Well this week was certainly interesting. I totally thought Evie broke up from nursery this Friday (today). Cue my big shock when we turned up this week, only to be sent away again because her holiday started on Monday. How have I missed that its Easter weekend already? I kept thinking it was next week.

As I work from home, I have the benefit of not having to worry about calling into work, however when you have stacks of deadlines and suddenly an unexpected toddler to entertain, things are not very fun at all!

I’ve tried so hard to balance everything this week and the Mum guilt has been very, very real! I feel so bad that I haven’t been able to entertain Evie as much as I normally would and I’ve felt pulled in all directions. Every time I opened up my laptop to get things done, I felt awful and Evie complained a lot. To say I want to curl up in a ball and cry would be an understatement. I want to be the best Mum, but I also have to make a pay check every month. Sometimes it is so scary being self-employed and taking unexpected time off can be really costly.

I’m glad I have this #LittleLoves post to write though. It’s always my little beacon of light and it helps me to see the positives at the end of every week.

Easter Biscuits, Blogosphere And Flexible Working #LittleLoves

This weeks Little Loves is all about spontaneous Easter baking, new make-up, embracing having a four year old and catching up with Blogosphere magazine:




Blogosphere & Uprooted – 

Reading has taken a bit of a back seat because Evie’s been home more. All my spare time has been thrown into work, so I just couldn’t justify reading much. I did finished The Bear And The Nightingale last week and I quickly ordered up a book to replace it in the form of ‘Uprooted’ by Naomi Novik.

Easter Biscuits, Blogosphere and Flexible Working

This book has got tons of amazing reviews. I haven’t had a chance to read more than a chapter but I am already hooked. I’ll tell you all about it next week! It’s on my ’24 Books To Read In 2018 list, which I’m slowly working my way through!

Easter Biscuits, Blogosphere and Flexible Working

Any 5 minutes spare I’ve had, I’ve used to flick through Blogosphere magazine. I’ve been subscribed to this for a while now and if you are a blogger, I really recommend it. It’s not great for getting blogging tips, because most of those you can find online, but I find it really good for discovering amazing bloggers you haven’t heard of. Especially ones that write in different niches to you. I also love seeing what other bloggers are doing and just how varied the blogging industry is.




Baywatch – 

If you haven’t watched the new Baywatch film. You have to see it. It is hilariously awful and is officially the best worst film I’ve ever seen. It is cheesy, so funny, ridiculous and amazingly good. Oh so good.


We watched it this week expecting it to be a little bit serious, but it wasn’t. Even the actors took the mick out of themselves. It features ‘The Rock’ and ‘Zac Efron’ and it honestly, it is a must watch, especially if you’re having a bad day. We couldn’t stop laughing watching it.




Not Another Mummy Blog Podcast –

I am really falling in love with Podcasts at the moment. I’ve mentioned once before that I love the ‘Not Another Mummy Blog’ podcast. This week I listened to her podcast featuring Anna from ‘Mother Pukka’. You can listen to it here:

Podcast #08: Mother Pukka On Flexible Working

Easter Biscuits, Blogosphere and Flexible Working

She talks all about working from home, flexible working and juggling babies and business. Pretty much what I needed to listen to this week. It was such a refreshing insight into another work at home mums life, especially as her daughter kept running in and interrupting the podcast. It was so real and lovely to hear her tips and advice. If you’re not a fan of podcasts yet, these are so great just to have on in the background, while you’re getting ready in the morning, while you’re cleaning the house or whatever.




Easter Biscuits –

These were such a spontaneous make yesterday. The Mum guilt ate away at me so much I shut my laptop down and asked Evie what she wanted to do. She said baking, so we whipped to get some ingredients and rustled up these amazing Easter cookies.

Easy To Make Iced Easter Biscuits

I am by no means a good baker, but I have to say these are incredible. They are the best things I’ve ever baked and they taste better than biscuits I’ve had from specialist biscuit shops, which is saying something. If you want to make them, I did jot down the recipe for them in my blog post yesterday; Easy Iced Easter Biscuits.




