Are you looking at European cities for your next family holiday? Whether you have a baby, a toddler, a kid or a teen, European cities are so amazing for family getaways.

As a family, we are very addicted to travelling. In fact, in one year alone my then two year old went on a grand total of 12 planes!

Out of everywhere in the world we visited, there was something so special about visiting European cities. We’ve tried and tested a lot of them and we definitely have a few favourites.

If you’re stuck on which European city to visit for your next family holiday, below we’ve rounded up our five favourites, all of which we’ve personally tested out. We’ll share with you the best things to to, the best places to stay and how long you should stay there for!

5 European Cities To Visit On Your Next Family Holiday

5 European Cities For Your Next Family Holiday

Are you dreaming of a European city holiday but you’re not sure where to go? Maybe you want the city to be by the sea. Maybe you want a city that is by some mountains. Maybe you want a city that is full of history and culture, a city that is full of activities for kids, or a city that has the most beautiful countryside a small drive away. We have rounded up five very different cities below, all of which we’re sure, will very quickly make their way onto your family holiday bucket list.

1. Venice

5 European Cities To Visit On Your Next Family Holiday

What is there to do?

There is so much for kids to enjoy in Venice! Even better, most of the entertainment comes from just walking around. There are lots of historic places to visit such as Doges Palace and Saint Mark’s Basilica. But, if history (and long lines) isn’t your things, your kids will LOVE just exploring venice. All the little bridges are so much fun to climb. Then there are boat rides, so many ice cream shops and lots of beautiful little streets to explore. We highly recommend taking kids on a gondola ride, seeking out the best gelato spots and taking a day trip to the beautiful, colourful Burano where they can spot houses in a whole rainbow of colours.

Where should I stay?

Both times we visited Venice we stayed in Air Bnb’s. We found it to be much cheaper than hotels and also a lot more convenient. Both times we chose to stay in the Canneregio district, which is so child friendly. It’s also only a 5 minute walk to the main train station from Canneregio. It’s also about 15 minutes away from the bus that takes you to the airport and it’s only a 10 minute walk or 2 minute boat ride from all the main touristy areas.

5 European Cities To Visit On Your Next Family Holiday

How long should you spend here: 2-3 days

We’ve actually been to Venice twice in the last couple of years. The first time we went with our toddler, but just for a day trip. 24 hours just didn’t feel like enough at all. Even with a two year old in tow, I still wish we’d stayed just that one day longer. The second time we went, we did stay for three days, but we were just as a couple. This was such a lovely amount of time for us to slowly stroll around and see everything. I definitely recommend spending at least 2-3 days here. But, you don’t need anymore than that.

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2. Palma

5 European Cities To Visit On Your Next Family Holiday

What is there to do?

Palma De Mallorca is such a beautiful city to stay in and it’s so perfect families. There are loads of things you can do with kids in Palma. Hiring bikes and cycling the beachfront is definitely a highlight not to be missed. There is also a really fantastic aquarium for kids, a short bus ride or drive from the city centre. It’s so big, you could easily spend the day here!

We recommend you go for a stroll through the ‘Old Town’ and check out all the local shops. There is normally kiddy entertainment in the main square and there is even a really cool kids shop that has a door designed just for children to use.

Another fun thing your kids will love, is hiring a horse and carriage and going on a family ride through the city. Or, you can go for a stroll to one of the cities many beautiful beaches. If you get bored of the city (unlikely) we definitely recommend you go on the ‘mountain train’ which is an old orange train that takes you through the mountains to a neighbouring seaside town called Soller.

Where should I stay?

Palma has some of the most beautiful resorts, but just like with Venice, we highly recommend staying in an Air Bnb in the Old Town section of Palma. There are beautiful food markets so you can do your food shop and living like a local really is the best way to spend your time in Palma.

5 European Cities To Visit On Your Next Family Holiday

How long is good to spend here: 3-5 days

I spent 10 days in Palma De Mallorca with my daughter and I honestly would have moved here if I could. It’s such a family friendly city and if you hire a car, it’s well worth staying over a week so you can explore more of the whole island. If you just want to stay in Palma though, 3-5 days is plenty of time.

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3. Rome

5 European Cities To Visit On Your Next Family Holiday

What is there to do?

There are so many beautiful historic sights you must see in Rome. My daughters favourite was the Trevi Fountain. She loved throwing in a coin and making a wish here. This was right next to the famous ‘Spanish Steps’, which is also worth a visit. I highly recommending coming to both of these before 9am though. After that they get super busy with tourists.

You can’t come to Rome without visiting the Colosseum. It really is a must see. Right next door to the Colosseum is the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Kids will love having the chance to run about here. You get both of these as part of your ticket to the Colosseum, so they’re really worth exploring.

