Beauty and The Beast is a tale as old as time and my all time favourite Disney Princess film. Hands up who has seen the new film and loved it?

I absolutely adored the new version of the film and as a big Beauty and The Beast fan, I’ve been really enjoying seeing the merchandise cropping up everywhere again.

The one doll I always wanted when I was younger was a Belle Doll. I had other Disney Princess dolls, I had Barbie dolls and I had lots of them. The one we could never find (I’m talking pre-internet now) and the only one I really ever wanted, was a Belle doll. When I was 21, we even went to Disneyland Paris and I tried so hard to find a Belle doll as a keepsake while we were there. But, sadly there were none left in stock in the whole of Disneyland and I left feeling really disappointed. Yes, even as a grown up – sad I know!

So, it’s a little bit funny, ironic, magical and special that my daughters first ever doll is a Belle doll. As part of the Hasbro toy tribe, we were recently sent not one, but two Belle dolls to review.

Village Dress Belle Doll

Both dolls we were sent are the new ‘movie’ inspired versions, with a face that resembles actress Emma Watson. The first of the two dolls we received is the ‘Village Dress’ Belle doll.

The ‘Village Dress’ Belle doll is Evie’s absolutely favourite. She loves her blue dress and is convinced that Belle has the same eyes and eyebrows as her.

The doll comes wearing a blue dress inspired by the one in the latest Disney film. It is so soft to touch and I really love the detailing. I also love that the dress is a midi dress and that the removable boots are slightly chunky, giving the outfit a complete modern twist.

Enchanting Ball Gown Belle Doll

I have to admit that the ‘Enchanting Ball Gown’ Belle doll is my absolute favourite of the two. I’m surprised its not Evie’s too. The dress is absolutely stunning and it’s the doll I always dreamt about having when I was younger.

Enchanting really is the way to describe it. I love the glitter detailing and how it naturally puffs out at the bottom. Evie loves making the doll twirl around and swoosh her dress. This doll comes with a few extra bits including a hair piece, a dainty gold necklace, and removable heeled shoes.

Play Time

Evie is already familiar with Belle and although she has never watched the film, she has Disney princess pants and we rewarded her with Disney Princess shiny stickers while she was potty training.

Even though she’s been briefly introduced to Belle before, I was so surprised at how happy and excited she was when she unboxed the Belle dolls. She squealed with excitement and couldn’t open the boxes quick enough. Clearly my obsession has rubbed off. Oops!

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day that my daughters imagination would start to shine through and it’s finally here. She has just turned 3 and one of her favourite things to do is role playing and making her toys interact with each other. It’s so lovely to watch.

The Belle dolls have started to go everywhere with Evie. It’s so cute hearing her playing with them and making them talk to each other. They’ve been spending a lot of time in Evie’s dolls house where they’ve been cooking dinner, going to bed and interacting with her dolls house family.

But most of all they’ve been spending a lot of time visiting Evie’s resident cafe for a babycino and some deliciously pretend cherry cake.

I love watching the new ways that Evie interact with her toys. They get around via scooter, have books read to them and are put to bed every evening in Evie’s jumbo toy cot.

Beauty And The Beast Dolls

The Belle dolls are designed for 3+ and do come with small pieces. I personally don’t let Evie play with them solo just yet. But, they are perfect for older children and would be a great gift for any Disney Princess or Beauty and The Beast fan.

For children who have seen the film, they will love reliving their favourite fairytale Belle moments. Although Evie won’t be watching the film just yet, she is already making up her own stories. I just love that Evie is going to grow up with these dolls. They are perfect for helping her imagination to blossom.

What do you think of the Hasbro Belle Village Doll and Belle Enchanted Dress Doll? Which Disney Princess is your favourite? Let me know in the comments. 


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