New Make-Up – 

I’ve mentioned quite a few times on Instagram stories that I really don’t wear much make-up and that my make-up bag is tiny. I literally only own a handful of products and I’ve been umming and ahhing about whether or not I should experiment with more make-up and trying out new looks.

Easter Biscuits, Blogosphere and Flexible Working

I did a poll on Instagram Stories and everyone unanimously agreed that I should keep the natural look, which I was really shocked by. I’ve been asked by quite a few people to share what I do wear. I might do a blog post about all of this, including my skincare regime, this week. But, this is literally my entire make up collection, bar a couple of lipsticks and my skincare products. How much make-up do you own? Do you agree that natural is better or is it fun to play around with different looks?





Evie Turned Four –

Evie is four! We had such a great day last Saturday. We went for breakfast at Porthminster Cafe and then took our annual balloon picture on the Island in St.Ives. Evie then had a play date with her cousins, followed by a little party/friend gathering at Paradise Park. It was so much fun and such an exhausting day. We spent it all together and I love that I still have such a close relationship with Evie’s dad, that we can all hang out together without any issues (if you are co-parenting, check out my post all about our situation here).

Easter Biscuits, Blogosphere and Flexible Working

I cannot believe that she is four! She’s really seeming older to me now and I’m trying so hard to clutch onto the baby days, before she starts school in September. I wrote an annual milestone letter to her this week, which you can read here: ‘Happy 4th Birthday Evie‘.

Want to read more #LittleLoves and get some ‘positive’ inspiration? Here’s last weeks post: Easter Egg Hunts, Clothing Hauls and a Fourth Birthday.

What items have you been loving this week? What have you got planned for the coming week? Let me know in the comments below.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat
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  1. March 30, 2018 / 2:21 pm

    Oh the mum guilt really is The Worst isn’t it? It’s so hard to shake too but you’re a good mum and you’re just trying to do your best by your girl. Love the fact that you did some baking and those biscuits look so yummy too! Happy 4th Birthday to your girl. I’m sure she had a lovely day. xx

  2. March 31, 2018 / 5:54 pm

    Glad I’m not the only one getting things wrong this week. I sent my little one in on friday in his own clothes – it wasn’t non school uniform day! I didn’t even notice the other kids were in their uniforms. Hope Evie had a lovely birthday. It’s wonderful you get on so well with her dad. You reminded me I haven’t listened to Alison’s podcast for a while, time to go catch up with that episode! Have a great weekend x

  3. April 2, 2018 / 8:33 am

    I’ve read the blogosphere magazine is it subscription only ? Those Easter biscuits are so cute. Enjoy your half term and hopefully the sunshine comes out for you we have woken to snow again this morning x

  4. April 2, 2018 / 3:16 pm

    I love podcasts, need to check that one out – added to my list. Happy belated Birthday to your Evie, I hope she had a lovely day. I can imagine that trying to get work done whilst Evie is home brings on all the mum guilt, but you’re doing an amazing job! Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter weekend xx

  5. April 2, 2018 / 9:00 pm

    Those biscuits look yummy! I wear very minimal make up too – just mascara and concealer plus a bit of eyeshadow if I’m going out for dinner or something. Sometimes I think I should make more of an effort but I like looking natural (even if the worry lines are more obvious than they would be if I tried to cover them up!). Happy birthday to your daughter – it sounds like she had an ace day.

  6. April 3, 2018 / 3:12 pm

    Absolutely gorgeous read! Ahhh happy birthday Evie!! I also don’t own a lot of makeup, but I do have a fair bit more than your handful of items, then again, most of it doesn’t even get worn!! Alice xxx


  7. April 4, 2018 / 9:34 pm

    We loved Baywatch too, it’s hilarious! The perfect film to slob out in front of when you’re tired and have no brain power, haha!
    Such cute little Easter biscuits. You’ve done very well considering you weren’t expecting to be doing Easter themed children’s entertainment! 😉 xx

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