5 Experiences To Have In Florida

5 Experiences To Have In Florida

5 Experiences To Have In Florida


Have I mentioned enough times that we are planning a trip to both Disney and Universal in Orlando?

It’s always been my dream to go and now I’m in my 30th year and it’s actually going to happen! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are.

We are planning our trip for next Summer and are going to be spending a whole two weeks here with quite a few of our family members.

I’ve mentioned before that we are going to try and squeeze in as many fun activities as possible and we’re also making sure that we book experiences that both kids and grown ups can fully enjoy!

If you are going to Florida too, I hope our mini itinerary gives you some inspiration! Here’s 5 experiences to have in Florida (these are all things that we are planning on booking);

1. Legoland Florida

Who doesn’t love Lego? Just outside of Orlando in Florida, Legoland is going to be a must visit for us. We are especially excited to see Miniland, a collection of Lego-built miniaturised cities. Apparently they use 32 million lego bricks for the build. How awesome is that?

There are also rides include a virtual reality rollercoaster, a Lego themed waterpark and Lego Movie world, which we can’t wait to see because we are huge Lego Movie fans!

2. Disneyland

One of the best experiences to have in Florida has to be Disneyland! It’s Evie’s dream to meet the Disney Princesses in the flesh and to have breakfast with them. This is at the top of our Disney bucket list and it is also a dream of mine to watch the night time street parades and fireworks! Obviously you can do so much more here and we are planning on spending a good 3 days exploring the parks.

Hopefully that is more than enough time!

5 Things To Do With Kids In Orlando

3. Universal Studios

Universal is actually the first place we want to visit and mostly for Harry Potter World. We are huge Harry Potter fans and the whole reason we are going to Florida is for this attraction! I honestly cannot wait to sip on Butter Bear, to experience Diagon Alley, to visit Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and to try out the Escape From Gringotts experience!

Even better we have found some Orlando ‘combination’ tickets at such an amazing price, so we can visit multiple attractions for cheaper! If you want also want to take advantage of this or see the combinations for yourself, then you can find your Orlando tickets for the family by clicking here!

4. Kennedy Space Centre

My fiancé is a big space fanatic, so this is his request while we are in Florida. We are planning on spending just one day here, but apparently there are so many different experiences that you can have and it’s so suitable for both kids and grown ups. You can try out a shuttle launch experience, plan a mission and you can even pretend you are an astronaut for the day!

5. Bioluminescence Kayaking Tour

Have you ever heard of this kayaking tour before? It sounds incredible. We are going to try and persuade the grandparents to look after our littles so we can make this our ‘date night’ while we are abroad. The tour takes place at night time and you get to kayak on the warm waters of the Indian River Lagoon. As you paddle around in your see-through canoe, you get to watch as the luminous sea life lights up after dark and surrounds your kayak. The glow of the blue waters is apparently a jaw-dropping, one of a kind experience to have in Florida. How cool does that sounds?

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I’d love to hear if you’ve been to Orlando or Florida before? If you have, I’d love your recommendations of other places to visit?


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