Another month has flown by. Seriously September…where did you go? And I’ve somehow still remembered to get some pictures of Evie and I!

Four months ago I started this little series called ‘Her & Me‘ because there were next to no pictures in the world of my daughter and I. Basically, I am a camera hogger and I also hate having my picture taken. Not the best combination!

But…I really want to have photos to look back at of both of us together. So ‘Her & Me‘ was born.

Her & Me – Finding Giants At St. Michaels Mount

September was lovely. We really made the most of the start of Autumn. We went on a little mini farm stay to North Cornwall, enjoyed an Autumn scavenger hunt, went blackberry picking and start crossing things off from our Autumn Bucket List.

But this week I had a real ‘pinch myself’ moment as Land Rover asked if they could send us a car to review (umm, yes please!!!) and they also asked us to take it with us on an adventure. Land Rover are advertising their new podcasts and as one of them is based on St. Michaels Mount in Cornwall, I couldn’t resist but take us there in our Land Rover Discovery.

Her & Me - Finding Giants At St. Michaels Mount

St. Michaels Mount is only a 15 minutes drive from our house and it’s one of my favourite spots in Cornwall. It definitely made for a lovely day out and with the sun actually warm and shining (in October too!), it made the most picturesque backdrop for some photos of ‘Her & Me‘.

Her & Me - Finding Giants At St. Michaels Mount

Evie was so good on our little adventure out. The castle is at the top of a very steep walk and she did the whole thing without complaining. On the way up we met a little cat friend that she named Aggie and then we went in search for giants.

Her & Me - Finding Giants At St. Michaels Mount

St. Michaels Mount is surrounded in myth and legend and one of the old stories is that the Mount was home to a giant. This got Evie really excited and on the way up to the castle we found the ‘Giants Well’ and the ‘Giants Heart’. Unfortunately we didn’t see any real giants.

Her & Me - Finding Giants At St. Michaels Mount

But it didn’t stop Evie trying to find them and enjoying her day out in the ‘Giants Castle’. Obviously no real giants ever did live in the castle. But, Evie’s imagination was so lovely. Around every corner she pointed out some things that showed that a giant was nearby.

Her & Me - Finding Giants At St. Michaels Mount

The sun was really on our side and we couldn’t get over how warm it was for October. I didn’t even take my coat and Evie complained of being too hot in her hat and scarf! St. Michaels Mount is beautiful. If you’re ever in Cornwall, I can’t recommend a trip here enough.

Have you been anywhere special this month? Have you managed to snap any photos of you and your family? 

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