I do wonder when I’ll write one of these openers and not say how hectic my week has been. Maybe next week? Hopefully! My fingers are so crossed.

I honestly feel so overwhelmed at the moment. My work load is a higher than normal and at the same time it’s Easter half term still. This means that Evie is home full time and it’s down to me and me only, to give her attention. I feel like I’m both failing at work and failing at being there for Evie.

I’ve found it so hard to balance the two this week. I’ve been making such a conscious effort to do things with Evie, but every time I do, I get further and further behind. During a normal week, she only goes to nursery part time, but the amount I can cram into those two days is a lot.

Doodle Maps, A Week Of Giveaways and Westworld

I honestly cannot wait for her to go back to nursery, not because I don’t want her around, because I do more than anything. But, at least then I have a chance to do loads of work without her around. Then, when she is here, I can spend pure guilt free Mummy/Daughter time with her.

Anyway, enough of my moody ramblings, onto this week #LitteLoves.

Doodle Maps, A Week Of Giveaways And Westworld #LittleLoves

This week has been all about drawing on pillow cases, hosting a week of giveaways and discovering new podcasts:




Uprooted – 

I haven’t been able to read much more of Uprooted this week because I haven’t had the time. But I am a few chapters in and I really do love it. If you’ve read Naomi Noviks ‘Tremenaire’ series (Which is being turned into a movie series as we speak), or you like any kind of ‘magical’ book, then you’ll seriously love this.

A young girl called Agnieszka lives in a quiet village surrounded by woods, valleys and rivers. At the edge of the bored lies a corrupted wood, full of dark magic and power that is slowly trying to eradicate everything around it. The people of the village rely on a cold, cruel wizard known as the Dragon, to keep the wood under control.

Doodle Maps, A Week Of Giveaways and Westworld

But, his price is that ever so often a young woman from the village must be handed over to him. She is destined to live in the tower alongside him for ten years before he comes to collect another girl. Whenever a girl is released from the tower, she is changed forever and no longer wants to reside in the village.

The next choosing is about to happen and young girl Agnieszka is afraid. She knows, and everyone knows, that the Dragon will take Kasia: a beautiful, graceful, brave young girl who is also Agnieszka dearest friend.

So when the Dragon comes and chooses clumsy, improper Agnieszka instead, everyone is shocked. Agnieszka even more so when she realises she is a witch and that she has to help save the kingdom from the corruption of the wood. This book really is a must read for 2018.




Westworld – 

Late one evening this week, my fiancee made me shut down my laptop and told me to do something not work related before I went to sleep. I tried to read my book but couldn’t focus at all. So, he put on an episode of a TV show that he loved and thought I might like too.

I don’t know how I’ve missed Westworld because I love JJ Abrhams and Jonathon Nolan, who produce and write the series. But I really, really loved it. If you haven’t seen this TV series before I do recommend it. It’s about a huge realistic theme park designed for rich people. It’s set in the ‘Wild West’ and is full of robots that look exactly like humans.


The people who go to the theme park interact with the storylines the robots are throwing out, but they can do whatever they like when they are there. Most of them end up killing the robots and having shootouts just for fun. I haven’t got further than the first episode, but my fiancee has told me that the series is very unpredictable (he’s watched it before). I have a feeling that the robots are going to start malfunctioning, but it would be interesting to see what happens.

It was nice to lose myself for an hour and I definitely want to watch another one when I have more time.




Melyssa Griffin Podcast –

I really love listening to podcasts at the moment. I do lots of mundane work like scheduling social media and editing pictures. While I do this, I love listening to podcasts in the background.

This week I’ve just discovered a podcast series by one of my favourite bloggers Melyssa Griffin. Her podcast series has been designed to help you live your best life, especially if you are a creative. It’s called ‘Pursuit With Purpose‘ and there are so many episodes in the series I’ve already bookmarked to listen to.

The first episode I listened to this week was: ‘A Millionaires Advice On How To Remove Your Money Mindset Blocks To Fully Live In Abundance And Wealth

Doodle Maps, A Week Of Giveaways and Westworld

One thing I have trouble with is feeling like I am ‘good enough’ to do freelance work, which sounds really bizarre. I actually undersell myself a lot of the time or I avoid opportunities, even if they’re offered to me. Purely for fear of failing or not being worth the money. This is obviously a huge issue when you rely on freelance contracts to pay the bills, so this was a great episode to listen to as it’s all about removing any money related blocks in your mindset. Removing these blocks will help you to earn more money, feel like it is attainable to you and will give you the mindset to grab opportunities rather than run away from them.

