Recently we were invited for a short stay at Bedruthan Hotel and Spa in Cornwall. One of the reasons for our stay was to experience the brand new ‘Sensory Spa Garden’. Even the name ‘Sensory Spa Garden’ throws up an image of a magical little space of relaxation, and it really was just like that.

Set in a peaceful space beside one of the enchantingly blue outdoor swimming pools, sits an adorable little gate that leads you into the new Sensory Spa Garden. The garden, designed to invigorate all of your senses, is an hour long outdoor experience that involves a cedar wood sauna, hot tubs, foot baths, exfoliating showers and the daring ‘cold drench’.

How amazing does that sound?

Experience The Sensory Spa Garden At Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

The Sensory Spa Garden

The Sensory Spa Garden was the most intriguing experience I’ve had in a very long time. The hotel booked us in for an hour long session on our second day stay at Bedruthan Hotel.

If you’ve not heard of Bedruthan Hotel And Spa before, you can read my full review all about it here. I seriously recommend you do, especially if you have a family. It’s so family friendly!

Experience The Sensory Spa Garden At Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

On the day of our spa experience, we dropped my daughter off at a kids club and headed to the reception of the spa area. The receptionists gave us each a pair of slippers, robes and towels and directed us to the outdoor sensory garden.

The Sensory Spa Garden is open rain or shine. Apparently it’s really fun to do in the rain. But, I must admit that I was so thankful for the beautiful blue skies. Walking down to the garden and seeing the striking blue pools against the vivid green trees and the cloudless sky, we really felt like we were on holiday somewhere exotic.  

The cool wind against our cheeks was a constant reminder that we were in fact in the UK. But, with the excitement of what we were about to experience brimming, we really didn’t mind. We arrived at the quirky, misshaped gate and pushing it open we instantly fell down the rabbit hole into a wonderful wonderland of relaxation.

Seven Stages

A really lovely host greeted us and explained more about the hour long experience. The idea was that you would spend the hour moving through seven different stages. Each stage had been inspired by either fire, earth, water, air or space. Each stage was also designed to draw on the sights, sounds, aromas and textures of nature.

The first stop was the dry scrub. The host gave us a cute little pot full of a rough powder like product and we were told to scrub it all over our body. The purpose of this was to detoxify and exfoliate so that we could get our bodies ready for the rest of the stages.

Experience The Sensory Spa Garden At Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

It felt so good to exfoliate. My skin gets really rough, very quickly. I’m never one to fall in love with products (I’m not into beauty products at all) but I was a little blown away with how soft this scrub left my skin feeling.

Showers And Saunas

The second stage was a warm shower to wash off the scrub. My skin felt so soft and subtle. The warm shower was such a welcoming start to our journey around the garden.

Experience The Sensory Spa Garden At Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

Next we headed to the sauna. The cedar wood sauna was so beautiful. From the outside it looked like a little hobbit house. Inside was equally as lovely. At the back of the sauna, a little porthole window had been cut out of both the sauna and the fence behind, giving unrestricted views of the sea.

The little details on the sauna really made it for me. From the little hooks to hang your robes, to the beautifully carved timer inside, to the cosy rounded walls. We spent 15 minutes in the sauna making the most of the peace and quiet and enjoying some very rare uninterrupted time together.

Cold Drench And Hot Tubs

Then came my least favourite part of our experience, or the most fun if you are someone who is quite daring, the cold drench!! It does exactly what it says on the wall. It drenches you in ice cold water! The only catch is that you have to pull the rope and pour it over yourself.

Experience The Sensory Spa Garden At Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

Aitan was braver than me and pulled the rope straight away. Honestly, getting it over and done with is definitely the best thing you can do. He even found it quite refreshing after the super toasty sauna. Stupidly I lingered, fussed and danced around on the spot, too nervous to pull the rope. This really built it up to be worse than it probably was. I ended up pulling the rope and squealing like an absolute baby. The cold definitely shocks your body awake!

I quickly jumped into the hot tub. The hot tub was such a welcome relief from the ice cold drench we’d just experienced. The host bought us over some refreshing cups of water and left us to enjoy the peace of the garden once again.

Experience The Sensory Spa Garden At Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

The sun was beating down on our face and the loveliness of the garden and the experience suddenly overcame us. We both wished that this was our real garden. We spent the next twenty minutes dreaming of the day we’d recreate this in our own home.

By the time the hot tub was finished, we’d only been in the garden for about 40 minutes, yet we felt like we’d been there for a lifetime. My muscles felt so relaxed. It was so nice just to slow down and spend some time together doing something a little bit different.

