Get Your Kids To Eat Anything!

Get Your Kids To Eat Anything!

Get Your Kids To Eat Anything!

Can you get your kids to eat anything or have you landed yourself a very fussy eater?

A few months ago I had a very fussy eater. For years we have struggled to make meals that she would eat and for years we have felt nothing but stress and frustration around lunch and dinner times. I can’t even tell you the amount of tears and tantrums meal times have brought to our family, but not any more.

In the last couple of months, something magical has happened. Our once super fussy eater, has started to eat EVERYTHING that we put in front of her. Not only that but she has also turned into a huge food lover who enjoys experimenting with new flavours and tastes AND she now laps up all kinds of vegetables (without a fuss) too!

Get Your Kids To Eat Anything

Right, I’m guessing you want to know our secret.

Put it this way, if I could wave a magic want and grant you stress free mealtimes too, would you feel incredibly relieved?

Ok, well I might not have a magic wand, but I do have a magic tool that will help you to take away the frustration of mealtimes and that will help you to transform YOUR fussy eater into a curious eater who will eat anything that you put in front of them.

Ready for the secret?

A few months ago we were kindly gifted a book by the lovely Emily, writer of the blog ‘A Mummy Too’. The book is called ‘Get Your Kids To Eat Anything’ and it’s not just another cookbook.

Not Just Any Cookbook

Through her book, Emily is on a mission to help you to transform mealtimes forever. She doesn’t just share recipes with you, but she also sets you tasks and challenges that your kids will love to get involved in. She also helps you to create meal plans, she shows you how you can create new routines and she shares so many insights, tips and tricks to get even the fussiest of children, to eat new foods!

How does she do this?

The book takes you on a food journey that explores five different, easy-to-follow phases. Together with your family, you are encouraged to explore each phase so that you can slowly transform your fussy eater into a child who is excited about food and trying new things.

Get Your Kids To Eat Anything

Here’s a quick overview of the phases;

Phase 1: Put the unfamiliar into the familiar – This is where you begin to introduce small elements of unfamiliar colour, flavour and texture into family favourites!

Phase 2: Educate – This is where you can teach your little ones where food comes from and experiment with textures, tastes and smells. There are so many fun challenges and tasks in this phase that will make food so enjoyable for your little ones.

Phase 3: Discover the fun in food – During this phase you get to experiment with colour, shape and textures of food and Emily teaches you how to assemble food in a fun way to encourage your children to eat it.

Phase 4: Step into the unknown – this is where you get super adventurous with food and mix together flavours that don’t commonly go together e.g. strawberries and cream pasta

Phase 5: Cement variety – This is the final phase and it’s where Emily helps you to keep experimenting with food, so that you don’t slip back into just cooking the same old recipes.

Get Your Kids To Eat Anything

We’ve honestly tried so many recipes from this book and we have had so much fun trying out new meals. I honestly couldn’t pick a favourite, although this week we’ve been lapping up the crunchy falafel pittas and the traffic light veggie burger stacks.

I have to save though, being summer, our most used recipe has been the colourful fruit and veg lollies.

Colourful Fruit and Veg Lollies

Summer holidays means one thing; ice cream runs. I swear my littles eat way more sugar during the summer holidays and this, for us, has been one way to not only combat that, but also a way for us to encourage more healthy eating even through sweet treats!

Get Your Kids To Eat Anything

Guess what these ice lollies have in them? Spinach! They also contain bananas and strawberries so they are super healthy and also incredibly delicious.

P.s. These were handmade by my daughter, hence the difference between them and the uber professional, delicious looking pictures in the book!

Our once spinach hating 5 year old laps these lollies up and the idea of creating ice lollies with veggies has sparked us to go on an ice lolly making adventure.

Get Your Kids To Eat Anything

Evie’s new favourite thing is cooking at home (thanks to this book) and she always jumps at the chance to get involved with ice lolly making too. Over the summer we have made ice lollies that contained avocado, kale and spinach!

Have you run out to buy this book yet?

If you want to put the fussy days behind you and take away the stress of mealtimes, then you really need to!

Since we’ve had this book we’ve managed to turn our greens hating, anti-vegetable eating 5 year old into a little girl who is excited about eating peppers, who doesn’t push spinach off her plate and who actually asks for the foods she used to hate.

Keep an eye on our Instagram page to see us sharing more of our makes!

Get Your Kids To Eat Anything

You can also find out more about Emily here:

You can buy her book from Amazon here!

Thank you so much Emily for this amazing book, but not only for that, for also making meal times so much more fun.


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