I was terrified at the thought of walking into a baby group. I am incredibly shy and really struggle at making small talk.

But, my health visitor recommended I joined a local baby group for under 1’s. She said it was a great way to meet other mums and might help with those postnatal blues, because there were lots of other mums out there feeling the same as me. In hindsight I am so glad that I pushed myself to go.

Here are 5 reasons to join a baby group:

5 reasons to join a baby group

1. You Meet New Friends

And most importantly, you now have someone to whine too! Nobody understands more about what it’s like to have a child that’s at the same stages as your child, than another mum with a child at the same stage!

Your mums, aunties and anyone else who had children years and years ago are great to chat to, but they can’t really relate to what you’re experiencing right now. There’s no nicer feeling than saying to a group of people about your child being a royal pain in the arse because he’s been up all night, only to hear someone chirp up ‘mine too!’

2. It’s A Great Excuse To Get Out Of Cleaning The House For A Couple Of Hours

Some mornings when I have baby groups I literally dance around piles of mess as I leave the house singing ‘not today!’ Goodbye mess, you are out of sight and out of mind.

3. It Gets You Out!

Being surrounded by the same four walls all day can drive you and your little one crazy. Some days I wake up and think ‘what on earth can I do today?‘ There are only so many times in the week you can go to the supermarket to get milk, just to get some fresh air and to entertain your little one. It’s so nice to actually have an event to go to where you’re with like minded people who are also desperate to be outside in the world.

4. Your Little One Learns To Socialise

At first there are lots of little ones poking and prodding other littles ones eyes and faces, followed by lots of apologetic mums saying ‘I’m sorry, I have been trying to stop her doing that!‘ until eventually they come to an age where the start to interact with each other a lot more.

It is so important to teach them social skills from a young age. Not only does it help them learn to play with others and to make friends, but it gets them prepared for school and nursery. Evie’s first day of nursery she walked in and recognised some of the babies from groups we’ve been too and immediately made her way straight over to them to play. It made leaving her behind so much easier.

5. You Both Might Learn Something Together

We’ve been to some great groups like ‘The Creation Station’, which is a big messy arty group. This group taught me many new ways of doing messy play with Evie at home. There is such a variety of groups in your area that you can choose from; from general play groups, to baby music groups, baby gymnastics, baby yoga, swimming, messy play, the list could go on. Have a look around to see which groups fit with you!

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What do you think of our 5 reasons to join a baby group? Have you been to any great baby groups? Are you too nervous to go to baby groups? Let us know in the comments below.




  1. pooprainbows.com
    May 17, 2015 / 7:57 am

    Agreed! Also makes you feel better to have friends who are going through the same things, and understand that you can't always have a night out etc.


    • Chloe
      May 18, 2015 / 8:19 pm

      It really does. They don't tell you when you have a baby how much you'd drift from your old friends. It's so nice to have friends who have the same things in common now & understand what your life is like x

  2. Mini Travellers
    May 17, 2015 / 7:11 am

    I remember those first few times getting out with my first too, it is definitely a case of persevere and you will both get something out of it! Thanks for linking up to #sundaystars

    • Chloe
      May 18, 2015 / 8:18 pm

      It really is. The first few times I was really nervous. But it gets so much easier with time & you're all there for the same purpose. x

  3. Entertaining Elliot
    May 17, 2015 / 8:17 pm

    What a great post! My little boy is 2.5 now but our under ones group was suggested to me by my health visitor when he was born. I was soooo nervous and it took a few weeks for those nerves to go but I am so glad I kept on going because I met such a lovely group of mums and some of them I consider best friends now! LIke you say its great having someone to chat to and feel like you're not alone. And it means theres always another playdate (usually involving cake!) around the corner 🙂 #sundaystars

    • Chloe
      May 18, 2015 / 8:20 pm

      Thank you so much. It took me a few sessions to get rid of the nerves & then I realised that everyone in the room was feeling the same & that we were all there for the same purpose. It really is so nice to have people around you who understand your life with a little one. x

  4. stacey
    May 19, 2015 / 2:16 pm

    I was thinking of going to the bump and baby group at our local children's centre today but kept talking myself out of it and thinking there's no point until Olivia is older (she's currently 2 weeks) as it's not like she is going to play so what are we going to do for the hour and a half. Even though the group is for pregnant women and babies up to 1 year. I'm also rather shy around people I don't know and in new situations.

