The summer holidays are half way through! Hands up who has had a great time so far and hands up who is counting down the days till the end already?

If you’re running out of summer holiday inspiration, then you are in the right place. I’ve pulled together a ‘Family Summer Bucket List‘ just for you. This list was created with the help of lots of other Mums and Dads (thank you!). All of whom contributed ideas of things they’ve been doing this summer with their kids. I’m so happy to be sharing it and I really hope it helps.

Are You Running Out Of Things To Do This Summer?

I can’t tell you just how many messages and status updates I’ve seen this week, from other families who are also at a complete loss of what to do with their kids. It seems lots of us are in that ‘midway’ summer holidays slump right now. We all took the start of the summer holidays running and packed them full of activities. Now we’re halfway through and our energies and brains are like…well now what?

I’m also on a big mission this summer, to make as many fun memories with my daughter as possible. This summer is actually really bittersweet for us. Which, is another big motivator behind us creating a ‘Family Summer Bucket List‘. It’s officially the last bought of time I get to spend with my daughter before she starts school for the first time in September. Who else is in that boat? I’m so sad about this and can’t get over how quickly the last four years have gone.

Family Summer Bucket List 2018 -

It’s also the last summer I get to spend with her as a single child. Excitingly, her baby brother or sister will be joining us next summer – you can find out why our pregnancy is a little miracle over in this post: Pregnancy Announcement – An Unexpected Miracle. It’s safe to say, with only a few weeks left, we’re clinging onto those remainder days and making the most of them, as much as we can!

Anyway, enough waffle. Without further ado, here is our…

Family Summer Bucket List

Feel free to download this, print this, scribble all over this or just use it as inspiration to create your own ‘Family Summer Bucket List’. If you have any more ideas of things that should be added to this list, do post them below and I’ll do updated versions as more ideas are collected.

Family Summer Bucket List


If you want even more ideas of fun things to do in Summer, do check out the ‘kids section‘ on Life Unexpected. We have a whole range of easy and fun craft ideas and diy games that you can make with your kids.

Also, if you are a work at home Mum – Hi there! How hard are you finding the summer right now? – do go and check out my post ‘How To Survive The Summer Holidays As A Work At Home Mum‘. Juggling kids and deadlines isn’t the most fun thing in the world, but I really, really think this post might just help.

What sort of activities have you been doing this summer holiday? Are there any things you’d add to this list or that you want to try from this list? Let me know in the comments below.


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