As I type this I’m sat in a beautiful lounge in Bedruthan Hotel and Spa in Cornwall. I’m directly in front of a really cosy log fire, sipping on an ice cold glass of cider.

This is the first time I’ve felt relaxed in a long time.

I must admit, knowing that we were going on stay-cation with an active toddler, I was a little bit sceptical about how chilled out our holiday would be. But, we’ve been here for a day and I already feel rejuvenated. I haven’t even hit the spa yet!

I have a feeling that by the end of this post, you’re going to be dazzled by Bedruthan Hotel. If you’re longing for your own stay-cation away, this place is perfect.

Family Break at Bedruthan Hotel and Spa

We’re only here for two days but we already don’t want to leave. Despite the wind and occasional rain, the views from the hotel are breathtaking. 

Bedruthan Hotel and Spa

The Rooms

Our room is also so beautiful. We have this same sea view from our window and the room itself is perfectly spacious. It’s decorated with bright, funky accessories and feels really fun and vibrant.

We’re staying in one of the ‘sea view family’ rooms and it could easily fit a family with three children. What’s great about the window is that the curtains can be pulled right back so that you can take full advantage of the views.

Bedruthan Hotel and Spa Bedroom

Evie’s favourite spot is hiding behind the curtain playing peekaboo with the sea. My favourite spot is sat curled up in the chair by the window, just watching the waves crash onto the beach. Jamie’s favourite spot is in the super king bed. I think he’s going to spend most of these two days catching up on years worth of missed sleep.

Bedruthan Hotel Spa Room View

The Hotel

The whole of Bedruthan Hotel and Spa is really vibrant. The decor is bright and inviting and there are lots of different areas where you can just go and sit and relax. From the colourful cafe, to a big lounge with a cosy fire, to little spots on the landings covered in books, where you can steal a few moments away for yourself.


The one thing that I really can’t get over is how family friendly Bedruthan is. Also, just how genuinely friendly and accommodating the staff are.

From the moment that you check in, they offer you a tour of the entire hotel. They also ask you if there is any information you need. Nothing is too much for them, from suggesting days out to making sure that local attractions are open and telling you how to get there.

Family Zones/Adult Zones

The hotel is so big, we were astounded by how much was on offer, even during this quiet sleepy week of November. We needn’t have left the hotel at all during our stay. Even though it is very family orientated, it’s been perfectly sectioned out so that there are dedicated zones for children to sit and play. There are also several ‘adult only’ areas, so that you can really take advantage of some much needed peace and quiet.

Bedruthan Hotel Spa Lounge

There is a spa, a gym, swimming pools, a cinema room, a teenage room, a craft room for children and huge play parks outside catering for both younger and older children.

Our toddler Evie’s favourite part of the hotel is the ‘Jungle Room’. It’s a giant soft play area with sections suitable for kids of all ages. I’m not sure who had more fun going down the slides, her or Jamie.

Bedruthan Hotel and Spa Jungle Room

The hotel really has thought of everything.

Babysitting And Baby Groups

If you’ve come away with your children, but fancy some couple time alone or just want to sit and relax, the hotel not only offer a babysitting service if you desire it, but they also offer a listening service, which acts as a baby monitor.

This means that you can go to dinner or for a quiet drink in the bar, while your children safely sleep. Any noise from the room and you will be alerted straight away via a pager.

We are tempted to take advantage of this service because being a chef, Jamie desperately wants to eat at The Herring. The Herring is a fine-dining, adult only, onsite eatery. The menu for The Herring looks incredible. It’s full of seasonal dishes made with fresh local produce. We’ve heard some really great things about it.


The other onsite restaurant, called the ‘Wild Cafe’ is also fabulous! It’s been split into two sections, one side for families and one side for adults only. The food is really delicious and the cafe caters completely for children.

Bedruthan Hotel Spa Kids FoodOn our first night we went for dinner at a dedicated ‘children’s tea time’. This falls between 4 and 6pm. Perfect if you don’t want to disrupt your kids normal eating routine!

What’s even sweeter is that Evie not only has the choice of the menu, but there is also a little children’s buffet so that they can go up and help themselves to whatever they fancy.

Straight away when we sat down, the waitress brought us over a highchair, a sippy cup of water for my daughter, a bib, a kids plate and cutlery.

Even better, our food is included in our stay. We opted for the ‘Flexible Dining Package’ during the time of booking. Its completely taken away the stress of the cost of eating. It means that we have a £30 food allowance per adult per day, and a £15 food allowance for Evie.

