How is it nearly Easter?

This year has gone so fast hasn’t it? Last year my Easter basket for Evie was one of the first posts I did on Life Unexpected. I had so much fun creating it and introducing Evie to Easter for the first time.

This year she’s a lot older and is more understanding of what is going on. We’ve already been having fun with Easter crafts, a very early Easter egg hunt and making a Spring bookshelf, so Evie can differentiate the season from the rest.

Instead of doing an Easter basket this year, we’ve got Evie some little Easter treats that she can use and play with.

We’re not big on giving her chocolate so have focused on mostly non-food items, so thought we’d share them with you.

We recycled a few bits from last year including Evie’s favourite Easter flap book, an adorable little chick that cheeps and her little yellow rabbit basket, perfect for storing her mini eggs.

Evie's Easter Treats
We bought the chick and the bunny basket from Hobby Craft, and the book from our local bookshop, but you can also find it online.

This little Usborne Easter Bunny Book is so sweet for babies and toddlers. It’s a ‘lift the flap’ book and follows different animals as they look for their easter eggs. It’s a great book for teaching the animals that are often associated with Spring and for toddlers who are just starting to count.

Although the bunny toy is old we also got some new additions for Evie’s Easter shelf:

Evie's Easter Treats

The bunny ears are from Hobby Craft and were only £2. They are so adorable aren’t they?

We also got another book called ‘The Bunny Who Found Easter‘. It’s aimed at toddlers and above, and is such a heartwarming story about a lonely bunny who is trying to find ‘Easter’ and some other rabbits, so that he is not alone anymore.

Lastly we got Evie a little personalised bag for her Easter eggs. They are so reasonably priced and are so adorable! They’re the perfect size for collecting eggs at an Easter egg hunt or for storing those little Easter treats. Plus they’re a keep sake that can be used again and again for years to come.

Evie's Easter Treats

They’re made by a lovely mama called Kate and her company Hopes and Rainbows. You can buy them over at All By Mama.

If you haven’t heard of All By Mama before, it’s a beautiful one stop shop where you can by gifts or treats for any occasion. Everything they sell is made and designed by mums. How lovely is that?

What do you think of our Easter treats for Evie? Do you normally do anything for your little ones for Easter?


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