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Bump To Business

Bump To Business

I have some exciting news, which will make complete sense if you have noticed that things have been a little bit quiet on Life Unexpected recently.

Have you seen that I have started a new business yet?

The new business is called ‘Bump to Business’ and if you are a female entrepreneur, a blogger, a freelancer, a shop owner, a maker or any other type of creative, then this is for you!

What is Bump to Business?

Bump to Business is an online marketing coaching page, which has been designed and built to help female-led businesses to grow an online presence, find your target audience and make more money!

Through Bump to Business, I’m sharing a decades worth of social media and branding knowledge with anyone who needs to hear it! I also share time management and productivity tips and I especially try and help Mums who are trying to juggle it all while pursuing their dreams!

The new business offers so much more than that though. I’d love for you to pop over and check it out for yourself! Especially if you are someone who is currently side hustling or trying to build an online business for yourself!

It all started while I was in labour…

Bump to Business officially came to fruition the night I was in labour with Lior. I was sat working on my laptop (have I mentioned that I’m a workaholic) and I knew I was coming to the end of some of my freelance contracts.

Even though I had planned NOT to take a maternity leave, I knew I wouldn’t be able to juggle my regular work load alongside a newborn. ‘Scaling back’ was the only option.

Letting go of clients is something I honestly find really hard. My favourite part of my job is getting to watching the brands and businesses I work with grow. Nothing beats the feeling of helping a business, especially a small business or a mum-run business – finally connect with ‘their people’ online and make those well deserved sales!

Mid-contraction the idea of Bump to Business came to me. I knew I had a vast knowledge base in a specific area and I wanted to find a way to use that to help more people…not less!

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A little background…

If you haven’t met me before I’ll give you a quick background. Five years ago I was on maternity leave with my eldest and I took the leap to become a freelance social media manager. I hated my old job so much and when my maternity leave was on the home stretch, I really wanted to find a way to leave my job and do something else. I knew I wanted to build a flexible career around family life and I also knew that social media was my passion and I was good at building channels. So I took the leap and started out on my own.

Taking the leap was honestly so scary! I am (to this day) a huge introvert, so to find little old me pitching myself to new clients, was a crazy experience.

Welcome To The World Lior

Alongside building my dream job, I also built an award-winning blog from scratch. My blog was a place where I found a new confidence and also my identity again, after I became a Mum.

I worked hard to grow an incredible audience which in turn gave me the opportunity to connect with and collaborate with both small and major companies on some incredible campaigns.

With all of this under my belt; a self-made successful freelance career and an award winning blog, I really felt like I had so much information and knowledge I could share and teach others!

I knew how to start a business from home, I knew how to juggle business and babies, I knew an incredible amount about online marketing, I knew how to grow and scale a business, I knew a ton about branding and self growth and I was desperate to find a way that I could help MORE people on a bigger scale, by sharing all the things I knew.

Three days later, (during a night feed – because the timing will never be right), Bump to Business was launched.

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Come and join in…

In the past few months Bump to Business has been growing and fast. I have some HUGE plans for this space and the community that has been built over there already, is so incredible and supportive.

If you haven’t seen me over on Instagram already, I’d love for you to join me. I show up every single day sharing free valuable tips that will help you to grow and scale your business.

I have also launched a website where you can dive into some helpful blog posts and download some free resources that will help you to; get better engagement online, that will help you to grow your social channels and that will help you to find the balance!

What’s Happening With Life Unexpected

Don’t fret though, Life Unexpected will still be around and now Lior is a little bit older (how is he six months already?), I will be showing up here a lot more regularly!

Chloe xx


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