5 Things To Do With Kids In Orlando

5 Things To Do With Kids In Orlando

5 Things To Do With Kids In Orlando


Have you ever been to Orlando with kids before? We are doing exactly that and I honestly cannot wait! I am turning 30 this year and the one thing that I have asked for is to go to Disney  in Orlando. A big ask I know but, this has been on my ‘bucket list’ forever and it’s also such a perfect place to take our littles, so we are combining my birthday with a family holiday.

We have been planning this trip for a very long time now and we are also going to be scooping up some of our extended family to take with us. We are planning to stay for two weeks and during that time we are going to pack in as many kid friendly activities as possible, because lets be honest, there are so many incredible things to do with kids in Orlando!

5 Things To Do With Kids In Orlando

Here’s some things that are on our itinerary. If you are heading to Orlando too, I hope these spark some activity inspiration for you too!

1. Walt Disney

For years I have said that I want to go to Disney for my 30th birthday and this is the main reason we are planning a trip to Orlando. There is nothing like finding your ‘inner child’ again when you reach such a milestone adult age and we are a family that is very much into everything Disney. Although I’ve been to Disneyland Paris before, nothing would beat getting to experience Disney World and there is definitely something there for the whole family to experience; from meeting the Princesses, to experiencing the rides, to watching the famous parades!

2. Discovery Cove

One thing we really want to do in Orlando is visit Discovery Cove. Discovery Cove is an action packed, large resort that offers some incredible, family friendly animal experiences. You can swim along a tropical river, snorkel with fish and rays in The Grand Reef, wade beside otters, hand-feet parrots, toucans and other exotic birds, swim with Dolphins and so much more!

5 Things To Do With Kids In Orlando

3. Universal Studios

Entry to the park also includes unlimited food and beverages and free equipment rentals.

4. Orlando Science Centre

A trip to Orlando wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Universal Studios. Do I even need to go into all the things you can do and experience at Universal? I will admit that I am obsessed with Harry Potter, so I mostly want to pop to Universal so we can experience the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. We’re planning on spending at least two days in this park, I just hope that’s enough!

My eldest is obsessed with finding out ‘how things work’ at the moment. She is at the ‘asking questions’ age and she is very interested in science. My fiance is also a huge science fan, so one of our stops is going to be the Orlando Science Centre. Apparently it is amazing and it’s suitable for kids of all ages (even babies and toddlers) too. The centre offers hands-on activities at every turn and kids can spend the day experimenting, learning about the planet, technology, nature and so much more. It’s well worth taking a peek at the website to see all the amazing things you can do here!

5. Crayola Experience

Evie is obsessed with colouring and making art and I really want to take her to the Crayola Experience in Orlando. There is so many hands on activities for kids to get involved with at Crayola. You can make something in the activity studio, solve puzzles in the adventure lab, watch an entertaining, live show and even create your own colouring pages, where your kids are the star feature! How cool does that sound?

So that was 5 things we are going to be doing Orlando, but I have a feeling this list is going to grow so much! 

Have you been to Orlando before? Can you recommend anywhere else we should try? Let me know in the comments below.


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