Do you drink enough water?

It’s no secret that we should be drinking at least eight glasses of water per day to keep us hydrated. But that’s so much easier said than done when we lead busy lives and when some of us have a preference for coffee, the occasional fizzy drink and *ahem* wine.

If you’d like to find out 10 ways to drink more water without compromising on your favourite drinks then read on.

10 Ways To Drink More Water

Recently my little family were set a challenge, to record how much water we drink a day.

For the challenge we were sent a bunch of Aqua Pura 330ml bottles to make it easier to record what we were drinking.

I thought this would be easy peasy as we’re avid water drinkers anyway, but we were a bit shocked at our findings.

The recommended daily amount is eight glasses a day.

  • In 24 hours I drank: seven glasses of water. So close!.
  • Evie drank: four glasses of water. This is perfect fort a little 18 month old!
  • Jamie drank: four glasses of water. Jamie is the only one in the family who is a big coffee/fizzy drink fan. He definitely needs to up his water intake.


Did you know that more than two thirds of the human body consists of water and keeping topped up with water helps our body function effectively, from flushing out toxins to aiding digestion?

Drinking water has so many health benefits, but if you don’t like the taste of water, there are lots of creative ways you can try to help you happily drink some more.

The lovely people at Aqua Pura gave us some great tips on how we could increase our water intake. Our favourite was to add fruit slices to water bottles.

Fruit Water

I’ve seen fruit infuser bottles about for a while and now and after trying this, we’ll definitely be getting one to help us drink this way on the go. This was so tasty!

We also swapped our morning coffee (this was hard to do) for hot water with freshly squeezed lemon.


Lemon water has so many health benefits anyway and kick starts your metabolism. I must admit I was shocked to feel more awake this way and didn’t have that mid morning slump. Just don’t tell the coffee!

Evie’s favourite way to drink the water was with a bright straw. Her chosen colour was always blue. Although she had a preference for two straws.


Here is the extensive list on how you can drink more water, include it in your busy lifestyle and how you can even make it more fun!


  1.  Add fruit slices to water bottles for a refreshing, naturally fruity taste. Lemon and lime wedges add a great citrus twist helping to make water more appealing.
  2. Keep a diary of how much water is consumed per 24-hour period. By tracking the daily intake, it highlights how little you are drinking in comparison to the daily recommended amount.
  3. Technology plays a large part in society, so set a reminder on your phone or email account to encourage water intake throughout the day.
  4. Why not swap morning cups of tea to hot water with freshly squeezed orange, rich in Vitamin C , giving you a tasty pick-me-up.
  5. Encourage every member of the family to get involved so that you get into the habit of drinking more water together
  6. Embrace the child from within and add vibrant, colourful straws to water bottles. You’re likely to sip more when using a straw than just sipping water.
  7. Drink water before and after every meal, it’s a great way to increase water consumption as part of your daily routine.
  8. Bring a bottle of water everywhere. Having a bottle of water in your handbag, car, back-pack and placed beside the bed can increase water consumption; it also enables you to keep a track of how much you’re drinking.
  9. If you love fizzy drinks, try to gradually cut down by drinking water for half of all your drinks, then eventually one fizzy drink per day, and then one per week. Once you start cutting down, your taste buds will change and eventually you won’t need the same sweetness.
  10. Add some sparkle to the day with sparkling water, which has all the same benefits, but a little more fizz.

We really enjoyed taking part in this challenge. It was interesting to see how much water we do really drink. I must admit, we did find that by having bottled water instead of tap, it allowed us to track better what we drinking and the Aqua Pura 330ml bottles (they do come in other sizes too) were really easy to take out and about with us.

Which way would you be your favourite to try? Do you drink lots of water? Do you ever reach eight glasses of water in one day? 

This water challenge was set by Aqua Pura, but all views are my own. 


  • The hot water and lemon first thing sounds good. I drink way too much tea but find plain water boring so a slice of fruits a great idea.
    thismummylark recently posted…Landmark moment baby cardsMy Profile

    • It’s really good! It tastes so sweet too. You’d think it would be bitter but it’s really not. I’m now a huge fan of fruit water. x

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