Well ‘Her and Me’ was a bit of a disaster this month. It’s hard to get pictures of you and your daughter when she really doesn’t want anything to do with the camera. It’s also hard to get great pictures when you break your camera. All photos at the moment are being taken on an old school DSLR, but I am seriously missing the quality of my Canon G7X Mark 2.

Her And Me - I Have A Threenager

Quality of pictures aside, at the moment Evie hates having her picture taken. But only when I am also in the photo. If anyone else in the world asks for a picture with her; she smiles, poses and makes all kinds of faces. If it’s me, she put on a grumpy face or a fake smile. Above is an Evie fake smile.

Her & Me 

If you’ve not stopped by to Life Unexpected before. Every month I make it my mission to get a least one picture of myself with my daughter. I started the ‘Her & Me‘ series this year, after realising I was never in any pictures with my daughter and there is almost a whole year of non-existent photos of the two of us. The series is my way to create memories and to be able to look back and see how much we have both changed.

This month though, didn’t really happen. We ended up giving up trying to get a nice picture and in the end I just told Aitan to snap away, even though Evie was miserable. One to pull out on her 18th birthday?

Her And Me - I Have A Threenager

I’m really struggling with Evie this month. Not in terms of taking pictures, I understand if she doesn’t want her picture taken, I’m more camera shy than most. But with her general attitude at the moment, you’d think she was a teenager and not a three year old. Yes, I can officially vouch for the fact that the term ‘threenager’ is real!

Meet My Threenager

She has started to have full on meltdowns every time we come to do something that isn’t in her favour. ‘Evie we need to pop to the shops’. Cue the end of the world and her screaming and sobbing and snotting everywhere, alongside throwing herself on the floor in protest. She cries so loudly she can’t even hear us trying to ‘justify’ why we need to do what we’re doing.

She’s also refusing healthy food. Up until she was one i was one of these mums who didn’t let ANYTHING bad get into Evies tummy. No chocolate, no sweets, not even so much as a ready meal. We home cooked all her foods, she snacked on fresh fruit and she had her first bite of both cake and chocolate on her first birthday.

Her And Me - I Have A Threenager

I’ve not really lapsed at all. We are still super healthy, but Evie nowadays does get the occasionally ‘unheathly snack’ when we’re out and about like a slice of cake,some chips or a hot chocolate. So she knows there is ‘other foods’ out there.

For some reason lately, she has developed an aversion to healthy foods. She’s saying that vegetables are yucky and that everything is ‘spicy’ even if there isn’t an ounce of spice in anything. From chicken, to salmon, to sweet potato, stir fries, pasta dishes…everything is spicy.

At lunch time she’s eating a little more. She’s has sandwiches or grains but she’s skipping anything that involves vegetables or salad. Why, I have no idea.

Her And Me - I Have A Threenager

Then it comes to sleep time…

Bed is a mission once again. She’s fed, she’s bathed and then I sit in her bed and read a few bedtime stories, before its time for her to go to sleep.

Does sleep happen? Of course not. As soon as I kiss her goodnight and leave the room, the sleep battle starts. This has only been happening recently though.

First she gets up to ask for water and then a wee. Then she’s lost her favourite teddy, which she has actually purposefully hidden somewhere in her room so I’ll go and find it.

After that she comes to find me because she’s heard a noise. Then there’s a fly/spider/some kind of creature in her room making a noise. Oh and there are ghosts too. Lots of ghosts. The list goes on.

Her And Me - I Have A Threenager

I have learnt all her tricks now and have gotten to the stage where I make sure she has a last wee before bed, that she takes water to bed, that her favourite teds all sleep in her baby dolls cot next to her bed so they ‘don’t get lost’, that we check for ghosts and bugs and flies, etc etc. But there is still always something.

I’d love to say I’ve found a solution to all of this. But as of yet I’m still learning the answers. Maybe it is an age thing?  Or something she’ll grow out of?  Maybe she’s attention seeking? Or maybe there really is something wrong? I have a feeling there is a really obvious reason or solution and I’m just not seeing it.

 If you have any tips, tricks or advice, please let me know. Did your toddler go through a phase like this? Or are they now?


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  1. November 15, 2017 / 10:32 am

    This is such a lovely idea for a post an the photos are just lovely. I would definitely like to be in the photo more. I’ve found three such a funny age. I have more conversations now my eldest has turned three and he is developing more in terms of personality, which means he also know what he doesn’t like a lot more. I am quickly learning how to negotiate with a three year old, which is equally testing and entertaining!

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