This weeks ‘What Mama Wore’ comes with a BIG Valentines twist. I need your help to choose my Valentines dress.

We’re going out for a special Valentines Dinner this year because we have multiple things to celebrate. We’ve been officially engaged for 6 months, my blog celebrated it’s 3rd birthday, my partner got a new job and we’ll be child free for the night!

We rarely have the chance to dress up nicely anymore and I am so stuck on what to wear. I’m dedicating ‘What Mama Wore’ to Valentines Day this week and I’m going to showcase the three dresses that I’ve picked up and hopefully I can get your opinion on which is the nicest.

Help Me Choose My Valentines Dress – What Mama Wore

So I’m currently stuck between three choices, a gorgeous casual floral tea dress, a more racy silky, plunging mini dress and an elegant but playful maxi dress. These dresses couldn’t be more different in style, hence why I’m so confused. I’ll show you pictures of all three below and I would love if you could comment below letting me know your favourite.

I’ve also done a YouTube video showcasing the dresses a bit better, so take a peek if you prefer watching videos to reading text.

1. The Casual Floral Tea Dress

Help Me Choose My Valentines Dress - What Mama Wore

I bought this beautiful dress last August from a website called Zaful. It was such an amazing price, as are all clothes on Zafuls website. It’s a really nice quality dress too and Zaful is definitely one of my favourite online stores for buying summer dresses. This dress also holds sentimental value as it’s the dress I was wearing when my fiancee proposed to me in Venice.

I absolutely adore the shape of this dress and the detailing on the front. I love even more that it’s a wrap around dress so you can completely fit it to your body shape. It’s really flattering and teamed with a pair of tights and black ankle boots (it’s way too cold to keep my legs bare), I think this would make a gorgeous Valentines Day dress option. What do you think?

You can buy this dress here: Floral Cap Sleeve Wrap Dress

2. The Satin, Front Wrap Plunge Dress

Help Me Choose My Valentines Dress - What Mama Wore

The second dress that’s in the running is this silky red number from Pretty Little Thing. I absolutely love the way this dress looks on me and I did kind of cave and buy it in several other colours too. I also have this dress in a dark green and a light pink. The first I wore to a Christmas party this year and the latter I’m saving for a summer occasion. This dress is also available on Pretty Little Thing in a whole range of colours; from bolder reds, to blues and yellows!

This dress has quite a plunging neckline. You can’t quite see that in this image. But, I love that its neckline is complimented by long sleeves, so it’s not too revealing. It also has a shirt like collar and I think the twist front is really gorgeous. It’s a silky texture, so feels so soft on and I think teamed with a pair of heeled ankle boots and some glitzy tights, this dress would be beautiful for Valentines Day.

You can buy this dress here: Burgundy Twist Front Silky Shirt Dress

3. The Elegant Slit Side Maxi Dress

Help Me Choose My Valentines Dress - What Mama Wore

The third dress in the running for Valentines Day, is this dress from Missguided. I love how unique this maxi dress is. It’s not only elegant but it’s a little bit playful too with splits up both sides. The splits do go up quite high, so I do need to wear a small pair of shorts underneath this dress to stop me from showing too much off. But, I also really love the other beautiful elements to this dress, like the open back and the cut out shoulders. It’s so different and somehow manages to be glamorous, yet a little bit ‘oh la la’ at the same time.

I think the colour is stunning too. I find it so hard to wear darker dresses, because I’m so pale and pasty. But this dress really compliments my skin. I’d probably wear my hair up with this dress and team it with a pair of elegant strappy heels.

You can buy this dress here: Burgundy Split Front And Sleeve Maxi Dress


I would love your opinion on which dress I should wear to our celebratory Valentines Dinner. Which is your favourite? Is it the floral tea dress? The silky, plunge mini dress? Or the elegant, playful maxi dress?

Shop The Look:

Let me know below which one of these dresses you love the most and think I should wear on Valentines Day!


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  1. Becky Jenkin
    February 7, 2018 / 1:19 pm

    The Elegant Slit Side Maxi Dress – it’s so lovely, and really flattering honey! 🙂

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