Today I’m going to be sharing with you my amazing experience with life coach Emily from ‘Our Pretty Stories’ and how even though I didn’t think life coaching or mindset coaching was for me at first, Emily literally transformed my life and my business in just three sessions.

Interested or curious to find out more?

Below I’m going to share with you how a life coach helped me to triple my income and overcome mindset blocks, that were stopping me from taking my business to the next level.

I’ll also share a few ways that life coaching can help you in both your everyday and your work life and what a typical life coach session with Emily, from Our Pretty Stories, looks like.

So, if you’ve ever thought about having a life coach before, or you are slightly curious about it, then this post is for you. But before we dive in, first let me explain…

How A Life Coach Helped Me To Triple My Income

What Is A Life Coach?

A life coach is a person who aims to help and empower you to reach your full potential by helping you to make, meet and exceed your goals, both personal and professional. They can help you in a number of ways, from achieving ambitions, to excelling in the workplace or to even becoming more happy and fulfilled at home.

My sessions with a life coach began earlier this year, when I was at an all time low point in my freelancing career. As a full time blogger and freelance social media manager, I rely on work to pay my bills. But, at the start of the year I had found myself in a position where work had run dry. I wasn’t earning enough to cover my bills and I had lost my sense of direction and where I even wanted to go with my career. This in turn was having a huge affect on my confidence levels, my self worth and my home life.

I randomly stumbled across Emily on twitter and quickly signed up to try out one of her coaching sessions. I will admit that it wasn’t without nerves or hesitations, but I honestly do not regret it one single bit. Not only did she transform my mindset, but she helped me to triple my income, to find my direction and to prevent myself from ever being at that low point again.

Introducing Emily From Our Pretty Stories

Emily is a mindset and success coach and founder of Our Pretty Stories. She is on a mission to empower women and to help them achieve success on their own terms. She wants you and I to become the very best versions of ourselves, so that we can chase our dreams and lead the lives that we really want to. Through her sessions you can expect to experience life changing breakthroughs and transformations and as one of her clients, I can vouch for the fact that her sessions really do transform your life.

Emily loves what she does and she has bundles of experience. She is a Mother to two beautiful children, a Vice President of a company based in London and an incredible life coach. Over the years she has coached a whole range of people from high flying senior executives, to creatives, to Mothers, to solopreneurs.

How A Life Coach Helped Me To Triple My Income

Photo by Our Pretty Stories

Coaching Sessions With Emily From Our Pretty Stories

Coaching sessions with Emily can happen over video call or in person, dependant on where you are in the country. I had all of my calls over video and they were really easy to schedule in. At the end of each session, Emily sends you over an online booking calendar which shows you her availability. Whenever you are ready to, you can book in a session. One thing I loved is that you also didn’t need to book in straight away, there is absolutely no pressure. You can book your next session at a time that is convenient for you, or a time when you feel like you need a session the most.

Whenever the time came for our next call, Emily was always so warm and lovely. Our coaching sessions were typically around an hour long and I always felt like we’d managed to cover everything we needed to during that time.

What A Coaching Session With Emily Looks Like

During a typical session Emily would open the conversation by asking me questions or by going over the goals we’d set in our last session. She would then help me to work through any issues I was experiencing and would help to coach me through any barriers I was facing. I found that each session was incredibly valuable and the amount we got through each time was incredible.

I decided to do my sessions a few weeks apart. But, in between that time Emily would check in on me through e-mail. She’d also send me a round up e-mail reminding me of the points we covered in the last session and the things that I’d told her I was planning to work towards that month. Just having that in place kept me accountable and I found myself, for the first time in my life crossing off goals quicker and better than ever.

How A Life Coach Helped Me To Triple My Income

Photo by Our Pretty Stories

Feeling Accountable

As a really shy person and big introvert, at first I was so nervous about the idea of video calling someone. But, every time I was on a call Emily made me feel instantly relaxed. I felt like I was having a virtual coffee with a friend.

Whenever our calls ended, I literally came away buzzing, feeling full of confidence and ready to break down some more barriers.

One thing I also loved about having coaching sessions with Emily, is that I always felt accountable to someone even when I wasn’t in a session. At the back of my mind, I constantly felt like somebody was keeping their eye out for me and encouraging me to pursue my goals and to do better in life. It made me more eager to commit to reaching for my goals. Especially because I knew it wasn’t just me I was answering to anymore. Someone would be asking me very soon…’well why haven’t you done that yet?’

