This week has been so hectic. I’m trying really hard to get a better work/life balance. I made sure to take time out for friends and family this week and still tried to get all of my work done. But, I found it so impossible. It didn’t help that a close friend told me this week, that a few people I ‘know’ had spoken to her and had said that I must just sit around all day and do nothing, because they think that’s what a blogger does. I honestly broke down into laughter and couldn’t stop. Oh if only they knew the truth and saw the giant bags under my eyes from exhaustion!

My life seems to be a blur of 6am starts and midnight finishes without so much of a let up. Working for yourself is hard and running a blog full time is hard. It’s like having a magazine but you’re the only staff member. It’s not just taking pretty pictures and writing a few posts here and there. It’s constantly planning, writing and curating content. It’s negotiating with brands, editing pictures and videos, building audiences, creating graphics, forecasting, building websites, chasing up old invoices, learning and implementing SEO, making sure each social channel is being run effectively. I’m trying to fight the urge to write a post about it because as most of you know, even that description doesn’t touch the surface.

Easter Egg Hunts, Clothing Hauls And A Fourth Birthday

Not only do I blog full time, but I also have freelance writing jobs and I do freelance social media for a couple of companies too. Work takes up about 70 hours of my week (I wish I was joking). It’s tough, but I love it. But finding that balance and not working every minute of everyday is so hard. It was so lovely to go out with friends this week, but I paid for it in work load the next day. I really wish I could get that balance right and not feel like I’m constantly on a treadmill. If anyone has any tips, I’m all ears!

Anyway, onto this week #LitteLoves.

Easter Egg Hunts, Clothing Hauls And A Fourth Birthday #LittleLoves

This week has been all about Easter egg hunts, getting lots of new Spring/Summer clothes for Evie and feeling a bit wowed by the idea of a fourth birthday:




The Bear And The Nightingale – 

I’ve just finished The Bear And The Nightingale. It was such a beautiful book! I’m so sad it’s over, but apparently it’s a series so I’m definitely going to get the next one. To be honest, it makes such a good standalone book and I cannot recommend it enough.

Easter Egg Hunts, Clothing Hauls And A Fourth Birthday

The Bear And The Nightingale is Russian style fairytale/folklore book. It’s quite dark in places, but not a scary read. It follow a young, wild girl called Vasya who lives with her wealthy family in a village in northern Russia. Vasya comes to realise that the stories told in her childhood, of the Winter king and magical creatures, are true. However, she alone can see the darkness and sorcery that is stirring in the woods and she alone can save her village, despite them not wanting her help. This book really is a must read for 2018.




Sex Tape with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel – 

I love Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel. I don’t know how I missed this film of them together, but this week my fiancee and I stumbled across ‘Sex Tape’ on Netflix and it is HILARIOUS.

If you want a film to watch with your partner, definitely watch this. It’s such a giggle and if you have kids, you’ll find it so relatable. Basically, a couple who were so passionate and in love with each other, ended up marrying, having kids and getting careers. Somewhere along the way they lost their spark and stopped having sex. Sex tape is a hilarious comedy about them trying to re-ignite that spark, but doing something crazy like making a sex tape. Only it falls into completely the wrong hands. I loved how unpredictable this film was for a comedy. I didn’t see so many things that happened happening. But it definitely makes you re-evaluate your relationship.




Soulful PR Podcast –

I have started to really fall in love with listening to podcasts, especially in the evenings while I’m editing photos, or doing tasks that don’t need much of my attention. I have gotten so many recommendations of great podcasts for bloggers/creatives/entrepreneurs from Coffee Work Sleep Repeats blog (the lovely lady behind this linky). One podcast she has mentioned a couple of times is ‘Soulful PR’.

Easter Egg Hunts, Clothing Hauls And A Fourth Birthday

I’ve been listening to Soulful PR a lot lately, in a bid to try and grow my blog. An episode I really loved was all about how to get more engagement on social media.

Do you find you’re not getting engagement on social media? Or that you’d like to increase engagement? Then this is so worth a listen.

