We finally got a new mattress! I’m actually going to hide my face behind my hands as I say this. I have no idea how many years I had my previous mattress for. I think it’s longer than they recommend that’s for sure. It also got to the point where we were literally lying on broken springs. I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of restless and sometimes even sleepless nights I’ve had because of that old mattress.

Now I think about it, it’s actually hilarious how ridiculous we were being. It would have taken us literally moments to buy a new mattress. But, instead we would constantly complain every night about how uncomfortable ours was. We would even have to put cushions in certain positions so that it wouldn’t hurt us to lie on it! Honestly, why were we living this way?

But, every morning we’d wake up and life would take over and we just didn’t get around to buying a new one. Can anyone else relate to this? Or are we the only crazy ones!

Getting A Better Night Sleep With A Mattressman Mattress

I think a lot of it was to do with the idea of having to find a new one. I thought it would be really overwhelming and I just kept putting off the hassle.

But, recently the time came where we decided that was it. We’d had enough of being poked with springs every night and sinking into the part of the mattress that somehow wasn’t the same level as the rest anymore.

Readers of Life Unexpected will also know that my fiancee recently got diagnosed with cancer. He’s just had an operation and he’s also about to embark on chemotherapy. So, putting off getting a new mattress, really was no longer an option.¬†Especially as this space is going to now be used more than ever.

Getting A Better Night Sleep With Mattressman

The wonderful team at Mattressman recently reached out to us just at the perfect time and asked us if we’d like to review one of their mattresses to make our bedroom extra cosy. We jumped at the chance, but I knew that choosing a mattress was still going to be such a big feat for fussy me.

I actually set aside two whole hours in my work day so I could scroll through their website and choose something. I generally believed it would take me ages. But, just five minutes later, to both of our absolute shock, I had confidently made a selection and sent off my request.

Honestly, if I’d known how easy it was before to choose the perfect mattress, I never would have put it off.

Getting A Better Night Sleep With A Mattressman Mattress

Choosing A Mattress

One thing I really love about Mattressman, is how easy they make it for you to choose the perfect mattress. When it comes to mattresses I am super fussy. I have to admit, I was really worried about making an investment and ordering something I’ve not yet tried in person.

But, the option choices along the sidebar really help you to narrow it down. There are check boxes you can tick, which makes it very easy to pick a mattress that is completely suited to you.

Getting A Better Night Sleep With A Mattressman Mattress

Along the sidebar it gives you options such as ‘double mattress‘, ‘king size mattress’, etc etc. I immediately knew I was looking for a king size mattress that was medium firm. I really don’t like anything too firm or too soft. I’m also not a fan of memory foam so that was a big no.

One previous mattresses I’ve had and loved in the past was a pocket sprung mattress, so that was another box I checked. After checking these boxes, I soon only had a small number of mattresses to choose from. This made deciding a whole lot less overwhelming.

Getting A Better Night Sleep With A Mattressman Mattress

Next I narrowed it down even further by checking the anti-allergy box for Aitan. He always seems to suffer with allergies at night time. What was left was around 10 mattresses, out of literally 1000’s.

The one I ended up settling on was the ‘Restopaedic Restapocket 850’. With 146 five star reviews I figured it was definitely worth a try. Especially as most of the reviews raved about its comfort!


When our mattress was ordered, delivery was super speedy. We were given plenty of warning about when the delivery driver would arrive. He even helped to drop the mattress right up to the room and onto the bed, which I’m very thankful for.

Getting A Better Night Sleep With A Mattressman Mattress


Comfort? I am going to be completely honest, this mattress has a comfort factor of 10/10 and I am so fussy. In fact, it’s probably a little too comfortable as now I’m struggling to get out of bed in the morning because I love it so much. The raving reviews were all correct. It is literally perfect in every way. Going to bed is a treat and both of us feel so rested when we get up.

We have both noticed a huge difference in the quality of sleep we’ve been getting since this mattress arrived. I actually wear a FitBit most of the time. This monitors my sleep patterns and even the FitBit app has shown me that I’m getting at least two hours more sleep a night. How crazy is that? Before my sleep was a lot more broken.

Getting A Better Night Sleep With A Mattressman Mattress

Making Our Master Bedroom A Comfortable Space

We’re now on a mission to make our master bedroom as comfortable, cosy and relaxing as possible. Aitan is going to be spending so much time in this room as he winds down from treatment. So, over the next couple of weeks I’m going to work really hard to finish this space off and make it look extra lovely.

Firstly, we’re going to give the bed another lick of white paint. With a new mattress and also new bedding from Debenhams, the bed itself is starting to look a little bit shabby. Then we plan on finding some pictures to go above the bed. We either want one really large beautiful hand illustrated world map so we can plan our travels as we lay in bed. Or we’d like two illustrated world maps to represent each of us. We’d love one of Cornwall where I’m from and one of Cape Town where Aitan is from.

If you have any recommendations of places we can look for map art like this, please do let me know below.

Lastly we’re looking at getting a beautiful bamboo ladder to rest on the wall. This is so we can hang some pretty cable lights to make the room extra cosy at night and also our bedroom blanket. Hopefully these finishing touches will make it look perfect.

We’re so glad that the mattress is one less thing that we now need to get and we are very grateful for having a mattress that is so comfortable to lie on.

So, be honest, when was the last time you got a new mattress? Let me know in the comments below.

* We were sent a mattress from Mattressman for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and our own


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