We found the perfect little place of relaxation this week when we popped over to The Alverton Hotel in Truro to spend the night in their brand new ‘Bishop Suite’.

If you’ve not heard of The Alverton before, it’s a luxury four star hotel in the centre of Cornwall. The hotel is a bit of a secret gem as its hidden within the city centre – driving past you wouldn’t even know it is there.

I’ve been to The Alverton Hotel a couple of times now, both times for afternoon tea, which by the way is incredible. If you’re ever in the city for lunch, or you have a special occasion coming up, you need to try it out!

I already knew how lovely the Alverton is and I was really excited to get to stay the night, see one of their rooms and try out their two AA Rosette restaurant.

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

Aitan’s never actually been to the hotel before. In fact, he really had no idea what to expect and hadn’t even googled it before our arrival. As soon as we turned off the busy city streets of Truro and drove up the walled, gravel driveway, he couldn’t help but say wow.

The Alverton Hotel

The hotel is a historical Grade II listed building and it really is beautiful. Once upon a time it was a convent and it was built by the very same architect that designed the Truro Cathedral.

It has it’s own bell tower, arched windows, ivy clad walls, curved archways and the most beautiful large, oak, entrance door. You can really see why so many people choose to get married here.

As soon as you step through the old front door, you know you’ve been transported to somewhere magical.

Readers of Life Unexpected will know that we’ve had a bit of a hard few weeks. Recently we found out that Aitan has cancer. So, this stay for us was even more welcome than ever. A few days before we arrived, he had an operation to have a lump removed and next week he starts chemo. A little retreat away to somewhere quiet, where we’re child free and it was just us, was more than welcome.

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

As soon as we checked in at Reception we were met with the most warm and welcoming staff. The lovely lady who showed us to our room was really friendly and so passionate about the hotel. Our room was a little walk away, but just enough to fully appreciate the hotels character.

The Bishop Suite

When we opened the door to our room for the night, we were so wowed. Pictures of this room do not do it justice.

The Bishop Suite is The Alverton’s brand new room. It has only been open for a few weeks now. As far as rooms go, it was one of the most beautiful and cosy rooms I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying in.

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

It has been very lovingly and tastefully put together. From the warm, golden and rich red colours, to the big bay windows that overlook the front of the hotel. I happily sat in the window at one point with a cup of tea, while I watched the world go by.

The room also has a huge ornate fireplace, a four poster bed, bespoke furniture, a gorgeous vanity table, high ceilings with striking chandeliers and large windows that let in lots of natural, soft daylight. It’s certainly a room of warmth, comfort and indulgence.

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

The lady who showed us to the room told us that the Bishop Suite used to be a meeting room for the hotel. I was really shocked. It’s definitely far from that now. It really has been made into such a romantic and relaxing space.

The Lounge Area

When we unpacked we found a few more hidden gems in the wardrobe. There was teas, coffees, biscuits and standard things such as a kettle and an ironing board. But the yes factor for me was an actual coffee machine. This went down such a treat in the morning before we left the hotel.

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

We also really enjoyed sitting in the lounge area by the window. The chairs might look very upright, but they were so comfortable and I could easily curl up in one with a magazine. Aitan definitely took more advantage of the seated area than me though.

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

Unfortunately miss workaholic did have a couple of tiny things to finish off before we could head out and explore the rest of the hotel. So, Aitan got to chill with a book, while I sat at the gorgeous vanity table with my laptop and a cup of tea. Not that I minded at all! Look at that space. 

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

The Bathroom

Now, I’m going to show you the complete highlight of the room. That’s if you aren’t already impressed, but I’m sure you are. Here comes the bathroom of dreams. The selling point?

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

It has not one, but two beautiful, classic roll top baths. How wonderful and romantic is that? You can sit side by side and soak. There is even a little table beside each bath where you can put your wine glass, or cup of tea.

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

The master bathroom also had a huge walk in monsoon shower and ‘his and her sinks’ that were very sweetly adorned with ‘his and her’ toiletries from ‘The White Company’. We loved the idea of the ‘relaxing sleep spray’ and straight away we knew we’d get some good use out of the ‘luxury bath salts’.

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

There was also one last added touch to the bathroom that I really loved. The glow lights. All around the bathroom there were little sensered lights that come on as soon as you step through the door. I would love this feature in my house. It would make late night bathroom trips with kids so much easier!

The Terrace

After we checked in and relaxed for a little bit, we headed straight down to the terrace to welcome in the evening. It was still so warm outside and we couldn’t resist sitting on one of the tables next to the gardens.

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

You could only just hear the noise from the busy road beyond the walls of the hotel, but only if you listened hard. It was almost completely overpowered by bird song and the sound of the trees rustling in the wind.

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

As soon as we sat down, we fully relaxed and just chatted. Aitan tucked into a gin and tonic and I chose a red apple and lychee cocktail. It was delicious! I honestly do not remember the last time I just sat and did nothing. It was really refreshing. I’m such a busy worker bee, from morning till bedtime I’m always doing something.

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

Being in the moment really made me realise that I need to take a lot more time off to do things like this.

