7 New Baby Essentials

7 New Baby Essentials

7 New Baby Essentials

In this post I’ll be sharing with you ‘7 New Baby Essentials’. These are things that we are buying for baby number 2 and they are all things that I either had during my first pregnancy (and were amazingly helpful) or they’re things that I wish I had, or that I wish I’d invested in better!

There is also a giveaway at the end of this post where you can enter to win a newborn baby changing pack from Johnsons!

Isn’t it crazy just how much stuff you need to get for a new baby? I remember when I had Evie, I was so overwhelmed with everything that I was I told I should be getting and I couldn’t get over just how much a newborn baby was potentially going to cost us.

There is one thing I will fully admit in hindsight though…we definitely didn’t ‘need’ all the things we actually got. In fact, we didn’t even need half of them.

Now we have baby number two on the way, we’re doing things a little bit more sensibly. I’ve actually written a strict list full of only the newborn essentials that we’ll need. This is so that we don’t overspend on unnecessary things (plus it means we can avoid the clutter) and we can instead save money towards our next family holiday.

At the top of that list is seven things that make life with a newborn baby so much easier. I really wanted to share them on here, in case you are expecting too and are feeling overwhelmed with what you need to buy. Here’s…

7 New Baby Essentials

As a second time Mum, these are all products that I absolutely love. They’re all things I’ve tried before or have been fully recommended and they’re all items that I can honestly admit will make life with a newborn baby, oh so much easier!

7 New Baby Essentials

1. Comfortable Nursing Bras

When I had Evie, I knew that ‘maternity bras’ weren’t going to be something I was going to use forever. So, I bought the cheapest, most basic bras I could find. Biggest…regret…ever. The band on them ended up being so itchy I couldn’t stand to wear them. They also didn’t do well in the washing machine and they gave my fluctuating boobs absolutely no support whatsoever.

One thing I’ve made sure I’ve done in this pregnancy, is to invest in some super comfortable, not gross looking maternity/nursing bras. I got mine from a company called ‘Bravado Designs’. The one I’m wearing in the picture above is the new ‘Conffetti’ nursing bra in the limited addition ‘Amethyst Colour’. It is so, so comfortable and super supportive.

7 New Baby Essentials

2. Baby Carrier/Sling

The second thing on my ‘New Baby Essentials’ list is a good baby carrier. Baby carriers are so handy! Even to wear about the house. I’m one of these crazy people who aren’t actually going to be taking a maternity leave (I work from home and the whole logistics of it is too complicated) and I know all too well, the struggle of having to do everything with one arm.

This time around I’ve made sure to get a really good baby sling, one that’s super comfortable to wear but also one that will make baby-to-be feel snug and safe. It means I’ll have my hands free to carry on with work and things about the house, without worrying about needing to hold a baby all the time. I got this carrier from Baby K’Tan. The thing I love the most about it, is that its incredibly easy to put on. It’s basically worn like a t-shirt and it doesn’t need wrapping or buckling in anyway. It fully puts my last ‘extremely complicated’ baby sling to shame.

7 New Baby Essentials

3. A Bedside Crib Or A Moses Basket

I cannot wait till we can use the crib that we’ve bought for baby number two. It is not only really beautiful, but its so practical as well. We’ve chosen the ‘Cozee’ crib by ‘Tutti Bambini’.

We’ve chosen this one because it has a ‘drop down’ side. The side means that the crib can be connected to the bed and baby can ‘co-sleep’ safely with us. It also means nighttime feeds are going to be so much easier! There will be no getting up and down in the night. Another amazing thing about this crib, is that it can tilt. I really wanted this feature, because it helps to get rid of colic if your baby gets it.

I remember when Evie was a baby, she had colic so badly. It was honestly the worst couple of weeks! I had to prop up her cot with books to try and help get rid of it. Having a bed with this built in function already, is so handy.

7 New Baby Essentials

4. A Pram That You’ve Tested!

I almost just ordered a pram on a whim during my first pregnancy. But, one of my friends, who had already had a child, urged me to go somewhere to ‘test’ some prams before I bought one. I didn’t understand why I needed to until I did end up going to a big pram store and I tried wheeling some around. You think they’d all be the same right? A prams a pram. But, nope, she was right. I absolutely hated the stiffness of some of the wheels (especially on the one I had intended to buy) and some of them were extremely difficult to un-assemble and reassemble.

We ended up going for an iCandy for Evie. I loved that the wheels were incredibly easy to push and it was perfect for all terrains, which is great for where we live (we are surrounded by bump, grassy hills, muddy countryside, beaches and cobbled roads).

We are yet to buy the pram for baby number two. It’s on the to do list. But, we do have our eye on the new Nuna Mixx. We tested a Nuna out recently and it is so smooth in the way it manoeuvres. It’s also incredibly easy to fold down and transport around (you should see how small it folds) and honestly its a really beautiful, versatile pushchair. When it folds, it can easily fit into smaller spaces and I love that it has a trolley like function so you don’t have to lift it when its folded, you can simply roll it along still.

It’s also got an all season seat that keeps baby cosy in winter, but that easily converts to mesh in summer. Perfect for our many beach days that we’ll have with baby to be!

You can find out more about it here:

7 New Baby Essentials

5. A Really Good Changing Bag

The fifth thing on my ‘New Baby Essentials’ list is a changing bag. The changing bag I had the last time around was honestly, awful! If I remember rightly it was actually a freebie changing bag from Boots. It ended up ripping really quickly and was constantly messy because there were no pockets to help us organise anything, just one main big compartment. This time around I’ve made sure to invest in an amazing changing bag. One that’s not only going to last us but one that is an organised persons dream!

The one we’ve gone for is called ‘Gallivant’ and its by a brand called Idaho Jones. Inside there are so many different pockets and compartments, including places to store bottles (there is even an insulated pouch), nappies and so much more!

7 New Baby Essentials

6. Activity Gym

The sixth thing on my ‘New Baby Essentials’ list is an activity gym. You really don’t need many toys for a newborn baby, but you are going to want somewhere to put them down for a little while from time to time.

We’ve got this really beautiful Skip Hop ‘Vibrant Village Smart Lights’ activity gym. We chose this one because its not just black and white (babies can only see these colours at first), but its also got colour for when babies eyes develop a little bit more.

It also really love that it can be transformed with our baby as he grows. It can change from an activity gym, to a play mat and on top of that it also has a tummy time ‘sausage dog’ to give them support while they’re exploring on their tummy and also to help support them when its time to sit up.

7 New Baby Essentials

7. Comforter

The final thing on my ‘New Baby Essentials’ list is a comforter. My daughter still has the comforters we got her when she was born. She is nearly 5 and they have honestly helped us so much over the last 5 years. They are there every night to soothe her and they are there whenever she is poorly or hurt and needs a cuddle. We bought our little baby to be two comforters.

We’ve gone for ‘Jelly Cat’ ones because they seem to last for so long and they’re such good quality. Just what you need for a teddy that’s going to be used day in and day out for years!

I hope this list has helped you to make some of those really tricky ‘baby buying’ decisions. Now here’s a little giveaway just for you…

7 New Baby Essentials


Are you expecting a baby as well? I really wanted to run a lovely little giveaway for any parents to be, so today I’m giving away this Johnsons Newborn Essentials Pack for baby. For your chance to win, simply enter via the rafflecopter below! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What to read next:

What baby essentials are you getting from this list? Is there anything you would add? Let me know in the comments below!


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