweet idea and completely takes the stress out of working out what to do for breakfast. Inside it comes complete with pancake mix, a special pancake shaper, golden syrup, teapigs tea and a mothers day card for your children to colour in.

2. A Lie In

Sometimes the best gift doesn’t even have to be tangible. I don’t know any mum who wouldn’t appreciate and absolutely love a lie in on mothers day. No matter the age of your children, sleep is really precious and it’s so nice to not have to start the day with an alarm – either in the form of an actual alarm or a child either crying or being old enough to come in and jump on you!

3. A Candle

A candle doesn’t have to be a cliched gift, especially when the scent and design has been personalised. I’ve just discovered a gorgeous new website called Daisy Blue where you can not only personalise the label for the recipient, but you can also personalise it with their favourite scent.

I recently got my own Daisy Blue candle. As it wasn’t a gift, I opted for an unpersonalised candle in this gorgeous ‘stone’ white colour. Despite being unpersonalised, I still couldn’t resist choosing the scent! This one smells like plums and rhubarb and is absolutely heavenly. These candles are perfect as a mothers day gift. Check out my post about Daisy Blue here and enter a competition to win a candle of your own!

4. A Personalised Photo Gift

I really think that personalised keepsakes are an amazing gift idea for Mothers Day. If you’ve got loads of photos lying around on your hard drive, why not turn them into a gift? I have a handmade personalised photo block by Harkons and have bought them for so many of my friends for various different occasions. They have all loved them! Harkons transfers your favourite images onto a beautiful wooden block. It’s such a unique present idea and perfect for any mums who love the rustic homeware look.

5. A Bath

Another inexpensive mothers day gift idea but still so appreciated – nothing beats a warm bath and a little undisturbed relaxation. If you’re treating the mother of your children this will earn you some serious kudo points! Especially if you make it extra special and light some candles and put in some bubbles.

10 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

If you’re all grown up and treating your own mum, then why not give her a little box of bath bombs or soaps to encourage her to have a little ‘me’ time?

6. Jewellery

I love jewellery, but only if its sentimental. I can tell you where every piece of my jewellery came from and what every charm on my bracelets means to me. Personalised jewellery is so easy to find nowadays and doesn’t have to be expensive. Plus the personal touch will be so much more appreciated. Some great places to search for personalised jewellery include ‘Not On The High Street‘ and ‘The Charm Works‘.

7. Afternoon Tea

Have you ever thought about afternoon tea as a mothers day gift? I treated my own mum to afternoon tea the year my daughter was born. She was 3 days old and we all popped out to enjoy an afternoon of cakes and sandwiches with some delicious, warming pots of tea. It was my favourite Mothers day experience to date.

10 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

It’s not only relaxing and indulgent, but it’s also less expensive than going for a lunch or dinner. Plus you have an excuse to eat lots of delicious cake.

8. Spa Day

Spa days or spa treatments are my go to present idea for my own mum and I’ve also received spa treatments for mothers day and birthday presents in the past. They definitely went down very well. Even if its a simple back massage to release tension or a basic manicure, it will be more than appreciated. Massages usually start at £20 depending on where you go, just don’t forget to arrange a babysitter!

9. A Personalised Book

I love the idea of personalised gifts. They’re so unique and such special keepsake If you are buying for the mum of a small child, then why not personalise a picture book that they can read with their children? I love, love, love this personalised ‘Mummy and Me‘ book from ‘Not On The High Street’.

10 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

You can personalise every element of it so that the storyline fits in with your family. The illustrations are so gorgeous as well!

If you are buying for your own mum then this ‘Dear Mum‘ book is an amazing gift for both your mum and you! You give it to your mum as a gift and they simply answer the questions in the book, fill it out and give it back to you. When it’s complete you have a precious book to keep, telling you all about your mums life.

10. Handmade or Personalised Card

It wouldn’t be Mothers Day without either a handmade or personalised card. My go to for personalised cards is Moonpig. When buying cards for my entire family throughout the year, I always get their personalised photo cards.

I love picking out my favourite family pictures and adding them to the card. Plus, they make a great keepsake! It’s also a great way to spot how much you’ve changed every year and it’s really easy and quick to create a card.

I hope that you have found the perfect gift for Mothers day within this list. Happy Mothers day to all my fellow mamas! I’m so excited to celebrate the day with my own mum and daughter. I’ll be spending the day reminding myself of how lucky I am to get to be a mum.

Which is your favourite from these Mothers Day gift ideas? Let me know in the comments. 


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