The Vatican and St. Peters Basilica are also worth looking around. If you have young kids you can queue hop these and go straight in (which sometimes saves a couple of hours). I will pre-warn you though, they do both get very crowded!

If history isn’t your thing though, there are still lots of shops to explore and delicious eateries to try out. Don’t forget to try a delicious, fresh Italian pizza and some gelato!

Where should I stay?

Be really careful when you try and find a family friendly place to stay in Rome. We highly recommend you try and stay in the Colosseo district. The Colosseo district is so family friendly, perfect for kids and close to all the touristy attractions. It’s literally minutes from the Colosseum and about ten to fifteen minutes from the Trevi Fountain and Spanish steps.

5 European Cities To Visit On Your Next Family Holiday

How long is good to spend here: 3-4 days

We spent three days here exploring with our toddler and it was plenty of time! We managed to cram everything in. If you want to do things a bit slower though, we recommend four days, because we did feel a little bit like we were rushing through everything.

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4. Barcelona

5 European Cities To Visit On Your Next Family Holiday

What is there to do?

Wow, I don’t even know where to begin with this section. There is so much to do in Barcelona for families. Hiring bikes and cycling the beach front is a highlight, especially with kids. Then there is the shopping districts to explore; from the beautiful, unique and old El Born, to the main designer and high street shopping part; Passieg De Gracia.

If you holidayed here you would literally spend all your time exploring and eating delicious tapas, paella and churros.

If tourist attractions are your thing, your kids will love running around Park Guell and you will adore the beautiful Gaudi architecture. Then there is the famous La Sagrada Familia. The Gaudi style church that is still being built 100 years later. A trip here isn’t complete without visiting La Boquiera Market. Your kids will love trying foods in this famous market and seeing all the colourful stalls. If that’s not enough, there is a cable car to go on if you’re brave enough and there are tons of beautiful beaches for you to spend the day on.

Where should I stay?

I have one huge recommendation for this. Motel One! It’s beautiful, it’s central, it’s safe and it’s right opposite Parc Ciutadella, where your kids will love running around and being free! It’s also about a ten minute walk away from the beaches, as well as being two minutes from a subway and ten minutes from all the main touristy areas.

5 European Cities To Visit On Your Next Family Holiday

How long is good to spend here: 5 days

We’ve actually been to Barcelona twice before. In fact, one of our trips was literally last month. The first time I came, I spent 5 days and I was with my daughter too. The second time we were child free and here for only 3 days. I have to say, this city is amazing! Spend as long as you can here, there is endless things to do and kids and grown ups will both love it.

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5. Florence

5 European Cities To Visit On Your Next Family Holiday

What is there to do?

Florence is such a beautiful city and very kid friendly. Kids will love taking a ride on the famous carousel in the main Piazza. If real horses are more your thing though, you can also take a horse drawn carriage around the city for a more magical experience.

If you book in advance, there are plenty of workshops that teach kids how to make gelato and pizza. There are also plenty of educational things to do in Florence with kids. Kids will enjoy the Museum Of Palazza Vecchio. Palazzo Vecchio offers daily activities for children aged 4 and up. Another one they will love is the Leonardo da Vinci Museum. The museum is small but lots of the machines are interactive, which is great fun for even the youngest of kids.

Kids who love climbing will love scaling both Giotto’s Bell Tower and Bunelleschi’s Dome in the centre of the city. Both can be found within the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore and have the most beautiful panoramic views of the city.

If you fancy gelato, we recommend getting some on the Ponte Vecchio bridge, here you can make your way across to the other side of the water where you’ll find the most beautiful parks and gardens for kids, perfect if you have young toddlers in tow!

Where should I stay?

We highly recommend getting a hotel that is close to the main tourist attractions or staying in a villa with a company like ‘Bookings For You’. When we went to Florence, we stayed in the ‘Wow Florence’ Hostel because we were on a budget. Although it was amazing value and in the perfect location between attractions and the train station, it was very noisy at times and busy with lots of young students.

5 European Cities To Visit On Your Next Family Holiday

How long is good to spend here: 24-48 hours

Florence is so beautiful and there is lots to do for kids. If you just wanted to explore the city, a day trip or two days here would be plenty for you! However if you have older kids,  then you’ll definitely want to stay at least three days, just so they can check out all the museums and workshops there are on offer.

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So, there you have it ‘5 European Cities For Your Next Family Holiday’. We absolutely loved all of these cities. If I have to pick a favourite it would have to be Barcelona because it literally had it all. Good food, amazing beaches, a big city to explore and really family friendly. But, we promise that all of the rest are so worth a visit too.

Have you ever been to one of these european cities with your family? Or are any of these on your list of places to visit? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. May 29, 2018 / 2:44 pm

    We have just returned from Palma and it was perfect with young children. I really want to visit Venice next x

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