The lovely Co-op sent me over an adorable ‘Easter Egg Hunt Basket‘ this week. As part of their #GoodEgg campaign, Co-Op asked us to donate some eggs to anyone who has been super amazing this year and an all around ‘good egg’.

I donated my egg hunt basket to my daughter Evie. She has been such an incredible egg this year, purely because of her constant patience and understanding.

Evie is always so well behaved despite having such a hectic schedule. She spends two days at nursery, two mornings at pre-school, three days at Daddy’s and four days at Mummy’s. To say that she is back and forth and up and down ALL the time is an understatement.

Even on the days I have her I have to work. But she is always so good and understanding. Even when she hears; ‘I cant play with you right now Evie, I need to do work.’

Lately I’ve been making a conscious effort to get a better work/life balance. I’m trying hard to spend lots of quality one on one time with her. I’m already noticing such a difference in our relationship and her behaviour because of it. When I promised her an egg hunt to say thank you for always being so amazing, she was beyond excited.

To make it extra special and fun, I set up an obstacle course in the garden. Even while I tried to set up the trail I could see her excited nose pressed up against the window, trying to see where I was hiding them.

I found a basket in Hobby Craft that she could use to collect the eggs. I also found some little Easter egg instruction sticks in Sainsbury’s that said things like ‘hop over here’, ‘tweet right’ and ‘egg-celent, keep looking’.

When she came outside, I explained that she needed to start on her Toddlebike and follow the trail of eggs around the garden. Every time she got to an ‘instruction’ she asked me to read it and then she did exactly as it said.

She found the obstacle egg hunt so much fun. She loved that every time she went on a different garden toy she could see more eggs ahead.

There even got to a point where she nearly burst with excitement, when she realised she had so many eggs in her basket and still more to find.

I somehow managed to make the egg hunt last for a good ten minutes. How I don’t know. After the final ones were found she straight away ran over and hugged me to say thank you and naturally asked if she could now eat all of her eggs.

Instead we sorted them out into colours and Evie counted them out. I suggested that we share them with some other ‘good eggs’ we know. She loved the idea! So, we’re going to spend the week donating them individually to all of our favourite people!

She even helped me make a list of all the people who are going to get an egg. Who would have thought that something so simple would be so rewarding, for both of us.

Thank you so much Co-Op for letting us take part in the #GoodEgg campaign. It felt really lovely to treat my amazing little girl to some quality mummy/daughter time. We really need to do some more simple yet fun things together, just like this.

Do you know someone who has been a #GoodEgg this year? Who would you donate your Easter Egg hunt kit too?

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