How easy is it to forget to be in pictures with your children?

I realised the other day that there is not one picture of me holding Evie as a newborn baby in hospital. In fact, in the whole first year of her life I can count how many photos I have of ‘her and me’ on one hand.

Now she’s three I really, really regret not making more of an effort to capture moments of us together. Especially in her early years. I’ve been in her life full time yet there is absolutely no record of it on camera. Well…apart from our yearly birthday balloon picture that I’m so glad I made sure we did.

Her And Me - Time For Some Photos

I know I’m very much to blame for this too. Firstly, I am the camera hogger. I get snap happy so easily and always forget to ask for pictures of me with Evie. Instead I end up with hundreds of her solo or of her with someone else.

Secondly, when I do get the opportunity I actually shy away from having pictures taken. Why? Because I think I look like crap. Thirdly, every time I do actually try and take a picture with Evie she makes an awful face. She only ever does this with me and is always all smiles for everyone else. Cue example…

Her And Me - Time For Some Photos

Honestly, how ridiculous do I sound though? Who cares about silly faces and not looking your best?

I spent a little bit of time last week organising old photos and going through them to see how much Evie has changed. Now I am so angry at myself for being such an idiot when it comes to having pictures taken. I shouldn’t have cared if my hair was a bit messy, or if Evie was making a face. Evie’s not going to care when she’s older about how I looked or how she looked. She’s just going to want to see photos of her with me, just like I want to see photos of me with my mum.

Her And Me - Time For Some Photos

Introducing my big solution to the lack of mummy/daughter photos;

‘Her and Me’

Her and Me‘ will be a new monthly photo project where I HAVE to make sure I share a photos, a collection of photos or a short video of Evie and I. No matter what either of us looks like. I will post them here in a little round up and I will have no excuses not to.

Her And Me - Time For Some Photos

I want to capture the silly moments, the bedtime cuddles, the moments in the morning when we have bed head, the posy moments at landmarks and the everyday ordinary moments when its just her and me.

Her And Me - Time For Some Photos

It’s time to invest in a selfie stick. I am on a big mission to get some much needed family photos of us. I want to have something to look back at when I’m sat in my rocking chair, watching her children running around my feet.

Time seems to go so fast when you have children. Those newborn days linger on and then suddenly you open your eyes and you have a toddler who is at pre-school. A toddler who is suddenly asking you everything about the world; about why snails have their homes on their backs and why she can’t have chocolate cake for dinner instead of vegetables.

Her And Me - Time For Some Photos

Don’t do what I did. Make sure you capture photos of you with your children. Capture them from the start; from the baby days, right up until the day they’re stinky teenagers and don’t want photos anymore. Even then make sure you try. If you too struggle to take family photos, you’re more than welcome to join in this monthly project with me.

Are you in many photos with your children? Or are you guilty of shying away from the camera too? Let me know below.


  • B says:

    Some great photos of the two of you, I love the clifftop ones and the one of her on your lap looking up at you. You’re so right it’s so easy not to do it but so important!

  • Mum in Brum says:

    I am soooo guilty of this! I don’t like myself in photos and also the hubby is so bad at taking them – so I just do it myself! But you’re so right, what does it matter if the pictures aren’t ‘blog perfect’?? We went on holiday recently and I was so upset when I realised that we didn’t have one photo with me in it. It’s like I just wasn’t there and it was our last holiday as a three…I blame my other half but I think I just have to accept that I’m the one who needs to make it happen. I love the idea of monthly pics – you should set this up as a linky that other parents can join in with xxx

  • Emma Farley says:

    I am so guilty of this – and I still don’t have a photo of the three of us together because one of us is always taking the photo.

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