3 Alternative Ways To Travel Europe With Kids

3 Alternative Ways To Travel Europe With Kids

3 Alternative Ways To Travel Europe With Kids

We are planning a Europe trip!

I can’t believe that it’s been nearly three years since we went on a six week trip around Europe with our then toddler. We travelled around Europe, visiting Italy, France and Spain, spending a good fortnight in each place.

I absolutely loved that trip and I wish we could travel like that every year!

For the past few weeks we’ve been talking a lot about planning another long trip to Europe. This time though we’ve got two kids and we want to go for a little bit longer.

3 Alternative Ways To Travel Europe With Kids

The last time we went we used a combination of planes and trains to get around and we did find it quite stressful. Especially constantly doing airport transfers and having to go through the long waits you experience when you fly.

After a lot of discussion we have decided to do another Europe trip, next Autumn when Lior is old enough to toddler about, and we’ve been looking into alternative ways we could travel around Europe, so we can avoid the planes.

If you too want to avoid planes and airport transfers, here’s some alternative ways to travel Europe with your family.

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We’ve been looking into Europe train passes so we can hop between place to place via train. When we were in Europe last, we mostly took trains across Italy and it was so lovely getting to travel high speed, while at the same time getting to enjoy beautiful views of Italy outside the windows.

I also love that the trains connect to 31 countries so you have endless options of places to visit.

The only downside of trains for us, is making sure that we always get good seats for the four of us. Especially if it’s busy and we’re going on a long journey. Have you got experience with trains in Europe?

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Hire A Car

Another option have been looking into, is hiring a really big car (I have my eye on a Landrover Discovery) and doing a road trip.

Again, this gives us options of going wherever we want to and whenever we want to and I think it would be so lovely to experience different countries, cultures and scenic routes in that way!

The only downside of cars for us, is spending potential long hours in European traffic, with two energetic kids!

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European River Cruise

How magical would it be to experience a European River Cruise? We are highly considering this option for our next trip.

Have you ever been on a European River Cruise before? I love the idea of travelling around from place to place in comfort and without the stress of having to navigate transport or routes!

5 European Cities To Visit On Your Next Family Holiday

You can literally eat, sleep and have fun while someone else gets you from A to B! We’ve been looking into European River cruises by ROL Cruise because we love some of the options of places that they visit and we really want to go somewhere new.

The only downside of a river cruise is that you are limited to just the places on the route, but you do get to pick the itinerary that suits you best.

Which one?

We are so tied between each option right now and I’d love your opinion! We aren’t fussy about where we visit right now, we just want to go to places that are family friendly and beautiful! So…

Have you ever travelled through Europe before with kids? I’d love to hear about your experiences and recommendations.


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