I only listened to this last night for the first time, so I’m going to start implementing the tips from today. But, I’ll definitely let you know how I get on. I’m really excited to start changing the way I deliver my messages and to hopefully build an even more engaged and lovely audience. My best tip I took from this podcast? Make conversations. Don’t just broadcast.




Interactive Easter Egg Hunt –

Easter is coming so quickly now! One of our favourite things to do around Easter is an Easter egg hunt. But, I always find that they are over so quickly! Do you feel the same?

Easter Egg Hunts, Clothing Hauls And A Fourth Birthday

My daughter just whizzes through in an attempt to find as many eggs as possible. This year I really wanted to make an Easter egg hunt with a difference, so I created an ‘Interactive Easter Egg Hunt’ and it lasted well over an hour and then some. It was so much fun! For both Evie and me.

Easter Egg Hunts, Clothing Hauls And A Fourth Birthday

During the hunt, Evie had to stop and do lots of fun tasks, like painting an Easter egg, reading an Easter book, decorating an Easter tree, posing for an Easter picture and so many more things. If you want to throw an Easter egg hunt with a difference, go and take a peek here: How To Make An Interactive Easter Egg Hunt.




Vertbaudet Spring/Summer Kids Haul – 

Evie recently got an order through from Vertbaudet, full of brand new Spring/Summer kids clothes. Some of the pieces are so gorgeous.

Easter Egg Hunts, Clothing Hauls And A Fourth Birthday

Evie helped me to do a vlog this week, where we did an unboxing/try on of all the things we picked up. She is so hilarious and loves being in front of the camera.

I’ve got so many funny out takes from this video. If you are looking for some beautiful, but well priced kids clothes, definitely go and check out Vertbaudet. You can find out more in my post: Vertbaudet Spring Summer Girls Clothing Haul





Evie Is Four –

Evie is four tomorrow. Four!! I really can’t fathom where that time has gone? I know it’s really sad and silly, but I had a little cry about it this week. I can’t believe how far behind us the baby days are and she’s so grown up and independent at the moment, I have to admit I miss those days she needed me for everything. (Here’s a picture from my post about her 1st birthday…)

I honestly cannot get over how much she has changed in one short year though. Her language, her imagination, her personality. She is so different than she was at three.

Easter Egg Hunts, Clothing Hauls And A Fourth Birthday

Tomorrow we’re going to take her for breakfast on the beach (at her request) and then we’re going to go to an adventure park with her and a couple of friends. I’m really regretting not planning a party for her now, because she asked for one yesterday, but I really hope she loves her day tomorrow.

Want to read more #LittleLoves and get some ‘positive’ inspiration? Here’s last weeks post: Spring Clothes, New Books and a New Vlog.

What items have you been loving this week? What have you got planned for the coming week? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. March 23, 2018 / 5:02 pm

    People who say blogging is about sitting at home doing nothing….how wrong are they. I only blog part time around my other job but wow its not easy trying to fit everything in. I’m always on tbe look out for more podcasts to watch that one sounds great and I’ll definitely be popping over to listen. I’m sure you’ll have a great day with your daughter for her birthday. Have a wonderful weekend xxx

  2. March 24, 2018 / 9:49 am

    An interactive egg hunt is such a good idea. I’d love to do something like this for my son and nephew as they have very short attention spans. I hope Evie has a lovely birthday ❤

  3. March 24, 2018 / 9:28 pm

    You should definitely write a blog post about it, it might open your friends eyes a bit! I love a good book recommendation, I’m adding this to my list. I hope Evie has a wonderful birthday x

  4. March 27, 2018 / 2:26 pm

    Hope your little one had a lovely birthday! People do make me laugh, how can they know what any job entails unless they do it themselves. It only stems from jealously so don’t let their comments get to you. I used to love Vertbaudet when my daughter was a baby, their clothes are gorgeous! Hope you’re having a good week x

  5. March 29, 2018 / 9:12 pm

    So many people do not have a clue of the effort and work that goes into running a blog. I swear some of my friends think I swan around all day getting endless packages in the mail.
    Love the look and sound of that book, adding it to my Amazon basket right now! x

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