After we finished in the hot tub, our host reappeared and gave us some more little pots, this time with a different product in it. We scrubbed this all over our bodies and then washed it off straight after. The product was incredible! After lathering it all over our bodies, we noticed that the water droplets from the shower, instead of running away stuck to our skin. Touching my skin after was amazing, it was so soft!.

Foots Baths And A Cup Of Tea

After our shower we were guided over to the fire pits and were invited to dip our feet in the warm copper baths located around the fire. The blankets and pillows were such a lovely added touch. We also noticed some umbrellas dotted around, designed both to protect you from the sun if it got too hot, or the rain should you come to the garden when the weather isn’t the best.

This final stage was probably one of my favourite parts of the Sensory Spa garden. Sitting around the fire pit with your feet immersed in a hot, copper foot bath and at the same time getting to sip on a warming herbal drink, was so magical.

The fire pit smelt so incredible. The smells and warmth took me right back to my childhood when we used to have so many beach bbqs and moments around a fire under blankets.

Experience The Sensory Spa Garden At Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

The cup of tea was so welcome. It tasted delicious! Every sip warmed up our insides and made us feel so cosy. While we sat here, we couldn’t help but talk about how magical the garden was. The design of the garden had been so well thought out.

From the little ladders dotted around where you could hang your robes and towels as you went, to the smells of the plants, to the way the structures had been positioned so that whichever part of the garden you were in you got complete privacy.

We lingered a little longer than we probably should, finishing up our tea and relaxing in the sun. We were so sad to leave the garden, but had really enjoyed our experience together.

Experience The Sensory Spa Garden At Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

As a tired, busy mama it was so nice to just relax, unwind and do something a little bit special. As a couple, it was such a lovely bonding experience. From egging each other on with the cold drench, to cuddling up to the views in the sauna and then snuggling up by the fire with the foot baths, its an hour away that will be remembered and appreciated for a long time.

Experience The Sensory Spa Garden At Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

The Most Relaxing Experience

After our treatment we couldn’t resist having a sit down in the Lanai Spa lounge to read some of the books. Then, with our childcare time nearly up we grabbed a takeaway chai latte and delicious energy ball and went on our way.

Experience The Sensory Spa Garden At Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

The hour long sensory spa garden experience is something that is going to linger in my mind for a long time. A unique and relaxing experience, its something I recommend we all give a try! The experience left our bodies feeling detoxified and renewed and our skin silky soft. It also made us fall in love with Bedruthan Hotel even more.

Experience The Sensory Spa Garden At Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

We were so grateful for the services that the hotel offers. Without the hotels kids club, the spa experience probably wouldn’t have been possible for us. How rare is it to get couples times, especially when you’re on holiday with a toddler?

The Sensory Spa Garden is open to both residents and non residents. We recommend booking in advance because we can imagine this garden becoming very popular in the future. We’ll certainly be returning to try it out again soon.

What do you think of our experience in the Sensory Spa Garden at Bedruthan Hotel and Spa? Is this something that you’d like to try out? Let me know in the comments.




  1. June 13, 2017 / 7:40 am

    Wow, this looks amazing. My wife loves s Spa so I’ll have to show her this post as I think she’ll be up for a visit!

  2. June 13, 2017 / 11:32 am

    Wow what a truly magic place for some spa pampering it looks like absolutely bliss! I’m sure you must have felt on cloud nine after your day there.

  3. June 13, 2017 / 6:58 pm

    This looks AMAZING! I would absolutely love this right about now! It’s great that they look after toddlers too as lots of places only look after older ones! x

  4. June 13, 2017 / 8:16 pm

    Oh wow how utterly relaxing that looks! I would LOVE to have just one day there, recharging my batteries so I could go back to the madness of four children! Gorgeous!

  5. June 13, 2017 / 8:18 pm

    Wow this looks amazing! So relaxing, I would love to have just one day there recharging my batteries so I could go back to the madness of looking after four children!

  6. June 13, 2017 / 8:18 pm

    it looks amazing here. It looks so relaxing. I want to visit,,, and I want to go now!!! 🙂

  7. June 13, 2017 / 9:08 pm

    This looks and sounds amazing, I love that they offer childcare too so parents can fully relax. It sounds like you had such a wonderful time xx

  8. Kizzy
    June 14, 2017 / 5:23 am

    That looks amazing and what a beautiful setting. Would love to try that out.

  9. June 14, 2017 / 8:58 pm

    Now that looks AMAZING!! How relaxing, and how nice for you to get that time together.

  10. June 15, 2017 / 8:26 pm

    I feel relaxed just looking at the photo’s and reading your post…….I so need a visit

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