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What is this blog about?

Life Unexpected is all about our unique family lifestyle and our passion for travel and adventure. You can expect to find posts on a whole variety of things from travel, to motherhood and toddlerhood, to what it’s like to be a freelancer, to the best places to visit in Cornwall (where we live).

Blogging as a job?

If you told me a few years ago that blogging would be my job, I would never have believed you. Writing and photography are my biggest passions and I feel so fortunate and so grateful to get to do both everyday. Through my blog I have been lucky enough to work with some beautiful and incredible brands, both well known established names and smaller start-ups. Life Unexpected has always been my second baby and I’ve devoted so much time and effort into making this blog a positive space that will hopefully inspire others to live their unexpected lives to the fullest.

Our Family…

Kynance Cove, Cornwall

Chloe (Me)

I’m a freelance writer, social media manager and blogger by trade. When I’m not attached to my laptop you will find me with my family sitting in beautiful restaurants or seeking adventures. Alongside work and trying to keep my adventurous toddler alive; I have a strong passion for travel, healthy eating, writing, photography and anything else that inspires my creative juices.

Happy 2nd Blogiversary


Evie was born at the end of March in 2014. She is my life unexpected. A beautiful, funny and firey toddler. She changed my life completely and I cannot ever thank her enough. She has the most unique personality. Although her cleverness coupled with her stubbornness often makes me think that she’s a mini Hermione Granger. Evie’s currently obsessed with Paw Patrol (I’m glad its no longer Peppa Pig) and exploring new places. If she’s not playing on the beach or out on adventures, you can be sure to always find her with her head in a book!

About Life Unexpected - Evie


Aitan stumbled into my life by chance about 2 and a half years ago. He’d just moved over from South Africa and was only supposed to stay for a summer. As soon as I met him – as cheesy as it sounds – I knew that we were supposed to be together. He is the ying to my yang, the bread to my butter and all those other cheesy soul mate phrases you can think of. Aitan is one of those annoying people who is good at anything he puts his mind too. He’s passionate about cooking, loves eating out at the most delicious locations and is addicted to travelling. He’s also really good at pushing me towards creating a life I love. Aitan’s enthusiasm for the world and the way he looks at everything in a ‘what’s stopping you?’ way is infectious.

Sandcastles, Party Dresses and Orange Is The New Black

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