I am absolutely head over heels in love with a new invention called the ‘Brug’.

You might not have heard of it yet because it’s still in its earliest stages of life. But, if you have a family and you are a beach goer, a picnic lover or just someone who loves the outdoors, I have a feeling you’re going to want this product for yourself.

What is the ‘Brug’?

The Brug®, created by a company called Wunderlife, is the worlds most innovative multi functional bag. It is amazing! It starts its life as a bag and transforms into a large water resistant rug.

It’s perfect for any type of outdoor adventure. From picnics, to the beach, camping trips or even as a sports bag. It’s also great for indoor use and can easily organise small toys and be used for messy indoor play. The Brug® is ideal for busy families on the go.

The ‘Brug’ is extremely lightweight. It’s durable, water resistant, machine washable and it comes in its own compact storage pouch.

As a rug it opens out to a size of 150cm x 150cm, so there is plenty of room for the whole family to sit. As a bag it’s 45cm by 75cm, so has enough storage space to carry all of your beach, sports or picnic gear.

The benefits of the ‘Brug’

There are so many benefits and so many things I love about the ‘Brug’. With the ‘Brug’, there is less stuff for you to carry on days out. Your rug is your bag, so there is one less item to take already.

I love that you can store everything you need inside it. It makes 
packing and tidying away so much easier as you simply pull the drawstrings on the rug, with your things laid on top of it and they’re automatically packed in the bag.

Another great benefit is that it folds up really small when you aren’t using it. This makes it so easy to store at home or in your car.

You can use the ‘Brug’ both indoors and outdoors too. Plus it’s machine washable (aka child spillage proof) which means no matter how messy it gets, its really easy to clean.

Why We Love The Brug

We are big beach goers and picnic lovers. When you have children, the amount of things you need to carry on days out often doubles. I love that we can store everything in the ‘Brug’ and wear it as a secure and sturdy bag.

If we are going to the beach, we don’t need to carry the ball, the bucket, the spade, the suncream etc separately. We can simply tuck everything inside the bag and when we undo it, all of our things are automatically unpacked and ready to use on the rug.

When we need to leave the beach, there is no packing things away. Simply pull up the draw strings, with the items on the rug, and it turns back into a bag.

For us the ‘Brug’ simplifies our days out. It takes away the stress of packing and tidying. I also really love that it is water resistant and washable. If you spill ice-cream, drinks or any other foods, its easy to clean. It’s also easy to shake sand off it and if you take it for picnics and it gets muddy, its not ruined.

Kickstarter – How You Can Help

The ‘Brug’ still needs more funding and thats something that we can all help with. The kickstarter campaign for the ‘Brug’ goes live on Tuesday 28th February at 10.30am. What’s great about a kickstarter campaign is that it doesn’t take any money from you until the company reaches its goal.

To take part in the kickstarter campaign all you need to do is pre-order the brug through the campaign. It’s that easy!

‘Early bird’ backers (those that pledge in the first few days of the campaign) will receive the Brug at a 40% discount. So pledge quickly and you’ll get the Brug for £38 instead of its usual price of £63.

Go to for more information on how you can take part and don’t forget to visit the Wunderlife website too!

What do you think of the ‘Brug’? Is it something that you’d use? Let us know in the comments below. 



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