The Restaurant

After relaxing for a little while with a drink, we headed inside to the double AA restaurant that’s part of the hotel. The hotel is completely open to non-residents. If you fancy cocktails after work, dinner with your family, or as I said earlier; ‘afternoon tea’, then anyone is welcome.

There are several places you can sit for food. If you’re prefer to be on the terrace you can, then there is the bar area and then the restaurant. We were booked in for a three course dinner and I was very excited! There were a lot of incredible sounding dishes on the menu.

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

For starters I had basil and garlic marinated halloumi. This came with a spiced quinoa salad and a beetroot glaze. Although the quinoa salad didn’t taste spiced at all, it was still so tasty and this dish was really summery and refreshing.

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

Aitan went for the seared scallops with spinach, chorizo and a white bean stew. He said it didn’t taste like typical restaurant food and more like really amazing home cooking, which for him is a serious compliment.

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

The Mains

For mains Aitan had chicken chorizo ballantine with sauté potatoes, vegetables and pancetta. He loved his choice and I have to admit I was a bit jealous when I had a taste. The flavours all went together so perfectly.

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

I honestly struggled to choose a main from the menu. I was so stuck between three choices; two beef dishes and one duck dish. I actually had to get Aitan to choose for me because I really couldn’t pick. I ended up with the braised shin of beef with oxtail ravioli. This came with leek, button onions and wild mushrooms. If you love rich food, then this dish is for you.

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

The sauce was so indulgent and the beef was perfectly cooked. It completely fell apart as soon as your fork so much as touched it. I’m not a huge mushroom fan, but I actually loved these mushrooms. Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish my main. The portion sizes look very deceiving and even though it looks small, I was so full very quickly. I gave it my best shot though!

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

By the time the mains were finished I was done for the night, but Mr. Greedy Pants couldn’t resist dessert, especially when the waiter mentioned the chef ‘crumble of the day’. It was blackberry and apple and Aitan just could not say no to it.

This was served with a crème anglaise and Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream. I did go in for one mouthful and it tasted amazing. I was very jealous. Aitan loved it too and pretty much finished it all off.

A Perfect Sleep In The Bishop Suite

After dinner we retreated back to our bedroom and I couldn’t wait for a soak in one of the beautiful baths.

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

Aitan recently had an operation and had stitches that he couldn’t get wet, so unfortunately he couldn’t join me in the second bath, which was such a shame. I know he was gutted. But, he put some cushions in the bay window and joined me for a little bit vowing that one day we would have a roll top bath in our bathroom.

The Alverton Hotel

After an indulgent bath using the bath soak provided in the hotel, I retreated back to the bedroom and chilled out. It was so peaceful in the room and I think it’s the first time in a long time that we’ve just been able to switch off with no worries.

The Alverton Hotel, Truro

Before I went to sleep, I sprayed our pillows with the pillow spray that was provided in our room and we drifted off into a beautiful slumber.

Waking up in the morning, we were so sad to leave but very grateful that we’d had the chance to try out such a romantic and relaxing room.

If you are looking for a little romantic getaway, I honestly cannot recommend this room and hotel enough. Just one night here will leave you feeling truly spoilt, rested, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Thank you so much to The Alverton for our really lovely stay. We are going to be talking about it for a very, very long time to come.

What do you think of the new Bishop Suite and The Alverton Hotel? Do you want those bath tubs in your house? I know I do! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



  1. hollybobbs
    June 17, 2018 / 7:39 pm

    What a beautiful room, the baths are such a lovely and luxurious touch and I’m seriously impressed with the White Company products! Glad you both had chance for a little break x

  2. June 18, 2018 / 1:54 pm

    It looks like the perfect place for some downtime and you guys really deserve it right now hun – those twin bathtubs are amazing!!! x

  3. June 18, 2018 / 3:10 pm

    Wow that looks incredible! What an amazing place to stay at, and the food looks delicious too!

  4. June 19, 2018 / 10:39 am

    Oh wow! This place looks AMAZING!! I have never stayed anywhere like this before. I bet you had a great stay 🙂

  5. June 19, 2018 / 5:22 pm

    The Alverton Hotel looks well plush and we love the look of the roll-top baths and the terrace! Very Nice!

  6. June 21, 2018 / 12:45 pm

    The hotel, and food, looks wonderful. Love a great hotel!

  7. ChelseaMamma
    June 26, 2018 / 5:54 pm

    What a stunning hotel, I would love to stay here (without kids of course)

  8. June 26, 2018 / 6:48 pm

    Oh wow what a fantastic room and the BATHROOM!!! Wow! How lovely to both be able to relax and chill out together with a drink in your hand. I am so happy you got to visit here, just what you needed

  9. July 13, 2018 / 11:31 am

    Hi.. i just wanted to send a message to say how lovely it is to read your review. I am the designer who recently created The Bishops Suite that you stayed in and to read your review had made my day! I am so glad you enjoyed your stay at The Alverton and also all the little details I included within the new room. If you are back at The Alverton at all I also created The Courtyard rooms that are located seperate from the main hotel.

    I think you might like them as well.

    With regards
    Matt Hulme
    Dynargh Design

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