Who is busy planning their 2019 family travels already? We definitely are! If you’re a regular reader of Life Unexpected you’ll know that we’ve had quite a year. At the start of 2018 we had so many amazing family travels planned. But, all of those plans had to get put on hold while we unexpectedly had to battle with cancer and while we also were met with a very unplanned but miraculous pregnancy.

Next year though, we are going to make sure that we get at least one family holiday and that we holiday in style. After the year we’ve had, we really need a break and it’s also my 30th birthday next year. I am fully using that as an excuse to book us an amazing family holiday.

One thing I have wanted to do for a very long time, is to go and stay in a villa somewhere really exotic. I have dreams of lounging in a villa that has a pool and that’s big enough for our extended family to come and stay in too.

If you read this blog often, you’ll know that as a family we are travel mad (you can find the travel section on Life Unexpected here) and that we’re slowly trying to visit every single country that we can. During our travels we have been lucky enough to experience a wide range of different accommodations; from hotels, to hostels, to lodges, to tents, to air bnbs. But, the one that I haven’t yet tried and I really want to, is a villa.

5 Reasons To Book A Villa For Your Next Family Holiday

5 Reasons To Choose A Villa For Your Next Family Holiday

In the post I’m going to be sharing with you 5 reasons to choose a villa for your next family holiday (as if you already need persuasion!) and where we’re planning on holidaying next year. Hopefully this post will also help me to persuade both my fiance and our extended family to get this holiday booked right now!

Reason 1 – You can take the whole family! 

We have dreamt for a long time about going on a multi-generational mega holiday. We really want to go on a holiday where its not just us, and our kids but it’s also grandparents, Aitan’s brothers, my sisters and their kids too. We’re actually in talks right now of booking a villa holiday for my 30th birthday. I am fully dreaming about booking a stay in a pool villa in Phuket. Although Aitan is trying to convince me to book us a family beachside holiday in Mauritius, where we plan to get married in 2020.

I really love how much space villas offer. I love that they typically have large, open plan communal rooms and outside spaces. All the ones we’ve looked at booking also come with an outdoors pool. But, another great thing about them, is that they usually have really spacious bedrooms too, so if you do need some peace and quiet away from the family, you’ve got your own large, private space to go back to.

5 Reasons To Book A Villa For Your Next Family Holiday

Reason 2 – Value For Money

Villas can be great value for money! Especially if you decide to go away as a group like we are going to. You can easily split the cost between you and it can work out a lot better than staying in a hotel. Although I love staying in hotels (although I must admit I only like them and find them convenient for city holidays, where we’re out exploring all the time) I actually find them expensive and usually just see them as a place to rest our head.

I much prefer self-catering and find it a lot better value for money. Firstly because you can relax a lot more in your own space and secondly, it’s better on your wallet when it comes to eating!

When you stay in a hotel you have to foot the bill for eating out all the time. With a villa I love that you have the option of cooking in your own kitchen. I also love that you can do this at a time that suits your kids schedule. My favourite holidays are always the ones where we get to go and explore local markets and shops so we can buy local produce. Then we can come back and cook all together as a family. This is also such a lovely way to show kids different cultures and it saves us pennies on eating at restaurants all the time! 

Reason 3 – Privacy

We have been lucky enough to experience staying in lots of different types of accommodation as a family. As I said above, I do love occasionally staying in hotels (and sometimes hostels) but unlike with villas, lodges and other self catering properties, you don’t really get much privacy. Villas can really feel like a ‘home away from home’. You’re not going to run into other guests, you don’t have to worry about noise levels (great when you have little babies and loud toddlers) and you can relax knowing that housekeeping isn’t going to come and knock on your door to clean first thing in the morning.

5 Reasons To Book A Villa For Your Next Family Holiday

Reason 4 – Personalised Service

We’ve actually been looking at booking a villa via a company called Villa Finder. They have over 1000 villas in Bali, Phuket, Samui, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. There are two reasons I want to book with Villa Finder. The first? They really care for the environment. They are all about giving back to the world. In fact, for every booking, they plant a tree in Sumatra, Indonesia. So, travellers can contribute to the environment at the same time as booking a beautiful holiday. How amazing is that?

The second reason I’m interested in booking through Villa Finder is because they sound so ‘family orientated’ and they offer a really personalised service. 

Instead of being a platform where you just book and pay, Villa Finder are there for you throughout your whole journey and stay. This can be so comforting, especially which when you are abroad with kids and somewhere you’ve never been before.

They have travel consultants who find out how old your kids are and then they work on making sure the villas are ‘kid friendly’. They put up pool fences if you need them, they supply car seats if you need them and they also help you decide on other ‘personalised’ touches that will make your holiday as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

For example, maybe you want to book an ‘in-villa massage’? Perhaps you want to book a day tour to somewhere? Or maybe you want to arrange airport transfers? Villa Finder help you arrange all of that plus so much more.

Reason 5 – Experience

Ok, I’ve saved the best reason till last, the experience. I love that you can make the experience exactly what you want it to be. Do you want a quiet, relaxing villa holiday? Do you want it to be loud and full of get togethers and good food? Or, do you want a combination of these things?

Also, how luxurious would it feel to stay in a villa? To spend your evenings swimming in an outdoor pool at your very own place, in an exotic country. To get to cook all your market goods in a beautiful kitchen, that you get to share with your entire family. I think the experience would be so wonderful and I cannot wait to get to try it for myself.

So, those were my top ‘5 Reasons To Book A Villa For Your Next Family Holiday’.

Have you ever stayed in a villa before? Is this something that’s also on your family bucket list? Let me know in the comments below.


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5 Reasons To Book A Villa For Your Next Family Holiday


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