A couple of months ago I started a new photo series called ‘Her & Me‘. After sorting through three years worth of ‘Evie pictures’ I noticed a trend. I was in about 10 pictures with her. 10 pictures. In three years.

I know full well that this is my fault. I’m usually behind the camera taking the photos. When I’m given the chance to be in front of it I tend to shy away. I really don’t like having my picture taken.

But, realising there is barely any trace of you in your daughters pictures, despite the fact that you have been there more than anyone, is quite a crappy feeling. So, i realised that it was time to hand the camera over and regardless of how I feel about being in pictures, I would rather have a moment of feeling icky if it means I can capture some moments forever.

Her & Me – September Grumps

This is why ‘Her & Me’ was born. Our new monthly photo series is my motivation to get some pictures of us, purely so I can get to watch us grow together.

Her & Me - September Grumps

I have to say we’ve found it really hard to get any photos this month. My partner Aitan always moans at us, because we are the hardest subjects to take ‘nice’ photos of. There is me that complains every time because I don’t know how to smile or pose. Then there is Evie, who as soon as she spots a camera, makes a face or shuts her eyes.

Her & Me - September Grumps

This month we gave up on trying to get a nice smiley picture of us. But I think that’s ok, because these photos are such a true natural representation of how utterly crap we are at being in pictures together.

Her & Me - September Grumps

These photos were taken on our recent trip to ‘Slice’, a beautiful Cornish cafe in the middle of nowhere. We stopped off for the most delicious lunch there, before we headed on to the Helford Passage near Falmouth where we went for a coastal walk.

Her & Me - September Grumps

We can’t believe how cold it was outside. Just a week and a half ago we were wearing summer dresses and it was blissfully hot. In fact you just have to look at last months ‘Her & Me‘ photos to see the difference in the weather. The sea and coast always looks so crappy when its dull, but in our last photos it looks like we’re somewhere abroad and exotic. It’s amazing the difference the sun makes to the landscape and the colours.

Her & Me - September Grumps

We really couldn’t do this walk this week without the extra layers. We were both wearing jumpers and tops under our coats and Evie insisted on her scarf and hat. It was so chilly.

Her & Me - September Grumps

Next month I’m sure it’ll all change again. It’s so cold I wouldn’t be surprised if the green trees turn orange by then. I’m actually excited to embrace the cooler weather though. It’s certainly great excuse to stop off for a nice warm mug of hot chocolate.

Are you excited about Autumn? Or are you feeling sad about the end of Summer? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Helen says:

    I’m so excited for autumn – the cosy nights in (who am I kidding – I have a daughter that goes to bed at 6pm, so every night is a ‘night in’!), hot chocolates and thick knits 🙂

  • five little doves says:

    Ahh this is such a lovely idea to do together! I need to do this with my children as I am always the one behind the camera and never infront of it!

  • Joanna Bayford says:

    Great series idea it’s so easy to stay behind the camera. We need to take more photos with our son as we don’t have enough.

  • Sophie's Nursery says:

    A lovely idea! I think I’m in about 5 photos of me & Soph so know exactly what you mean. I must make more of an effort x

  • Kara says:

    You caught some lovely pictures there. I am rarely in photos either as am always the one behind the camera

  • Katy Stevens says:

    I’m not in many photos either! You’ve got some wonderful pics here x

  • Anosa says:

    I think this is such a lovely photo series, what a shame that in 3 years you’ve only been in 10 pictures. I am sure it will be a lovely series and a new way to make more memories

  • Musings of a tired mummy...zzz... says:

    Great to get pictures of you both together, I try with my 3 but it is hard work! Love the grumpy lip in the first pic, very familiar!

  • Jo @ Mummy Needs Wine says:

    Beautiful photos. I am looking forward to autumn but I do wish summer had stayed around a bit longer

  • Stephanie says:

    Ahhhhhh I love it, such lovely photos of the pair of you. It is super important to get photos of you both together isn’t it

  • DJT @ Thinking Thrifty says:

    Great pics! I’m totally not looking forward to colder weather and dark nights, I’m such a summer guy!

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