I am a huge fanatic of healthy food. I am a green smoothie drinking, salad loving, quinoa obsessed, superfood eating queen! As someone who loves all things fresh and all things that make your tummy smile, one thing I absolutely loathe is the idea of ready meals. As soon as I even hear the word ‘ready meal’ I automatically think of of saturated fats, sugars or really bland food that’s just boring and disgusting to eat.

My Healthy Kitchen - Delicious Meals For Busy Mums

Don’t get me wrong, I really do get the idea behind ready meals. They’re so convenient. Just like everyone else, I have so many days when I just can’t be bothered to cook and if you’ve had a super busy day, throwing something in the microwave for a few minutes can be so helpful.

Recently an e-mail landed in my inbox from a company called ‘My Healthy Kitchen’. As a blogger you often get lots of e-mails telling you about new products and press releases of things, but this one really made me this ‘ready meal hating’ foodie stand to attention.

My Healthy Kitchen Delicious Recipes For Busy Mums

In the press release My Healthy Kitchen claimed to make ready meals but with a difference. There were two tag lines that really stood out to me. The first is ‘tasty, wholesome, fast’. The second; ‘When you need a speedy meal, you shouldn’t have to compromise on taste or goodness’.

Being a curious one I couldn’t resist but respond and I agreed to try out some of ‘My Healthy Kitchens’ ready meals. Could they really be healthy, quick to make and delicious?

My Healthy Kitchen – Healthier Ready Meals?

My Healthy Kitchen currently have six deliciously fresh ready meals to choose from. All six have been inspired by by flavours from all over the world. From Spanish paellas to beautiful Italian risottos, each meal is made using high quality, fresh ingredients and will all be ready and on your table in just four minutes!

We chose to review four ready meals; oriental chicken, pea mint and rocket risotto, chicken paella and roasted mediterranean vegetable risotto.

I love that every single ready meal made by ‘My Healthy Kitchen’ is under 500 calories and the best part? No artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. Wahoo! Not only that, but I was told that each dish also offers lots of nutritional benefits so they’re just as wholesome and tasty as something you’d cook from scratch at home. I think I’m starting to be sold on the idea of ready meals.

But, here comes the most important part of all…the taste test.

Oriental Chicken

My Healthy Kitchen - Oriental Chicken

I really thought that the ‘Oriental Chicken’ dish would be my boyfriends favourite. He is obsessed with anything Japanese and this dish has been heavily inspired by traditional Japanese cooking. 

My Healthy Kitchen - Oriental Chicken

Every ingredient in this dish is something Aitan loves. Its been made with fresh asian vegetables, rice noodles, shredded pak choi, edamame beans, roasted red peppers, pickled carrot, tender chicken breast and an earthy shiitake mushroom sauce. How delicious does this colourful plate sound?

My Healthy Kitchen - Delicious Meals For Busy Mums

I’m not normally a fan of anything with shiitake mushrooms, but together we gave this one ago. He absolutely loved it but did add a little extra soy sauce (we’re big fans) to boost the flavour. I actually really enjoyed this dish too. The shiitake mushroom sauce was rich but there was a real lightness to the dish. It was flavoursome but not overwhelming. The crunch from the carrots, the soft noodles and the tender chicken really made you feel like you were eating something that was fresh off a wok.

Verdict? 7/10

Pea Mint Rocket Risotto

My Healthy Kitchen - Pea, Mint, Rocket Risotto

Next we tried the ‘Pea, Mint and Rocket Risotto’. This was definitely the brightest and most colourful dish out of all the ones that we were sent. If you are a mint fan I can tell you now, you will absolutely adore this dish.

My Healthy Kitchen - Pea, Mint and Rocket Risotto

Unfortunately I’m really not the worlds biggest mint fan and I didn’t like the taste of this at all. But I did end up donating it to my mum who loved it. The pea, mint and rocket risotto is packed full of fresh, spring flavours and has been made with arborio rice and my all time favourite grain ‘quinoa’. That’s why I was so disappointed I didn’t love it!

My Healthy Kitchen - Delicious Meals For Busy Mums

It also comes with peas, a fresh mint pesto, pickled red cabbage, rocket and a creamy onion sauce. Does that sound delicious to you?

