Final Month Of Pregnancy Checklist + Free Printable

Final Month Of Pregnancy Checklist + Free Printable

How is it final month of pregnancy already? I honestly cannot believe how fast these last couple of months have gone. Time…come back please! We have just one month to go till touch down and I’m honestly starting to get very overwhelmed about the fact that our family is about to grow by another little human. Ahh! I am so not ready for this.

To try and make myself feel a little bit more on top of things, I have created a ‘final month of pregnancy checklist’. If you too are feeling a little bit underprepared and daunted by the final stages of pregnancy, I’ve made this list into a download and you can grab your own copy here! I really, really hope it’s helpful.

Final Month Of Pregnancy Checklist

Final Month Of Pregnancy Checklist

The last few months have been so hectic to say the least. My fiancé has overcome cancer, we’ve bought and started a business, we’re about to put down the deposit for our first home and on top of that, my freelance work has tripled and I’ve got a four year old to nurture. Did I also mention that I’m pregnant?

You can imagine how underprepared I feel right now. But, for the first time this entire pregnancy, I am starting to feel like I’m ready to introduce a new life to the world and these are all the things I’ve either done or I’m doing in the next couple of weeks to get us ready.

Install Car Seat

Is it sad that our car seat is already in the car? It’s the one thing that’s making me feel kind of like I have it all together right now. If this is your first baby, it’s a good idea to practise putting the car seat in and out the car. They can be very complicated!

Final Month Of Pregnancy Checklist

Set Up Baby Sleep Area

We bought our crib last week and its so adorable. It’s a ‘Cozee’ bedside crib from a company called ‘Tutti Bambini’. I really wish I had this sort of crib last time around. It has a drop side and connects to the bed and it’s honestly going to make night time feeds so much easier.

Get Some Comfy Clothes

Comfy clothes are on my ‘to get list’. When I had my first daughter, I definitely tried to get back into my regular clothes way too quickly. I put a lot of pressure on myself in terms of the way my body looked and I squeezed back into my jeans and made sure I looked ‘together’ every day. I really wish now I spent less time fussing about the way I looked and more time just being comfortable while my body bounced back by itself.

I have made sure to stocked up on some super comfy nursing and maternity bras (this is something I regret not investing in last time…my ones with Evie were so itchy, a horrid material and not comfy at all!) and I’m going on a shopping trip to get plenty of lounge wear this week so I can be a bit more snug around the house while I’m letting my body re-adjust.

Final Month Of Pregnancy Checklist

Stock Up On Household Goods

This week we’re going to be batch buying washing powder, toilet rolls, tinned goods and anything else that’s going to help cut down our ‘runs to the shop’ in the first month of baby being here. I did this last time around and I was so glad I did! The last thing you are going to want to do, when you’re tired and exhausted with a newborn, is run to the shop every five minutes.

Batch Freeze Meals

One thing I really wish I did in my last pregnancy, was batch match make and freeze meals. When Evie was born, neither of us had the energy to cook and most of our exhausted ‘newborn parent’ arguments circulated around food and the lack of. Now I have a four year old to think about too, I am not making that mistake again. We’re going to batch make and freeze down lots of potential dinners in the next couple of weeks, just so we don’t have to think about food, at least during the first week of baby.

Final Month Of Pregnancy Checklist

Get final baby essentials

Don’t panic if you like me, haven’t got everything for baby yet. But as long as you have the car seat (they won’t let you leave hospital without it), a bed for baby to sleep in, your hospital bag and a few clothes, the rest you can grab as you go! I’m actually writing that to reassure myself haha. If you do have time though, the final month is a great time to grab those last minute things you need.

Make Sure Birth Plan Is Sorted

You’ve probably been busy with your midwife sorting through your birth plan, but it is also a really good idea to sit down with your birthing partner and go through this properly too. I’ve done that this week, just so we are both on the same page and we both know exactly what we do and do not want to happen.

Get Your Emergency Contacts On Standby

This is also something I didn’t do last time and wish I did. This time around though I’ve had my emergency contacts ready and prepped for a while. Aitan is getting really annoyed at me because I keep ringing him occasionally to see if he picks up just so I know his phone is on and on loud in case I go into labour (pregnancy paranoia much).

I honestly have such a big fear of being on my own when I go into labour as he’s working just under an hour away from our house at the moment. I also have a big fear of going into labour when I’m due to do the school run, so I’ve lined up five people to potentially get Evie from school if this should happen. They all have been prepped on her school kick out routine and where they need to go to fetch her. I have also lined up someone to harass Aitan (thanks to my sister for agreeing to this) if he doesn’t answer his phone, so I can focus on labour and not worrying about getting hold of him.

Final Month Of Pregnancy Checklist

Hospital Bag Packed

The one thing I do have ready right now is my hospital bag. It sounds silly because I know there is usually time between going to labour and going into hospital, but honestly, I don’t want to risk forgetting anything and I did see the other day that someone I know had their baby within half an hour of going into labour! How crazy is that? I also really don’t want the stress of packing any bags last minute. If you want to see what’s in my hospital bag, or if you’re not sure what to pack in your own, check out my post here:


I’ve added this one in to remind me to rest as much as I can before our new bundles arrives, but in all honesty, I have so much still to do with work and with a four year old to look after, finding time to rest or nap is kind of impossible. If you don’t already have kids though, this is a good one to add to your list!

Maternity Leave

Are you all sorted for maternity leave yet? If you’re employed, have you got a final work date sorted with your employer and have you worked out the finances?

If you’re self-employed, have you navigated what kind of leave you’re taking and all the finances behind that? If you’re applying for statutory maternity pay and you’re self-employed, please note you should make your application by week 26 of your pregnancy in order to get it in time! This was something I didn’t do and now I’m fully regretting. But, I will be spending the next two weeks batch scheduling work so I can take at least a week off from freelancing when baby arrives.

So, those were a few things from my ‘final month of pregnancy checklist’. If you want to see the full ‘final month of Pregnancy checklist’, you can download it here.

Are you pregnant too? And is there anything else you’d add to this list? Let me know how far along you are in the comments below.


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