Just that little bit of motivation does incredible things for your mindset. I found that things I had been putting off for months and years, were suddenly getting done. Also the things I was afraid of going for, no longer seemed as scary having someone else there to guide you. In fact, they became fun and easier to achieve.

Overcoming Mindset Blocks To Grow My Business

By the time my third session came along, I had already managed to triple my income thanks to my sessions with Emily. One thing I always made sure I did, was put everything she advised into practice within a few hours, or a day at most, of our call. I really recommend that you do this too.

One of the reasons I wanted to start my coaching sessions with Emily, was because I couldn’t work out which direction I wanted to go in with my work and whether I wanted to focus more on being a freelancer or a blogger.

I also went through a period of struggling to earn that much money from both revenue streams. This in turn, caused me a huge dip in confidence and low feelings of self worth.

My quiet period (which was scarily quiet) had actually caused me to be too afraid to pitch for new work. I was scared to send out pitches for fears of rejection. On top of that, I also wasn’t charging what I was really worth and was very often undercharging or accepting pittance for a lot of work.

Emily helped me to work out which area I should focus more on; freelancing or blogging. She also helped me to overcome my fears of pitching and my mindset blocks surrounding self worth and confidence.

How A Life Coach Helped Me To Triple My Income

Photo by Our Pretty Stories

Tripling My Income

I remember that straight after one of our calls, the one where we first dived into my fear of pitching, that I ended up ending the video session and going straight on to writing up and sending out a dozen personalised pitches. Not only that, but I did it with confidence and a new feeling of self worth and self appreciation.

The very next day my inbox had two job offers. This was after a month of nothing! Two days later there was a third job offer.

When it came to negotiating prices for these three jobs, I used the tools Emily had given me to negotiate rates that reflected my actual worth and the work was doing. I ended up landing all three contracts and all three of them were accepted at triple the rate I would typically charge before.

Keeping My Income Flowing

Emily also helped me to make sure that my income became continuous, so that I’d never experience that low point again. She did this by helping me to implement methods that would allow me to keep work flowing through. These are methods I’m still using today and I can happily say the work is flowing strong.

With her help I was able to not only keep my typical revenue flowing, but she also helped me to discover other potential streams of revenue and steps I could take to implement them. This meant that all of my eggs would no longer be in one basket. I would no longer be relying on just one stream of income anymore. The tools and advice she gave me have completely transformed the way I look at and work in my business. I honestly cannot thank her enough for that.

This is just a snippet of my journey with Emily. She has actually helped me in far greater ways. Including helping me to map out the future of my business and the direction I am going with it. I am sure I will be writing another post all about this soon.

How A Life Coach Helped Me To Triple My Income

Photo by Emily Our Pretty Stories

So, Are You Wondering What A Coaching Session Can Help You With?

Are you reaching your goals? Are you lacking in confidence or putting things off because of time or other reasons? Maybe like me you aren’t charging what you are worth or you’re afraid to go for that promotion, or to start a certain career.

Whatever your need or whatever your mindset blocks are, a coaching session with Emily can help you in endless amounts of ways. I will highlight below all the ways Emily has helped me. Although I’m sure there is more. 

  • She helped me to find a sense of direction when I was feeling lost and unsure.
  • With her help I was able to set achievable, measurable goals.
  • I was shown how to easily break down my big goals into smaller bitesize chunks.
  • She helped me to overcome mind blocks that were stopping me from earning money.
  • Through our sessions I was made me aware of myself and my actions. Even the self sabotaging ones! She also taught me how to overcome them.
  • Emily helped me to gain confidence and to see my worth. 
  • She helped me to triple my income and implement methods to ensure a constant work flow.
  • I was taught how to be accountable to myself.
  • And lastly, I was shown what my full potential could look like and how to go about getting there.

How A Life Coach Helped Me To Triple My Income

So, what would your list above look like after a coaching session with Emily?

What could she help you to breakthrough? What do you want your life to look like?

Emily has handed me the tools I need to succeed. She has helped me to start working towards my purpose and she is full of valuable, transformative information.

In fact, this year Life Unexpected is going to make some big changes. As of this week I will be rolling out new content that will be hinting at my new direction with my career and this blog. So watch this space!

None of that would have been possible without coaching sessions with Emily. I honestly cannot recommend her enough.

You can find Emily in the following places: on her website ‘Our Pretty Stories‘, on Instagram and on Twitter

So, there is only one question I need to ask; would you ever get a life coach? Let me know in the comments below.


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