Verdict? 3/10 (but my mum would give it a 7!)

Chicken Paella

My Healthy Kitchen - Chicken Paella

I love Paella. When I went to Barcelona and Palma back in October, I seriously over indulged in paella. This ‘Chicken Paella’ is a little more simple than traditional paella. Made with tender roast chicken breast, smoky chorizo, sweet piquillo peppers, peas, arborio rice and a sundried tomato puree.

My Healthy Kitchen - Chicken Paella

My favourite thing about this dish is how healthy it is. Not only is it 1 of your 5 a day, but it’s also high in protein and low in saturated fat. Go My Healthy Kitchen!

My Healthy Kitchen - Delicious Meals For Busy Mums

Honestly, the smoky chorizo was so flavoursome. The rice tasted freshly cooked and the sauce tasted authentically Spanish. Sweet piquillo peppers are my ultimate favourite peppers and they just complimented this dish no end. This was definitely my second favourite of all the dishes we were sent.

Verdict? 8/10

Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Risotto

My Healthy Kitchen - Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Risotto

Ok so roasted mediterranean vegetables are one of my favourite things to eat. Mediterranean vegetables feature in at least two of my weekly ‘go to’ meals so I really had high hopes of this dish on delivering.

The ‘Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Risotto’ turned out to be both mine and my boyfriends favourite dish of all! We completely fought over the last mouthful and it was so more-ish!

My Healthy Kitchen - Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Risotto

My Healthy Kitchen describe this one as ‘a simple vegetarian dish brimming with Mediterranean flavours. Simple it might be, but yes, it really was bursting with flavour.

My Healthy Kitchen - Delicious Meals For Busy Mums

Just like the other risotto, this one was also made with Arborio rice. But I also loved that it was mixed with freekeh which is another supergrain thats high in protein, fibre and B vitamins. The different textures of the grains coupled with the subtle sweetness of the roasted red peppers and the slight tangyness from the tomato chilli sauce, really made this dish for us. It’s also packed with so much goodness. It’s low in fat, low in sugar, and contains two of your five a day.

Verdict? 10/10

My Healthy Kitchen – Delicious Meals For Busy Mums

I was really surprised at how delicious these ready meals from My Healthy Kitchen were. I found them really substantial, healthy, tasty and quick to get from packet to plate. Not only that but they actually tasted really fresh. You could almost be fooled into thinking that you’d just made them yourself from scratch.

For those weeks when time is short, I will definitely be adding some My Healthy Kitchen ready meals to my shopping basket. I can’t wait to see what recipes they come up with next!

If you want to try My Healthy Kitchen for yourself, they’re currently available to buy on Amazon, Ocado and at Waitrose.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on ‘My Healthy Kitchen’. Which of their ready meals would you like to try the most? 


  • Oh I actually like the sound of the pea, mint and rocket risotto. And the oriental dish too. But knowing my hubby he’d add chilli sauce to it!

    • Ohhhhh adding chilli sauce to it sounds like an amazing idea!

  • The Chicken Paella looks lush, I love it! Mind you, they all look delicious. I would definitely try them out x

    • The Chicken Paella was amazing, especially the big chunks of chorizo! x

  • Helen says:

    These look like the perfect solution for anyone with limited time – the pea, mint and rocket risotto sounds delicious 🙂

    • My mum loved that one, but I really don’t like mint. It smells delicious though and it’s so colourful. x

  • Leandra says:

    They look amazing, I love how you can get convient and healthy meals now! X

    • Me too! It’s so handy when you’re really lacking on time…which feels like everyday. x

  • Not going to lie, I’ve needed a post like this as I really need more variety when it comes to meal time. These sound so good, I’m all for any meal that’s quickly made.

    Jordanne ||

    • I’m all for a meal that’s quickly made too. These are so delicious and I love the different recipes too. x

  • I don’t like minty meals as well but the other dishes look yummy.

    • They are so yummy!!! I am definitely getting them again and again. x

  • Wow! Those look quite healthy for ready meals! I think the one with chorizo would be my fave. I have never seen them in them in the shops but I will keep an eye for them!

  • Sarah says:

    these sound good. I do a night class one night a week so these would be good for when I get home.

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