I love that this podcast gives you strategies that will help change your mindset and it also helps you to strengthen your relationship with your partner, especially if one or the other of you is currently building a business or working freelance.




Colour And Learn World Map Pillowcase –

Honestly, I have been so rubbish this week, I haven’t made anything. All I have been doing is working, sleeping and playing with Evie. I just haven’t had the energy to do anything creative. Evie has been amazing through all of this though and when a new ‘doodle’ pillowcase came through our letterbox yesterday, I was so grateful. It was such a nice reward for her, for being such an amazing person this week.

Doodle Maps, A Week Of Giveaways and Westworld

The ‘Colour and Learn World Map’ pillowcase, is actually a product that we’re giving away this week, as part of a week of giveaways. You can find out more about that below.

Yesterday Evie spent nearly two hours colouring this in. She was concentrating so hard and absolutely loved doing it. I also couldn’t get over how neat she was being. As a family we are travel obsessed and Evie is so lucky that she has already been able to experience quite a lot of places.

Doodle Maps, A Week Of Giveaways and Westworld

It was so nice to get to point out some of the places she has visited to her. She can’t quite grasp what the ‘world’ is yet, so it was great to start teaching her about how big it is and about all the wonderful things you can find, all over the globe.





A Week Of Giveaways –

I’ve been planning on doing not just a week, but a whole month of giveaways for a long time now. I really, really wanted to give something back and say a huge thank you to everyone for reading this blog for the last four years.

Doodle Maps, A Week Of Giveaways and Westworld

I definitely completely forgot how hectic it is to run just one giveaway though, let along thirty! Wish me luck.

The first week of giveaways is up (well almost) and I’d love you to enter some of the ones that are already out, if you see anything you like. So far I am giving away:

Other items that will be available to win soon, include a new ‘Sphero’ mini robot ball (which I cannot wait to share, some kids homeware products, some incredible ‘Fresh’ skincare products and a kids travel journal. Keep your eyes peeled for those coming up in the next few days.

Want to read more #LittleLoves and get some ‘positive’ inspiration? Here’s last weeks post: Easter Biscuits, Blogosphere And Flexible Working.

What items have you been loving this week? What have you got planned for the coming week? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. April 6, 2018 / 3:11 pm

    Don’t feel guilty this is most of us parents most of half terms with kids crawling all over, houses a mess, guilt for needing to get work done and guilt for not playing with them 100% of the time but it’s ok you are doing amazing and we all struggle with the balance. I feel overwhelmed with both kids at home when my deadlines are piling up. Looks like you still did a lot and had fun in the mix of it all that means you got this girl. Happy weekend ahead. #littleloves

  2. April 7, 2018 / 10:01 pm

    I could’ve written your intro. It’s something us freelancers always struggle with. It sounds like you still managed to have fun with Evie though. That book sounds so good, definitely one to add to my rapidly growing wishlist. I’m adding that podcast to my list of podcasts to listen to too. Have a great week x

  3. April 8, 2018 / 11:54 am

    That pillowcase looks amazing!

  4. April 8, 2018 / 9:47 pm

    Juggling life is so tricky sometimes dont feel guilty, hopefully once you’re back to normal routine life will get back to normal pace. Melissa griffin is fab isnt she i love podcasts and that one sounds great too. My daughter has actually popped one of those pillow cases down on her birthday wishlist they look great thanks for sharing xx

  5. April 11, 2018 / 9:11 am

    I can imagine it must have been really tough for you trying to juggle Evie around your work. I am a teacher, so am lucky to get the half term off – but, being a Head of Department means I have a tonne of work to do still (marking, assessments, evidence collecting, schemes of work and resources to create). I have Parker here with me all the time, and my husband has gone away for the entire week to work in London – so I have no one else to share the load with. I understand how you feel and the guilt that comes with it, but you’re doing a great job! Hope you’ve managed some down time this week xx

  6. April 11, 2018 / 1:23 pm

    The holiday juggle is just so tricky isn’t it? I managed to find a holiday for my two last week so they went there in the morning and we had fun in the afternoon. I think it is harder when they are smaller though.
    Still loving the sound of that book. As soon as I’ve got through my current pile I’ll be ordering it! x

  7. Mudpie Fridays
    April 12, 2018 / 9:26 pm

    I know exactly how you feel re the workload and the kids. I pretty much feel like I am failing at both all the time and not just during the Easter hols. You are doing great so dont beat yourself up. Good luck with your month of giveaways – so much work!! Be kind to yourself lovely xx #LittleLoves

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