Christmas is coming and one of our favourite ways to get into the Christmas spirit is to make lots of ‘Christmas crafts’ with our daughter. If you’re not a fan of messy play or crafting, fear not. We’ve rounded up some of the ‘easiest’ Christmas Crafts for kids as made by some of our favourite bloggers.

From simple snowmen, to homemade Christmas cards, to lolly stick decorations; below, you’ll find Christmas crafts for kids of all ages, even toddlers! You may even find some last-minute, homemade Christmas gift ideas for grandparents!

15 Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids

To find out more information on how to make any of the crafts below, simply click on the blogger link for the ‘how to’. If you like this post, we’d love you to ‘pin’ the above image, so other parents can enjoy it too!

1. Make Your Own Santa

15 Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids

How adorable is this Santa? Made with felt, card and some cotton wool pieces, this easy ‘Santa’ will make the perfect decoration for your kids room this Christmas. Suitable for toddlers and above, this craft will keep them entertained for at least twenty minutes.

2. Easy Reindeer Advent Calendar

15 Easy Kids Christmas Crafts

These reindeer are super sweet and are so easy to make and are a great way to recycle your old toilet roll tubes. Fill them with sweet treats or maybe even some ‘advent’ challenges!

3. Potato Print Snowmen

15 Easy Kids Christmas Crafts

Potato printing is something that every kid must try out at some point in their lives. The potato printed snowmen are so easy to re-create and are perfect for children who are experimenting with using different things to create art. You can easily decorate these with glitter pens, paint or anything else that takes your fancy.

4. Felt Christmas Tree

15 Easy Christmas Kids Crafts

This felt Christmas tree is so simple to cut out and can be decorated by even the youngest of tots in the lead up to Christmas. Why not make a giant version and put it on their wall, so they have their very own ‘Christmas Tree’ in their bedroom or play room.

5. Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

15 Easy Kids Christmas Crafts

Did you ever make clay decorations when you were younger? Now you can recreate some with your own kids, just in time for Christmas. These clay decorations make the perfect keepsakes and are so easy to make with a few ‘Christmas’ shaped cookie cutters.

6. Lolly Stick Christmas Crafts

15 Easy Kids Christmas Crafts

These ‘lolly stick’ Christmas crafts are such a great idea. If you don’t fancy painting them yourselves, you can pick up some colour sticks from your local craft store. ‘Thimble and Twig’ have posted a whole variety of lolly stick Christmas crafts. From snowflakes, to reindeer, to Christmas trees.

7. DIY Ping Pong Snowmen

15 Easy Kids Christmas Crafts

These ‘Ping Pong’ Snowmen from ‘The Inspiration Edit’ are so different and so much fun to make. Why not make your own snowmen scene this Christmas? All you need is some lollypop sticks some ping pongs and some creativity.

8. Homemade Snowman Christmas Card

15 Easy Kids Christmas Crafts

It’s so much fun to make homemake Christmas cards with your kids. Popular homemade Christmas cards range from handprint reindeer, to footprint Christmas trees. We love how simple this cotton wool snowman is though. It’s a lot less messy and you can jazz it up however you like.

9. Personalised Christmas Wreaths

15 Easy Kids Christmas Crafts

This personalised Christmas wreath by ‘Our Cherry Tree’ is such a lovely idea. It would make the perfect tree decoration or present for grandparents and it’s so simple to make.

10. Hand Print Robins

15 Easy Kids Christmas Crafts

You can’t have a craft round up without including some hand or footprint Christmas crafts. We absolutely adore these sparkly robins by ‘Raw Childhood’. All you need is a little bit of car, some paint and something sparkly!

11. Button Christmas Trees

15 Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids

These button ‘Christmas’ trees are so perfect for a little ‘quiet’ time craft. It’s a great craft to do with both older kids and toddlers. It helps with fine motor skills and you can even make it a learning game about patterns and sequences. These trees are so easy to make and would make a really sweet Christmas decoration.

12. Paper Bag Stars

15 Easy Kids Christmas Crafts

We love that this Christmas craft is a little bit different and it also involves upcycling. Do you have any paper bags lying around your house? Why not make these paper bag stars. Make a hole and add some string and you can make the most magical Christmas decorations.

13. Fingerprint Christmas Lights

15 Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids

If you’re in the mood for making some ‘Christmas’ pictures with your kids, these fingerprint Christmas lights are such a lovely idea. You can mix up colours and make your twinkly lights look really magical. They’d even make a great Christmas card!

14. Easy Christmas Cards

15 Easy Kids Christmas Crafts

These homemade Christmas cards by ‘Daisies and Pie’ can be made using things found around your house. They’re also great for kids of all ages. Younger toddlers can help practise their gluing skills, whereas older kids can help with the cutting and sticking.

15. Make Your Own Snow

15 Easy Christmas Kids Crafts

If you love a good ‘Christmas’ sensory box, then this is for you. Homemade snow is so easy to make and if you put it in a box for playtime, it doesn’t even have to be messy. Make your own snow scene and create hours of Christmas play for your toddler or child.

We’ll be adding to this list over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for some more ‘easy’ kids Christmas crafts to do. If you want to submit your link to be added to this post, please send an e-mail to Life Unexpected.

If you want some more fun Christmas ideas, check out our ‘Christmas Themed Kids Bookshelf‘ and our ‘10 Family Christmas Traditions To Start This Year.

Which one of these Christmas crafts is your favourite? Will you try any of these out in the lead up to Christmas? 



  1. Angela Milnes
    November 15, 2017 / 8:49 pm

    What a fabulous collection of crafts. I am a fan of lollipop stick crafts so love the rudolf ones!

  2. Le Coin de Mel
    November 22, 2017 / 12:04 pm

    I absolutely love this list of crafts you’ve created! The ping pong heads are my favourites: they’re so cute! Thanks for including my little reindeer 🙂

  3. November 22, 2017 / 1:52 pm

    Thanks for including mine. I love the fingerprint lights and the reindeer advent calendar.

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