We have had around 5000 images link up to our Instagram community ‘Curious Little Explorers‘. That is so crazy and amazing!

We adore all of your photos. You are all so talented and always manage to capture your outdoor adventures with the most stunning photos.

Have you checked out our new ‘Curious Little Explorers‘ Instagram account? We’ve been so overwhelmed by your photos, there is now even more chance of your pictures being featured. We will be featuring our favourite photos on the account, in addition to our weekly round up posts on our blogs.

If you haven’t yet heard of #curiouslittleexplorers, it’s an Instagram community that I host with the lovely Alice who blogs over at New Young Mum.

Come and join in! Simply use the hashtag #curiouslittleexplorers at the end of any family outdoor Instagram picture, and every Friday we will post a round up featuring the four best photos from the week.

Follow Alice on Instagram here, myself on Life Unexpected here and our new account Curious Little Explorers Curious Little Explorers here, so you can see if you’ve been featured!

Here are this weeks featured photos:

Curious Little Explorers

From watching the sunset in fancy dress, to running through fields, to playing in the rain, to relaxing in meadows, these photos all tell a story of childhood fun and show off what our hashtag is about.

My favourite photo from my own feed this week is this photo of Evie finding her sunglasses on our treasure hunt that we had with our new Trunki suitcase. We have a competition to win one at the moment. Don’t forget to enter!

A photo posted by Chloe (@lifeunexpectedblog) on

My favourite photo from Alice’s feed this week is this one of Amelia at Blue Pool. How incredible is this picture? She looks so sweet and the pool behind looks completely out of this world. It looks like such a peaceful place to explore.

A photo posted by Alice (@newyoungmum) on

Our first featured image is by the lovely: @megannrobinsonphoto. This is such an adorable capture of them walking through the fields at sunset. I especially love the fancy dress.

Our second featured image is by: @youbabymemummy. She looks so excited running through the field! I adore her dress and her shoes are amazing.

A photo posted by @youbabymemummy on

Our third featured image is by: @littleatlarge. This is one of my favourite Instagram feeds and I suggest you go and have a nosey if you want to see their beautiful snaps of their travels around the world. The colours of this photo and the sharpness of the rain are stunning.

Our final featured image is by: @the_hale_diaries. How gorgeous is this image? The sun, the feathers in her hair and the way the light shines off them. It looks like the perfect time for a walk through the fields.

A photo posted by @the_hale_diaries on

Don’t forget to follow Life Unexpected on Instagram so I can discover your pictures too, and don’t forget to tag all of your outdoor family photos with #curiouslittleexplorers!!

If you like this Instagram community, be sure to check out our outdoors family linky ‘Whatever the Weather‘.

What do you think of this weeks photos? Come and join in with #curiouslittleexplorers!


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