Are you cut out to be a female entrepreneur? Many people dream about working for themselves, but do you have the right qualities and traits that you need for success?

I love that nowadays anyone can start their own business/side hustle/venture. I love even more that they can start it from anywhere they like at anytime! It’s true, being an entrepreneur and running your own show is pretty amazing and I cannot tell you how much I enjoy working for myself. You’ll usually find me either curled up in my cosy home office, or at a beachside coffee shop somewhere, with my laptop out. I love calling the shots and I love that I get to work on my terms.

However, running your own business is not easy and in order for you to succeed, you definitely need to have the right personality.

7 Things Every Female Entrepreneur Needs For Success

Below I’ll share with you the traits and common characteristics you’ll find in every successful female entrepreneur. Oh, and guess what the great thing about all of these points is? You don’t have to be born with any of them, every single one of them can be learnt!

1. The Ability To Overcome Mindset Blocks

I can officially tell you that no female entrepreneur succeeded without first overcoming mindset blocks. Even the strongest, most confident person experiences a block at some point.

What mindset blocks are you facing right now? Are you worried if you’re worthy enough or unique enough? Do you struggle to ‘sell’ things yet you run a service based business? Maybe you have a mindset block that surrounds money? Money was the biggest one that I had to overcome.

Successful female entrepreneurs have the ability to recognise what their mindset blocks are and guess what? They work on moving past them to a more powerful and positive place.

2. A Clear Mission, Vision, Purpose Or Why

The most important thing you can do is keep coming back to your ‘why’. Did you know that you and your business will only reach success if you have a clear mission, vision, purpose or ‘why’?

This is what helps you to set those mini goals that help you to stay on track and reach those bigger goals. Write down your ‘why’, put it in a place you can see it an revisit it often.

This is what you can keep referring back to when you’re feeling lost and it’s what will keep you going when things get tough and you feel like you want to quit.

3. The Ability To Take Action

How often do you procrastinate before leaping into something? How much time do you spend ‘researching’ and not actually doing?

If this is you, then that’s a habit you really need to break. Maybe you are waiting for the perfect moment to start, or you really want something to look or be perfect first. As the famous saying goes ‘done is better than perfect’.

Every successful female entrepreneur is someone who took action. They had a vision and they didn’t wait around to make it happen. Success comes from simply getting started!

7 Things Every Female Entrepreneur Needs For Success

4. A Support System Or Tribe

Have you got a strong support system in place? Do you have a tribe of people who understand your why and are cheering you on?

If you’ve just answered ‘no’ to that question it’s time to find your community, or at least a few people who believe in what you are doing. Did you know that the people you surround yourself with are the ones who are going to make a huge impact on the success of your business?

If you don’t have a ‘like minded’ tribe of people yet, then it’s time to search for them. Maybe there are people with similar goals and dreams  in your local area? Maybe you can join an online community? If you can’t find one, why not build one yourself!

5. Perseverance

Can you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going when things go wrong or you hit a wall? Every successful female entrepreneur has experienced a fail or a setback at some point.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve personally hit a wall with my online business and also how many times I’ve had to change direction or adapt. Did I want to give up? Sure, on multiple occasions. But, I knew to be successful, I had to get up and keep going.

6. The Desire To Constantly Educate Themselves

Every female entrepreneur I know is constantly learning; whether that’s through courses, through reading or through listening to podcasts.

Why don’t you exchange your regular ‘car playlist’ for a business podcast? Or maybe you could shut down your laptop early at night time and read a business book? Constantly learning and educating yourself opens new doors and seriously helps with your mindset and your success!

7. Confidence

If you want your family, your friends, your customers and everyone else in the world to believe in you and to value what you are doing, then you need confidence. You need to believe that you can do this and you need the confidence to convince everyone else around you that you can as well!

Every female entrepreneur has confidence in what they offer and in what they do. If you are lacking in confidence right now though, then maybe you need to think about this famous sentence ‘you’ve got to fake it, till you make it’. Start practising that!

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7 Things Every Female Entrepreneur Needs For Success

Those were the 7 things every female entrepreneur needs for success. I know for myself, I personally wasn’t born with all of these traits and neither was any other entrepreneur. They’re things you can work on daily and things that overtime just become habit.

So, do you have what it takes to be a successful female entrepreneur? I’d love to hear below if any of these points are things that you need to work on? 


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  1. September 11, 2018 / 6:26 am

    I would have to say (being male) that this doesn’t just apply to women. I had to overcome these challenges when I started out.

    Can I also add it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, anyone can create there own business. I was homeless before I became a full time photographer. You just need the vision and determination to take the first step.

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