Has anyone else felt a little bit worried about the idea of doing a workout during pregnancy? It’s such a grey area still isn’t it and hard to work out what you ‘can and can’t do’.

I had to stop going to the gym during the first trimester because I had such bad morning sickness and fatigue, I could barely do anything! But, when it came to me feeling better and wanting to go back to gym (around 16 weeks) I really didn’t know if I could.

Not only had I got a lot larger, but because I’d taken a good two months off, I didn’t know what I was allowed to do when I did go back. Before I was pregnant I regularly did high intensity running on the treadmill and weight lifting to tone. I know experts usually say that you can carry on doing what you were doing before. But can you, even with two months off?

This week I’ve finally sat down with a personal trainer who has told me that yes, it is ok to carry on doing what you were doing before as long as you are not pushing yourself. During pregnancy, you aren’t working out to lose weight, you are working out to stay healthy and fit.

He advised me to replace running with jogging (apparently baby is super safe in there and won’t be affected by the movement) and to life lower weights just till I get back into it. I’ve still been a bit too afraid to go back to the gym properly though, so while I ease my way back into it, I’ve been doing mini workouts at home.

I’ve actually found some amazing pregnancy workouts online that anyone can do, even in their living room!

5 Pregnancy Workouts You Can Do At Home

*Please note, I am not a fitness instructor or trained professional. These are just things that I’ve been doing at home. Definitely consult a professional if you aren’t sure what you can do. 

1. Toning with Rebecca Louise

Because I took so much time off exercising, I have noticed that I’ve lost a lot of muscle and I’ve got a bit flabby around my arms, my back and my legs. I’ve done ‘Rebecca Louise’ workouts for toning a lot in the past and I’ve picked this back up again recently since I’ve been pregnant and I have to say, her workouts have been amazing for helping me to stay toned. I tend to avoid the ab workouts, but I am especially loving her arm workouts and her inner thigh workouts. They’re really easy to do but you certainly feel and see the difference.

2. HITT Workout with Diary Of Fit Mommy

The second trimester has given me a lot of energy. Who else is feeling this? I was so happy when I found a ‘HITT’ workout designed especially for pregnancy. If you wanted something a bit more active that works every area of you body, then definitely have a peek at this workout.

5 Pregnancy Workouts You Can Do At Home

3. Pilates workout with Blogilates

Blogilates on Youtube is always one of my go to ‘at home workout’ channels. I’ve been watching Cassey’s videos religiously since I first discovered her five years ago, just after I had my first daughter. It was her videos that actually got me back into exercise post-birth and her videos helped me to get my pre-pregnancy body back when I couldn’t find the time to go to the gym between all the nappy changes. I was so thrilled a few weeks ago, to find that she’s done a ‘pregnancy blogilates’ video on Youtube. This video is great for toning, for raising your heartbeat and for helping to stretch those achy muscles!

4. Yoga Workout With Sarah Beth Yoga

Yoga was another thing I discovered after I had my daughter five years ago. I thank Yoga for helping me to tone my legs and arms post pregnancy and its something I’ve been doing on and off since then. Again, I was so thrilled to find a ‘pregancy’ based yoga workout online. Even better its performed by a pregnant mama-to-be so you really know that the moves are possible and beneficial. If you love Yoga or want a gentler workout that encourages you to stretch, then this is for you.

How Is Your Pelvic Floor Post Baby? Have You Heard Of Elvie?

5. Don’t forget your pelvic workouts!

Have you been doing your pelvic floor exercises? I couldn’t not write this post without mentioning pelvic floor workouts. This is so important to do, whether you are pregnant or not. Just a few minutes everyday (you can even do it while sitting and watching TV) will help to strengthen your pelvic floor and get it ready for birth. As people say, you wouldn’t not train for a marathon and labour is way more intense that that, so it should definitely be prepped for. I love doing pelvic floor exercises with the help of my ‘Elvie’ device. It connects to an app on my phone so I get notifications to remind me to workout and it gives me daily challenges to I can actually see the progress I’m making during exercises!

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5 Pregnancy Workouts You Can Do At Home

So those were a few pregnancy workouts I’ve been doing at home. I really hope this post was helpful and if any of you are feeling like you really want to do some exercise, but you’re not sure what, definitely try out any of the ones above that you feel like you can do! If you liked this post you might also like:

Do you have any other recommendations for pregnancy workouts? Have you continued exercising during pregnancy? I’d love to hear from you below!


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