    • Chloe
      May 19, 2015 / 3:52 pm

      Honestly I am so shy & get crippling anxiety. It took a few sessions for the nerves to go, but really everyone who is there is in exactly the same boat as you. They're all going to that group to meet new people. It's a bit daunting because some people have been there for ages & others are new, but in a few sessions you'll get comfortable & will feel so glad to meet people with babies the same age as yours. I went when Evie was about 3 weeks & then didn't go for two weeks because I was too scared. The next time I went there were lots of babies the same age as her & they just lay on little pillows as we chatted & dangled shiny things in front of them. It was great to share sleepless nights with other mums. Even though some may seem confident, I promise you they're faking it & feel just as nervous as you. 🙂 The people who run the groups are usually so lovely as well & make sure that you're never left out. xxx

    • Chloe
      May 19, 2015 / 3:52 pm

      p.s. you can always leave early & use the excuse you've got an appointment if you're nervous! 🙂

  5. Jess Mrs Puddleducky
    May 19, 2015 / 8:15 pm

    I, like you, was scared of going to baby groups, even second time round! As soon as you take that step and attend the first one, your on your way. I have missed going to the baby groups so much, since being back to work, I feel lie I'm missing out! I still see my mummy friends that I met there, which is great x

    • Chloe
      May 20, 2015 / 12:49 pm

      That's great that you still meet up. It's so nice as well, just to go & socialise with other like-minded people. Even if you've all got busy lives, you know that you're guaranteed some grown ups to talk to at least once or twice a week. 🙂 x

  6. Faye
    May 21, 2015 / 7:01 am

    I was really unsure if I'd like the whole baby group thing and initially went along for little T's benefit. I have met some lovely people there however and was lost this week when we arrived 5 minutes late to be told it was full. I left and I cried – I didn't realise just how important it was to have the opportunity to talk it all out with fellow mums until I didn't get that. I would recommend everyone to try a group at least once! x

    • Chloe
      May 21, 2015 / 7:23 pm

      Oh wow, I can't believe they turn people away! I loved baby group. I'm trying to find some new groups now Evie's gone 1. I cried when we had to leave under 1's. It was so sad that we couldn't go anymore because it was apart of our week since Evie was a few weeks old. I can't wait to find some new groups though & do some bigger activities. It is so important for us & them to socialise with other families. 🙂 x

  7. Kirsten Toyne
    May 22, 2015 / 7:11 am

    Agreed on all counts. It is hard to do but it makes a huge difference. As the comment above, I used to help run a toddler group that had a limit on the people insured for the hall. It was so popular that it was possible to be turned away which was absolutely awful. I didn't have to do it, the hall owners did but I so felt for those mums. Most likely a bad morning led to being a bit later than usual and then going all the way there to be turned away. So tough.

    • Chloe
      May 23, 2015 / 6:42 pm

      I never knew people got turned away from groups. It's such a shame because normally mums go because they need that support from other mums. Definitely tough. But yes, it really does make a huge difference going doesn't it. It's nice to have a little bubble where everyone understands how much a little one changes your life. xx

  8. Sadia
    May 22, 2015 / 9:26 pm

    I never ended up joining a baby group, mostly because my neighbourhood WAS one! We had five little ones born between November 2005 and November 2006 within two houses of us in each direction. Also, because I am very outgoing, I just ended up hosting a lot of get-togethers at my house. What I really did benefit from, though, was mummy groups, specifically twin mummy groups. Just seeing someone with older twins who managed to brush their hair and wear matching shoes gave me hope!

    Thanks for linking at #TwinklyTuesday!

    • Chloe
      May 23, 2015 / 6:49 pm

      Oh wow you are so lucky to live so close to other little ones. I am so shy I found baby groups terrifying at first. I wish I was more outgoing. I am in so much admiration of people with twins. I have NO idea how you get that balance with two or how you even manage to make a cup of tea!!!! Parents of twins & triplets etc are completely inspiring. xx

  9. June 1, 2015 / 9:42 am

    I love this! we joined a baby group when my bubs was about 8 weeks old and it was totally for me at first but as he has got older he has made friends and so have I.I can also see that bubba’s social skills are already starting to develop from being around other children 🙂

    • June 2, 2015 / 8:59 pm

      They learn so much from others their age too. I’ve found since putting Evie in nursery 1 morning a week, she’s so much more bubbly & less clingy. xx

