I can’t actually believe I’m a mum to a three year old. I’ve been holding back a lot of tears this week. I’m not sure why Evie’s birthday always makes me so emotional. I can never get over how fast your children grow and how fleeting the baby years are.

I love doing these letters to Evie on milestone ages and I can’t believe I haven’t done an update for a whole year. Reading back on her two year update, it feels like I only wrote it last night. Nothing has changed, yet so much has changed. So, in true tradition, here is a letter to Evie on another beautiful birthday.

Dear Evie,

It’s hard to imagine you ever not being my little lovely and terrible toddler. The last 3 years with you have been an emotional rollercoaster of tantrums, cuddles and unconditional love. I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

It’s so strange watching something you have created growing, changing, learning and constantly curating their personality.

Your newborn days feel like an absolute lifetime ago and it makes me so sad to think that one day you’re not going to remember these baby days. My own first strong memories stem from the age of four and it makes me so gutted to think this might be the same for you.

We’ve done so much together already and experienced so many beautiful and magical things together. As you grow I’m hoping that these blog posts and all my 100’s of 1000’s of pictures documenting your life will help both you and I remember the special life we had together before you started school.


Hair…we still don’t have much hair! But, it’s still coming just very slowly. We can’t even begin to imagine what you’d actually look like with hair, we’ve been waiting for that long. You’re getting a lot taller now though and are finally fitting into clothes that fall into your age bracket. You definitely don’t look or walk like a baby anymore and are slowly evolving into a little girl who will soon be ready for school.


You are very up and down with food. Sometimes you’re really fussy. For example, you went through a phase of not eating anything that looked like it had pepper on because it might be ‘spiky’ (spicy). Sometimes you’re amazing and want to eat all the healthy foods we put on your plate like broccoli and spinach. I do need to bribe you sometimes though. Our go to always seems to be ‘if you eat *insert food here* you can have yoghurt or olives’.


You have always been such a lovely, kind, beautiful soul. But lately you’ve been getting quite angry, grumpy and emotional. We’re putting it down to terrible twos and the starts of being a threenager but it is so frustrating and sad to see you so moody. Destroying your books recently was a big shock. You love, love, love reading and you adore your books so it didn’t make any sense. But for a few days you went through a phase of ripping pages in them. We’re really hoping this has passed now.


You love so many things like books, reading, writing, drawing, the beach, babycinos, muddy puddles and your dolls.

You really dislike having to say sorry, not getting your own way, having to walk for too long and occasionally going to bed.


You’re speaking in full sentences now. There are a few words we occasionally need to correct the pronunciation of, but you’re so stubborn you refuse. So for now, dressing gown is and will be dressing down and squirrels will be skirrels.

You have hit so many milestones and are attempting to reach some that are way above your age range. Your reading, writing and communication skills are incredible. You recognise words and letters everywhere. You can also write letters, some much neater than I would even do. I have a feeling by school you’ll be able to write the whole alphabet and probably even write quite a few words by yourself.

When it comes to books, you memorise stories by the second or third read and then will happily sit there reading them to yourself by memory. Sometimes you can pick out words on the pages, but other times you are just remembering it word for word from what we’ve told you.

You are full potty trained in the day time now. Although we still have accidents at night, we are getting there. You are so independent you even try to take yourself to the toilet and get yourself dressed. Plus you always want to help with everything now, from food shopping, to strapping your car seat, to making your breakfast, lunch and dinner.


You love sleeping in your own bed! In fact, nowadays when you wake up, even if you’re poorly or you’ve had a bad dream you still want to stay in your own bed. Sleep is as its always been. Sometimes its consistent and sometimes you go through phases of waking up a lot. You’ve started to get yourself up in the mornings now though and no longer cry out for me. It’s both a blessing and annoying because sometimes you don’t come and wake me up and instead make your way downstairs without me.


You are so sociable. In the last year we’ve even been abroad a couple of times for long lengths of time and you’ve always made friends and fully immersed yourself in new cultures. You didn’t hesitate to say hello and goodbye to people, even if it’s in  French, Spanish and Italian. On our recent trip to South Africa, you made so many life long friends with both adults and children alike and I’m always amazed by the fact that you aren’t afraid to walk in a room and interact with people. I hope that this social side stays with you for life. I’m such an introvert, I really don’t know where you get your confidence from, but it’s so lovely to see. 

The Future

I feel like this year I have taken too much of step back from you. I work more now and you both go to nursery AND you’ve started pre-school. This time before school is so precious and I really need to remember to make the most of that.

I was so excited for you to be two so that you could communicate and we could enjoy our days out together more. But now I want time to slow down. I don’t want you to turn four, I don’t want you to turn ten. I don’t want you to turn 15 or 18 or 21. But, at the same time I do.

I can’t wait to meet the future you and to see who you become. For now though, I want to wrap you up and hold on tight and not lose the little toddler who drives me so mad sometimes, but makes me love her even more every single day.

I feel so lucky everyday to be your mum and can only thank you for being the most incredible little girl that I’ll ever meet.



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