A couple of weeks ago we made Evie an ‘I’m Bored Jar’. Why did I not make this sooner? I cannot even begin to tell you how useful this jar has been been, not just for Evie, but for our whole family. As a family, we are forever squabbling about what we are going to do with our afternoons and and our weekends.

This jar has given us so much inspiration when we’re really at a loss of what to do. It’s also come in handy for me, as a work at home Mum. I often have lots of last minute deadlines to complete, which means I really need Evie to play by herself sometimes. This jar has definitely helped with that dreaded Mum guilt in those particular moments. Especially when she’s come to me frustrated because she can’t think of things to do and I’m not free to entertain her.

I really think every house would benefit from having a jar like this and they are so easy to make! If you’re looking to make an ‘I’m Bored’ jar for your family, then you are in the right place. Today I’m sharing with you not only how we made our jar, but also 50 activities that we’ve included in ours so you have some inspiration to get started.

How To Make An I'm Bored Jar

How To Make An ‘I’m Bored’ Jar

I can’t stress enough how easy it is to make this boredom buster jar. One thing I really love about this jar, is that you can get as creative as you like with the activities you put inside it. For us, this is going to be a jar we add to over time, especially as Evie gets older and she’s able to do more solo based activities.

You will need: 

  • A jar
  • Multicoloured or plain lollipop sticks (whichever you prefer)
  • A sharpie pen
  • Jar decorations of your choice

We grabbed the actual jar we’ve used from Amazon and we also picked up some large multicoloured lollipop sticks from Amazon too, plus a couple of sharpie pens. You can find smaller multicoloured lollipop sticks here.

We’ve chose multicoloured lollipop sticks for a really good reason. We wanted each colour to represent a different type of activity. We did this purely so Evie could choose an activity based on a certain situation. For example, sometimes I wouldn’t be able to help her with the activity, so I needed her to know which ones she could choose that didn’t need my supervision. I also wanted to include ‘free activities’ as well as ‘paid for’ fun family days out. 

How To Make An I'm Bored Jar

Here’s what each of our colours represent:

  • Red – Home based activities that don’t need supervision
  • Green – Home based activities that do need supervision
  • Purple – Paid for outdoor activities
  • Yellow – Free outdoor activities
  • Orange – Household chores
  • Blue – Cooking activities

To make the jar, all we did was write an activity on each coloured stick, then we put it in the jar and let Evie know about it the next time she muttered that she was bored.

How To Make An I'm Bored Jar

50 Ideas For Your I’m Bored Jar

If you’re stuck for ideas to include in your boredom buster jar, here are some of ours in no particular order. This is a whole mixture here, of free outdoor and indoor activities, crafts and things to do on a rainy day!

1. Bike ride

2. Go to the park

3. Colour with chalk outside

4. Hopscotch

5. Blow bubbles

6. Nature walk

7. Foraging / Wild Fruit Picking

8. Scavenger hunt – (get a free printable here)

9. Go to the beach

10. Make mud pies

11. Go on a picnic

12. Go on a bug hunt

13. Make an obstacle course

14. Fly a kite

15. Make a daisy chain

16. Make a leaf crown

17. Go Geocaching

18. Camp in the backyard

19. Homemade bowling

20. Feed the ducks

21. Read a book

22. Build a fort

23. Play with busy bags or a busy box

24. Draw a picture

25. Have a teddy bear tea party

26. Build a castle out of lego

27. Do a puzzle

28. Play a board game

29. Watch a movie

30. Paint a picture

31. Bake something

32. Make a healthy snack

33. Make sock puppets

34. Homemade pizza

35. Plant some seeds

36. Play with playdoh

37. Make pasta necklaces

38. Make a card and mail it to someone

39. Sort your toys and donate some to charity

40. Do some house chores

41. Have a bubble bath

42. Play balloon volleyball

43. Make a smoothie

44. Play an instrument

45. Write a story

46. Make a treasure map

47. Make your own board game

48. Put on a play with your toys

49. Do some exercise

50. Make a scrap book

If you need more inspiration, hop onto my Pinterest where you can see some more boredom buster ideas!

What do you think of our ‘I’m Bored Jar’? Have you already got one of these or is this something you want to make for your kids? Let me know in the comments below.


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