  10. June 1, 2015 / 11:58 am

    I wish I had been more confident when Indiana was a baby and gone to groups. My sister had my nephew just 6 weeks later though so we spent practically my whole maternity leave together haha. This time I’m definitely going to be going – no way am I staying inside with a newborn and a crazy 20 month old haha xx

    • June 2, 2015 / 8:57 pm

      Honestly it was so worth it. I’m sure you’ll meet lots of second time mums too who can relate when you’re there 😀 x

  11. June 1, 2015 / 8:42 pm

    I totally agree but this time around, I just cannot be bothered ha ha my poor boy 😉

    • June 2, 2015 / 8:56 pm

      Aww I’m sure you have lots of mummy/baby friends from the last time though 😀 x

  12. Love From Clueless Mum
    June 1, 2015 / 9:51 pm

    Sing and sign is brilliant, I hope you enjoy it. I’ve done two terms so far with my little girl, had a break this term but will be going back again because I miss it! She isn’t really signing yet, she’ll occasionally copy me, but it’s definitely helped to make bath and changing times more peaceful and she calms down when I sign for food or milk. I don’t have many mummy friends (or know many people at all in my area) so baby groups have been a lifesaver! #MaternityMondays

    • June 2, 2015 / 8:56 pm

      It’s so good to hear from someone else whose been to it already! 😀 I can’t wait to go! I’m sure she’ll be copying you before you know it & you’ll have such a great way to communicate. x

  13. Leslie Rickerby
    June 5, 2015 / 7:35 am

    I took D to baby groups from about 3 weeks old. We’ve been to a few different ones on and off for the past2 years but he’s starting preschool on monday so we wont be able to go to his usual one anymore. I do think its really benefitted him a lot with his social skills and would highly recommend.

    • June 7, 2015 / 2:29 pm

      Definitely. It’s the same with us, Evie is so much more social because of going. It’s made dropping her off to nursery for the first time recently, so much easier because she’s used to lots of little ones. 🙂 X

  14. June 5, 2015 / 8:25 am

    It can be so daunting first going to baby groups, but they can be fab if you find the right one, I’ve been to a few clicky ones that made me feel abit uncomfortable but generally they are great.

    • June 7, 2015 / 2:27 pm

      I was so scared the first few times I went. You’re right there are a few clicks, but when you do get past those people & meet others, it is so rewarding. 🙂 x

  15. Stacey
    June 5, 2015 / 3:39 pm

    I’ve been thinking about going to our local baby group but keep coming up with reasons not to. Olivia is only 5 weeks old at the moment so I cant see how she is going to benefit from it at the moment. People do keep pointing out that its for my benefit to though so that I can meet other mums who live in our area. I definitely want to do the baby massage group when she is old enough. #thelist

    • June 6, 2015 / 10:45 pm

      Stacey, honestly you should go. It definitely will benefit YOU and will eventually benefit your little one. I had post natal depression after having Evie and just going to group gave me a purpose to get out of the house. I felt so uncomfortable at first but honestly, everyone does. But it’s so nice to chat to others in the same situation as you. Your babies just lie there at first but you can see how all the other babies are developing and what stages they’re going through so what you can expect from yours. You can whine about the sleepless nights, compare notes from the advice health visitors gave you, share birthing stories and talk about baby poop with people who care about the colour of your babies poop as much as you they don’t need to be crawling or sitting up or doing anything drastic. It is all for you at first you really should go. But just keep in mind that the first one is hard, but you’ll soon be so excited to go every week x

  16. June 5, 2015 / 3:42 pm

    I’m totally with you on this. I’m going to send it to a friend who hasn’t been to any baby groups and her baby is 3 months old, because they are nothing to be afraid of and you’d regret going if you never went to try out any. There are some perhaps more ‘judgey’ ones but you just weed those out and don’t go again. There are some great ones – even just the local village hall type ones to the baby sensory ones. #thelist

    • June 7, 2015 / 2:26 pm

      She really needs to go. Our favourite was a village hall type one. It was brilliant, although the sensory ones we’ve been too have been really fun, the village hall one we met so many people. It was an under 1’s group so we can’t go anymore, but I looked forward to it every week. It does take a few sessions to be comfortable but is so worth it. x

  17. You Baby Me Mummy
    June 8, 2015 / 8:23 pm

    I think it is a really good thing for new mums to do, it certainly gave me a reason to get out of the house in those early days. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

    • June 9, 2015 / 4:42 pm

      It really is a great excuse to get out of the house. It’s nice to meet some like minded people too. Thank you for hosting 🙂 x

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