Bedruthan Hotel Spa

Come To Bedruthan Hotel and Spa!

We’ve spent so much time exploring the hotel and relaxing already. I haven’t got enough pictures of us enjoying our time here yet. But, I think the Bedruthan Hotel and Spa website speaks for itself in showing you how perfect it is, so be sure to go and have a browse.

I also wrote another post this week about the outdoor spaces at the hotel: ‘Bright and Breezy at Bedruthan Steps‘. If you have kids, you’ll definitely want to pick up the park and take it home with you. It’s so sweet!

Are you planning on visiting Cornwall with your family? This really is the place for you! If you’d prefer to have your own space and stay in a stunning house, then check out our review of Moonrakers in St. Mawes.

What do you think of Bedruthan Steps Hotel and Spa? Have you ever been to Cornwall on holiday?

*We were asked to review the hotel for the purpose of this post. All words and opinions are honest and my own!



  1. November 22, 2015 / 9:15 am

    Sounds like an amazing place for families and they seem to have really thought about services that families can avail of. Great review.

    • November 22, 2015 / 10:58 am

      It really is incredible. I didn’t even include everything, you can even hire puddle jumping suits and pushchairs, stream damming kits and bikes! They’ve thought of everything. We are in awe and can’t wait to go back. x

    • November 22, 2015 / 10:59 am

      It’s so family friendly isn’t it! We couldn’t get over how much there is to do for children and I think it’s brilliant there are adult only zones. You don’t need to worry about your child making too much noise and when you want some child free time you have somewhere to retreat too. x

  2. November 22, 2015 / 10:51 am

    A great hotel for families, the indoor play stuff looks just line the one we are fitting at the moment.

    • November 22, 2015 / 11:02 am

      It really is a great hotel for families. I bet the farm is incredible though. I always love the activities you put on, it sounds so interactive and must be so wonderful for guests to wake up and get involved with the farm life. A perfect retreat! 🙂 xx

  3. November 23, 2015 / 8:28 am

    We absolutely love Cornwall and this looks like a beautiful hotel. Sound like it couldn’t be more family friendly too – love the listening service idea and the early teatime for kids – and the indoor play stuff looks fabulous!

    • November 23, 2015 / 11:35 pm

      It is so beautiful. We couldn’t get over how family friendly it is. The listening service is a genius idea. It’s just like being downstairs in your own home with your baby monitor only more advanced. x

  4. November 23, 2015 / 1:59 pm

    Wow, no wonder you don’t want to leave – it looks gorgeous and those views are STUNNING.

    Hotels that are this nice and not normally family friendly. I love all the added touches like a soft play area. Sounds like the perfect little getaway.


    • November 23, 2015 / 11:38 pm

      It really is stunning isn’t it. It really was the perfect getaway. They had completely the right cross between beautiful and family friendly but they had so many adult only zones which was perfect for child free people coming for a quiet getaway and also for parents who were just having a child free break for a couple of hours. xx

  5. November 23, 2015 / 2:17 pm

    Definitely going to have to consider that for a summer holiday next year, it looks incredible! Sounds like you’ve had a great time!

    • November 23, 2015 / 11:38 pm

      Honestly it’s so worth it. We needn’t have left the hotel. But places like Padstow and Newquay are close by and their are so many family attractions within a half an hour drive. Definitely the perfect retreat. x

    • November 23, 2015 / 11:41 pm

      It really is incredible. The views in November are beautiful so summer must be out of this world. x

  6. November 23, 2015 / 7:32 pm

    This hotel looks absolutely stunning – I have never been to Cornwall. I would love to stay here – great review. Kaz x

    • November 23, 2015 / 11:42 pm

      Thank you so much Kaz, if you’re ever in Cornwall it really is worth a stay. They have everything you could possibly need too from prams, to bibs to high chairs which saves cramming everything in the car. x

  7. November 23, 2015 / 8:13 pm

    Wow! That hotel and spa looks the absolute bees knees! Amazing views out to sea. What an incredible place for families to stay and they look really family friendly too.

