Last month I started a new blog series called ‘Her and Me‘. I realised that I could count how many pictures I have of Evie and myself on two hands. As a camera hogger, I am terrible for remembering to actually be in front of the camera sometimes. But, as a mother, I regret not being in more photos with my daughter.

This new series is motivating me to get in front of the camera more. I really want to be able to look back, many years from now, and see how much we’ve both grown and changed together. So…here is my 2nd instalment or Her & Me.

Her And Me - A Demanding Toddler

Her and Me – A Demanding Toddler

Regardless of our happy photos this month, most days I’m finding Evie really difficult at the moment. My kind, caring, good little girl who has the occasional little tantrum, has become rude, demanding and entitled. I really don’t know whats happened.

It’s so hard to not blame yourself when your child starts showing behaviours that aren’t very nice. I’ve started to question the way I am with Evie and if I’m parenting her the right way.

Her And Me - A Demanding Toddler

So far, not to toot my own horn, I’ve been thinking that I’m actually doing ok with this whole parenting malarky. I’ve winged it pretty well and Evie has turned into a very intelligent, social and emotionally caring little girl.

Lately though, and really just these last few weeks, she has changed. Suddenly she demands things…’You’re going to make me my breakfast now.‘ Or…’You can buy this for me now.‘ Or she tantrums. Full on meltdowns when she can’t get her own way or when I put forward a simple request like ‘Lets get you dressed now’.

Her And Me - A Demanding Toddler

She’s also being so rude at the moment. She’s rarely saying please or thank you unless prompted, she’s snapping, she’s moody and I keep forgetting that I have a three year old and not a teenager.

I’m feeling really frustrated with her at the moment and I’m trying so hard to keep a lid on it and not get cross. I don’t want to be a shouty mum and even though its happened a lot lately, I’ve been trying so hard to find other solutions to guiding her behaviour. I keep having to remind myself that its probably just an age thing. And maybe I just need to keep parenting her as I always have done.

Her And Me - A Demanding Toddler

But, even if it is just a phase, I’m not enjoying having a demanding toddler. My fingers are crossed that my old little girl will be back soon!

Do you have a testing toddler? Please let me know below any tips on dealing with this. 


  • Emma Farley says:

    I feel your pain. I find myself raising my voice so often lately – not that it makes a difference. And I really don’t want to be one of those parents, having been raised by one myself. I have to keep reminding myself that he’s still learning and gets frustrated and communicate things properly yet. I wonder what changes we’ll see when he starts nursery next month.

  • Talya says:

    I totally get this…my daughter was extremely challenging as a toddler and she drove me close to the brink…now she is four she is absolutely lovely though!

  • Luisa-Christie Walton-Stoev says:

    I am so in awe of people with kids and how they look after them/juggle life. I can’t give you any tips, but you’re doing fab and she looks like such a sweet little thing (when she’s not causing trouble)!

    I love how this series came about too, with wanting to have more pics with your daughter. So lovely!


  • https://fashionandstylepolice.com/ says:

    I have 2 testing toddlers and it can be very hard some days.

  • http://kerrylouisenorris.com says:

    Oh I get this. My daughter started getting attitude when she started preschool. She’s terrible for it. Lovely photos x

  • www.rhianwestbury.co.uk says:

    I am sure I went through this stage as a toddler and my mum hated it but I grew past it eventually x

  • http://beachhutcook.com/ says:

    Your post made me remember when our youngest was a toddler and he went through a phase of having the most horrendous tempers and sulks. These did pass and the boy (teenager) he is now is so so different that I almost forget he had those moments. Keep sticking with it and remain calm but firm and she’ll be back! Much love x

  • Emma says:

    I feel really fortunate because I always asked to be in the pictures. I love things like this tough, because it makes people think and be in them. It is hard not to question yourself when a child start showing a defiant streak, but it really is just the age… threeangers are a force to be reckoned with!

  • Musings of a tired mummy...zzz... says:

    We just got back from holiday and I’m in hardly any of the pics 🙁 Children grow from phase to phase, don’t panic!

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