Wow! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. The scared parents who had no idea what to do with their little fragile baby, are now confident (well semi!) at parenting, are pros at nappy changes & are starting to get more than 6 hours sleep regularly. Happy first birthday Evie!

There were so many pictures that I wanted to get on Evie’s first birthday. I even wrote a list because I’ve missed out on so many special moments before & I really wanted to make sure that we captured this day.

We had such a great day. It was really chilled out. We went shoe shopping for her first shoes, popped into St. Ives for a mini photoshoot on The Island, then went home for a quiet birthday dinner with a few of my family. Here are a few of my favourite snaps from the day:

I was so happy that I didn’t forget to get a picture of her going to bed as a baby.
And then a picture of her as a fully fledged one year old!
She was a bit overwhelmed opening her presents, so all of the pictures we have of the morning are of Evie looking on the verge of tears. Ohhh!!! ūüôĀ But she does LOVE all of her new toys & books & her new clothes are stunning so thank you so much to everyone for your¬†beautiful gifts!

We did go a little bit overboard with the cake choice & decorations. Jamie chose a princess cake for her, which really shocked me because he’s normally VERY anti-pink.
We made the highchair look utterly ridiculous/very¬†cute! We’ve kept this on all week because Evie¬†loves it & cried/had a mini tantrum when I tried to take the tutu cover off.
We loved capturing pictures of her when we were out with her balloon. It was so windy! But we all had so much fun!!¬†I didn’t get ANY pictures of me with Evie till she was three days old! This still makes me so sad. There were so many hospital pictures that I had planned to capture & in the moment of it all, I completely forgot. I think I will always be gutted by this. So I made sure that both Jamie & myself got plenty of individual pictures with the birthday girl.¬†These ones from the island are my absolute favourite! We were so grateful for such a beautiful day!

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She absolutely LOVED her party food. I am usually a super health freak & I am afraid to say Evie has rarely (& I mean really rarely) had something sweet. The last week or so I have relaxed a little bit. I think because I was such a SUMO baby & have always battled with my weight, that I’ve been terrified of giving her anything bad. But I relaxed a lot for her birthday & she really enjoyed trying the chocolate, cakes & crisps.¬†She was a bit overwhelmed again when we all sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY, so there are no smiling pictures. But we did all get a clap from her when we had finished!

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I absolutely ADORE this picture of Evie & Jamie blowing out her candles. I think this has to be my second favourite picture from the day. I love my little family & we’ve been through so much in the last 12 months. It makes me so proud & so grateful that after everything, we’re so close knit as a little¬†family.

There is officially ONE picture in existence of Jamie, Evie & I altogether. It is an awful picture as well. We rarely spend time altogether because of Jamie’s work & when we do we either forget to take pictures or there is no one around to take them for us. I BEGGED to get one of all of us on Evie’s birthday & am BEYOND happy that we did get one, even if Evie isn’t smiling haha. I know I need to book a photo shoot for us soon. It’s so sad that Evie won’t be able to look back on her first year of life & find any family pictures. This has to change. But I do love this picture so much!!


What a beautiful first birthday. Did you do anything special for your kids first birthday?


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