    • November 23, 2015 / 11:44 pm

      It really is the bees knees. The views are so beautiful and we couldn’t get over just how much the cater for families with children of all ages. x

  8. Polly Williams
    November 23, 2015 / 8:26 pm

    Wow- this looks like such a great family break, the room is so spacious and the soft play room wins me round 😉 Off to look at the website now xx

    • November 23, 2015 / 11:44 pm

      They have little zones for all ages, from adult tranquility spaces, to a teenage room, to kids craft spaces, to toddler play areas. It’s amazing! x

  9. November 23, 2015 / 8:27 pm

    Oh wow those views are amazing. I desperately need a relaxing night away – I miss spa days! x

    • November 23, 2015 / 11:45 pm

      It’s so perfect. Your child can be playing in the soft play area while you have a nice relaxing spa treatment. It really is bliss. x

  10. November 23, 2015 / 8:49 pm

    I have heard so much about Cornwall and would love to bring the kids one day. It’s very handy to go over by ferry from Ireland. This hotel look amazing. I love the bed design with the wooden frame.

    • November 23, 2015 / 11:45 pm

      It’s so worth a journey. No matter what time of year the landscape is just stunning. And the whole of Cornwall is so family friendly, there is so much to do. x

  11. November 23, 2015 / 9:27 pm

    It looks lovely! You’re making me so jealous, i’m at work all week! 🙁
    It sounds like you’re having an amazing time! And the hotel looks like it’s thought of everything too!
    Enjoy the rest of your break 🙂 xx

    • November 23, 2015 / 11:46 pm

      Oh no sorry you’re at work all week. It really is lovely. It was a much needed break away and we didn’t need to worry about taking any baby essentials which was so good. x

  12. November 23, 2015 / 9:52 pm

    Wow. That place looks incredible. They really have catered for everyone, families or couples. I’ve never been to Cornwall (only Devon) and I would absolutely love to stay on that hotel. There’s even a soft play!!! X

    • November 23, 2015 / 11:47 pm

      They really have catered for everyone and even if you don’t take the kids, you have private space away from other families which is really good. And if you do take the kids there is something there for everyone!! It really is beautiful too. x

  13. November 23, 2015 / 10:24 pm

    Wow!! Looks like an amazing place for a family holiday

    • November 23, 2015 / 11:47 pm

      It’s so perfect. They have thought of everything here. x

  14. November 24, 2015 / 10:11 am

    Oh this place looks totally fab – it is the little things like eating times and sippy cups that really make the difference. My ears totally pricked up at baby sitting service! We are thinking of going to Cornwall next summer. Will definitely be checking the website for this place.

    • November 24, 2015 / 8:26 pm

      It really is so brilliant and you’re so right, the little things do make all the difference. They’ve really covered all angles here, you don’t need to bring anything. Not even buggies or bibs! xx

  15. November 24, 2015 / 2:54 pm

    What a gorgeous looking hotel and room. The view is absolutely stunning too. I love it when hotels make a bit more effort when it comes to children.


    • November 24, 2015 / 8:33 pm

      It’s so beautiful. It really does make a difference when they do that little bit more. We didn’t need to take anything with us for her. They had bibs, cutlery, prams, everything. x

  16. November 24, 2015 / 4:04 pm

    This place looks sooo chilled and a lovely place to be. I need to be there!

    • November 24, 2015 / 8:34 pm

      Honestly I feel so rejuvenated at the moment. It really is a lovely place. xx

  17. November 24, 2015 / 8:53 pm

    It looks like such a lovely hotel. Sometimes just a change of scenery is all that needs to make you feel refreshed! Love that they have something for everyone. Amelia would love the soft play!

    • November 25, 2015 / 10:14 am

      It’s such a beautiful hotel. She’d love the little craft room too. A change of scenery does the world of good. X

  18. November 26, 2015 / 9:27 am

    This looks like an amazing place! I love how child-friendly it is – and the dedicated “adults only” areas so those without children can escape them!! My girls would love that soft play area! Will definitely look into this when we next go down to Cornwall to visit the family.
    Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars

    • November 30, 2015 / 10:09 am

      It’s so incredible. We are in awe of how family friendly it is and the adult only zones were so peaceful, it was so needed! It’s well worth a stay, just so you can feel rejuvenated again without having to leave the kids at home! x

  19. December 3, 2015 / 11:53 pm

    It certainly sounds like this hotel has everything cater for for families. A lot of places call themselves family friendly but until they bring out the kids cutlery they haven’t thought of everything!

    • December 5, 2015 / 7:21 pm

      It is so perfect for families! They really have thought of everything! And even better is that they have adult only spaces too, so if you do take advantage of the babysitting service, you won’t be surrounded by other families and can get some quiet time!!! x

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