I’m trying so hard not to cry! It’s amazing just how long this day has been looming over me. I can literally take you back to the day I started to worry about the idea of Evie going to school and how little time I really had with her.

How fast does the first few years of their life go? It’s so scary isn’t it? One minute you’re in those newborn days, which feel like forever at the time. The next minute, they’re blowing out four candles on a cake and you know that September is just around the corner.

When Evie was just 3 months old, I remember being in a baby group and one of the Mums commented on the fact that her 10 month old baby would be in the year above Evie at school. Her baby was born in August and Evie was born in the following March.

I found that crazy to think that this Mum was already thinking of school. But, then it hit me…she only had three years and two months left till her child started. That seemed like a lot until I looked back and realised how quickly the previous three years of my own life had gone.

I made it my mission, literally from that day, to make sure that I was spending as much time as possible with Evie and that I was making the best memories that I could.

In fact, a few months later, I even quit my job to become a work at home Mum. Just so I could try and be around her as much as possible in those first precious few years.

That decision certainly wasn’t an easy one to make though. Quitting my job meant sacrificing a lot of things. Especially some big things like having a consistent income, a thriving career and being able to buy a house. You need at least a few years good self-employed pay to get a mortgage.

Looking back today though, I am so glad I made that decision. I know may have lost out on making a lot more money and buying a home, but I feel so lucky to have been there for all the milestones and to know that those memories of being with my daughter are mine to cherish forever.

First Day Of School

Dropping her off today was so emotional. We tried to be so excited for her so she wouldn’t sense how sad we were feeling.

My heart leapt when she skipped through the gate, shouting hello to the headteacher who she already knew from coming to the pre-school.

She skipped happily through the school corridors until we hit her classroom. It was really busy and full of other parents dropping their kids off for the first day too. We found her peg and dropped her things. Then the climbing up and clinging to us began.

We tried to stay upbeat and got her to look around the classroom at all the exciting thing there were. But, a teacher had to come and prize her off us in the end because she wouldn’t let go. We said quick goodbyes and left her teary in the room with all of her new friends. We did have a peek back through the door when we left and knew she’d be ok. Now I’m counting down the minutes till 3pm, when I can pick her up and find out all about her first day.

Life feels really bittersweet today. It is the end of a chapter and the end of the baby years for us. For anyone who does have younger children, cherish every moment! I promise you, it really does go way too fast.

So, this is the start of Evie’s new chapter and mine too. The start of the school years for her and a new career start for me.

I know that Evie is going to absolutely LOVE school and that she is going to really thrive. She is so sociable, she loves learning and if her love of nursery and pre-school showed us anything, it’s that school is going to be her new favourite place.


Even though I need to let her grow on her own now, I’m not quite ready to let go of my baby yet. So, today I will spend reminiscing over the last four years. I’ll be looking through old photos and old posts and I’ll be feeling so grateful for the amount of incredible memories I’ve been lucky enough to make with this beautiful little girl.

To every other parent starting the school years for the very first time, I’m raising a glass with you. Although mine is bucks fizz as baby number 2 is currently kicking my tummy! Lets celebrate together the end of the baby years and the start of the school years! I hope all your little ones have a good first day too. I hope that they makes lots of friends and that they really love their new schools!

Is it sad that I’m already looking forward to the school holidays?

Is your little one starting school for the first time this week? How are you feeling about it?


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  1. September 8, 2018 / 6:02 am

    I know a few mums who have children starting out at school this year. So many mixed emotions.

    Love the photo as well. Like the way you captured what Evie wants to be when she grows up.

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