Are you looking for maternity clothes that will get you through the Winter? In this post you’ll find some stylish and also budget friendly maternity winter essentials that are suitable for both day and night wear.

5 Maternity Wear Winter Essentials

I don’t know if its just me, but I’m so envious of people who are heavily pregnant during the warmer seasons. Not because of the heat, but mostly because of the sheer amount of clothes they can easily wear during pregnancy. I find winter pregnancies really hard when it comes to clothes. In summer you can whack on a maxi dress, or a loose skirt paired with a strap top and you’re good to go. During winter you’re battling with finding bump friendly jeans and coats that actually do up around your growing body.

During my last pregnancy, I somehow managed to get away without buying any maternity clothes at all. How? I’ll never know. Apparently my bump must have been super teeny! But, with baby number two things are very different. I’ve actually been rocking maternity jeans since about week 18 and this week (week 25) I’ve finally realised that my regular wardrobe just isn’t working for me and I’ve had to go out and buy quite a few maternity wear winter essentials to help get me through the next 14 weeks!

One thing I’ve really tried to be though is super savvy with my budget and choices. Pregnancy is such a short time and I really didn’t want to spend a fortune on clothes that won’t fit me in three months time. So, I’ve searched high and low for a few essentials that can be mixed and matched for both day and night time wear.

You’ll find everything I’ve bought below! If you are looking for budget friendly, but super comfortable maternity clothes. I hope these choices help you too!

5 Stylish Maternity Winter Wear Essentials

1. Coat

Does your current coat do up over your bump? I’ve been looking everywhere for a coat that will not only grow with me, but that will keep me warm through winter, can fit over jumpers and that will be stylish enough to be worn both at day and still look great at night time events. Impossible wish list right? Until I stumbled across two gorgeous coats.

One is a black Michael Kors coat. It does come with a bit of a price tag, but it’s a warm wool coat, its rainproof, it only has a belt and no buttons so it can easily adjust over a growing to bump (or kept for after maternity too) and it comes in a whole range of colours (navy, white, camel, red). The second is a green Boohoo coat which is a lot cheaper but is also much thinner so not as warm. But I love the waterfall style of it and the colour is so gorgeous. This one also comes in other colours (Red and black) and its only £18. Yay!

5 Stylish Maternity Winter Wear Essentials

2. Jumper

I actually haven’t bought any ‘maternity’ jumpers, but instead I’ve bought some really beautiful jumpers just in the next couple of sizes up. My favourite place to buy jumpers is from a website called ‘Easy Clothes’. It’s such a beautiful website! My favourite thing about there knitwear is that most of it can be worn in two different ways.

They’ve designed the necklines so you can wear them back to front, so you have the choice if you’d like to  show off some back detail or have a slightly plunging front. They also do lace detail jumpers, oversized jumpers and so much more! I think this is one of my favourite clothing companies in general. I’ve mentioned them so many times on this blog and I shop on their website often. I also love how budget friendly the clothes are, despite being really good quality.

5 Stylish Maternity Winter Wear Essentials

3. Maternity Jeans

If there is one thing I cannot recommend enough during pregnancy, it’s investing in a pair of super comfortable maternity jeans. I’ll openly admit, I did have a little cry when I was shopping around for maternity jeans at first. I absolutely love wearing skinny jeans and I couldn’t find any maternity style skinnies – they were all ‘Mum’ style jeans that really don’t suit me. I can’t even tell you how many shops I looked in until someone on Instagram told me that Topshop do my favourite go to ‘Joni’ jeans in maternity style. Yes! I have literally been living in these since the start of Autumn. If you are a fan of skinny jeans like me apparently Zara also do an amazing pairs of skinny maternity jeans too. Both stores only seem to do these online though!

5 Stylish Maternity Winter Wear Essentials

4. Maternity Dress

When I did a mini maternity haul this week, I ordered about six different style dresses. I don’t know if its my body shape, but the only ones that suited me and the only ones that were actually comfortable were the bodycon ones. I was hoping to get away with wearing some pretty skater dresses or wrap style dresses, but all of them (even the maternity ones) were either way too short in the front or would not accommodate ‘bump’ for the entire rest of this pregnancy.  I’ve seen lots of people on Instagram stick to body con dresses too and the great thing about them is that you can wear jumpers and shirts over the top of them so you can style them up for day or night wear. I found some perfect midi style bodycon dresses on Boohoo as well as some jumper style maternity dresses on ASOS.

5 Stylish Maternity Winter Wear Essentials

5. Pjs

Have you invested in a good pair of maternity pjs yet? I only did this week and oh my I wish I did this weeks ago! Even though I could probably get away with wearing regular pjs and leggings to bed throughout pregnancy, the BEST thing I have done so far in this pregnancy is get some ‘bump friendly’ pjs that doubles up as loungewear. I have never felt some comfortable! The ones above are my favourite and they’re from ASOS.

I love that they’re not only a lightweight fabric, but they also keep you warm and they have plenty of room grow with bump.  There is a bump friendly panel which fits so nicely over your growing tummy and just having these pjs made me realise that my other pjs (because of the waist lines) have actually been super uncomfortable. Another great thing is that they don’t come as a set. This means that you can buy the sizes that fit both your top and bottom half – which we all know isn’t one set size during pregnancy.

So, those were my maternity winter essentials. If you find maternity shopping a struggle as much as I do, I really hope this post has helped. You can follow our pregnancy journey here:

I’d love to hear where you shopped for maternity clothes. Is there any maternity wear you couldn’t live without? Let me know in the comments below!


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