Does packing for your holiday stress you out? Do you always pack the wrong items or forget essentials? Recently myself and a few other travel bloggers got to team up with More Than to try and solve your suitcase issues.

More Than gave us a really fun opportunity to be an ‘agony aunt’ for the day. They were inundated by questions and asked us to put together our top travel and holiday packing tips, so that we could help you to have a stress free start to your holiday.

All of the questions and answers can be found on More Than’s website, but I really wanted to take the opportunity to expand on my answer because I know first hand how stressful packing for a holiday can be, especially when you have a family.

Holiday Packing Tips - How To Make Sure You Pack The Right Things

Here’s the main question I was asked –

“I always seem to pack the wrong things when I go on holiday. Is there a good way to ensure I pack the right items?”

Unless you love organising, packing for a holiday can sometimes be a little bit stressful. It is so easy to pack the wrong things or to forget things. Luckily, there are several ways to ensure that you pack well every time.

1. Make A List

The best thing you can do is make a check list of everything you’d usually need to use everyday; like toiletries, underwear, glasses, chargers and medication.

Don’t just write a random list though. Break your list into themed sections such as toiletries, equipment, clothes, accessories. Create a separate list for each member of your family. You’ll need different things for each person and pooling your list together will make you more likely to forget things.

When writing your list, run through your everyday routine. Maybe you need a steriliser for your baby or pull-ups for your toddler. Thinking about what you normally do for breakfast or at bedtime will help you to remember those essentials you can’t live without.

Don’t forget to have a think about the activities you intend to do whilst you’re away and what you’d need for those (like swimwear for a beach holiday, walking shoes for sightseeing, or ski wear for a skiing trip.) These are the things that people tend to forget!

Before I pack my case I go through my list and double check that there isn’t anything on there I can live without for a few days. Do you really need your whole make up bag or just a few items from it? Do you really need more than one jacket or more than a couple of pairs of shoes? If you find you still have too much stuff then check what the hotel provides.

2. Does The Hotel Have It?

Do you want more room in your suitcase for souvenirs or more clothes? I’ve used up valuable suitcase space before by taking towels and toiletries that ended up being in the hotel anyway. Most holiday accommodations will provide basics like a hairdryer, toiletries and towels ready for the taking. It’s really worth checking ahead to see what essentials your accommodation provides.

I recently stayed at a ‘family’ orientated hotel who even provided pushchairs, puddle jumping suits and buckets and spades. If you’re travelling with a family, see what your hotel caters for. You could save so much space! Once you’ve covered all of that its time to check the weather.

3. Check The Weather

I recently went to Barcelona and packed clothes perfectly suited to summer. A week before I’d looked at the forecast and it was going to be glorious. What I didn’t do was check again a couple of days before I’d left. The predicted hot sun had turned to rain and I ended up having to run out to buy a whole new bunch of clothes when I arrived, because I’d packed all the wrong things.

Keep checking the weather, even up until the day before you leave. Weather can change so quickly and you really don’t want to be left with unpractical clothing.

Packing the right things every time involves you being organised and doing a little bit of research. Give yourself a big window of time to pack and try to pack a few days before you leave. Last minute packing is where most mistakes are made.

Holiday Packing Tips - How To Make Sure You Pack The Right Things

Holiday Packing Tips

Maybe there is another holiday packing question that you’d like to know the answer too? Check out the More Than blog for more suitcase space saving and holiday packing tips.

Do you always pack the right things when you go on holiday? What is the biggest packing blunder you’ve ever made? Let me know in the comments below!

*I worked with More Than on this campaign. All thoughts are my own!

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  • Stephanie says:

    Great ideas. I often forget something after locking the door. I need to change this habit. I’ll try listing all the items that I may need during the trip 🙂

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