How hard is it sometimes to motivate yourself when you are self-employed? If this is you and you’re struggling to motivate yourself to work today, then you are in the right place my friend. The following post will give you some much needed tips and tricks to get you re-motivated and ready to work again.

Alongside this post, I’ve also created a free printable just for you! You can collect it right here. The printable will help you to kickstart your motivation and will help you to to dive right back into work mode.

I’ve broken this post down into six amazing tricks. You might find that just one of them works for you straight away, or if you’re feeling seriously unmotivated, then I definitely promise that a combination will help. So. Lets get started.

6 Ways To Motivate Yourself When You Are Self-Employed

Gosh, I cannot tell you how many moments I have had where I’ve been super unmotivated to do any work. In fact some days, the housework looks way more appealing than my deadlines! Who else feels this?

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my job and I feel so lucky to get to work from home. But, we are all human right? We all experience those days where we’d much rather be doing something completely different than work. Be that spending time with our friends and family, or being snuggled up in bed with Netflix or even sat on a plane a million miles away from where we are right now.

When you’re feeling like this, how much of a struggle is it to get back into work mode? I personally find it so hard! Sometimes I actually wish I still had a boss to answer to! Just because finding the self control to ‘get up and get on’ when you only answer to you, can be really difficult.

Well this post is here just for those days! So lets get you re-motivated so you can get stuck back in…

1. Go For A Walk

Sounds completely counterproductive right? But, its no secret that many entrepreneurs make sure that stepping outside is part of their daily routine. Guess why? Because walks are amazing for sparking productivity and for helping with your focus!

Just taking a quick fifteen minutes out to go and get some fresh air and experience a change of scenery, does wonderful things for your mind frame. If you’re feeling the slump, get on your coat or flip flops and just go for a quick brisk walk.

2. Do Small Tasks

Oh my goodness, I cannot begin to tell you the amount of times recently that I have been laying there literally trying to drag myself up to start work. I do have a great excuse though! I’ve been experiencing some pretty crazy pregnancy fatigue. Trying to get even an ounce of energy – especially without being allowed too much coffee – has been awful!

If you are feeling like this and you’re completely switched off and unmotivated to work, then this trick is for you!

The ultimate best way to get yourself back into the game is to do small achievable things first. By this, I mean like the tiniest things! Start chipping away at tasks that take you anything between 5 and 15 minutes to complete.

These little bursts are a great way to get you back in the ‘work flow’ and ‘work mind frame’ without it taking up too much effort or energy. Usually seeing even the smallest things getting accomplished can make you feel so good and can give you enough mental motivation to get started on those bigger tasks.

So, what small, easy tasks can you do right now that will help you start chipping away at your work?

P.s. The free printable will be great for helping you with this!

3. Work In 30 Minute Blocks

Another amazing tip I swear by, just in general when I work and not just when I’m feeling unmotivated, is working in 30 minute time blocks.

If you’ve not tried this before, you really have to! It’s such a great trick. Simply pick a task from your to do list and then set an alarm, allocating yourself 30 minutes to doing as much of that task as possible. When the 30 minutes are up, I bet that you’ve got more done than you would have, if you didn’t have the pressure of time!

This is also a great tip for preventing procrastination. Especially as focus is said to dwindle an hour into a task. I actually structure my day in 30 minute bursts nowadays and I get so much more done than ever before.

4. Take Your Work Elsewhere

How often do you take your work ‘elsewhere’? Do you find that sometimes you get really cabin feverish if you’re working from the same place all the time?

I absolutely love my home office. I’ve created a really lovely light, cosy space for me to work. But, on occasion I find being in this space for too long actually just zaps my energy. And on days where I’m feeling super under-motivated, just stepping into my office makes me want to cry.

If you have those days and moments too and your job doesn’t require you being in a specific location, try taking your work somewhere else! My personal favourite is heading to a coffee shop! One thing that is great about being in a coffee shop, is that your time there is limited. There is only so long you can sit there with a coffee without it being annoying for other customers and staff. This short amount of time will push you to do more! Plus, the change of scenery does amazing things for your mind frame. If you’ve never tried taking your work elsewhere before, give it a go!

5. Celebrate the little successes

Do you ever celebrate successes in your business? I don’t mean just mean the big things either. Sure, if you win awards or hit your financial goals for the year, you’re likely to go and pop some champagne. But what about those little every day wins?

In traditional employment things like compliments from your boss when you complete tasks, regular appraisals and little treats just to say well done can seriously keep you motivated! When you are self employed you don’t get this, so why not treat yourself to mini ‘rewards’ as a way to do this. You can even make this so teeny. Like when you complete that task you don’t want to do, you get to:

  • Have a break
  • Go for a coffee
  • Buy that top that you’ve been looking at for ages
  • Head out for a lunch picnic with your other half

Whatever ‘reward’ gets you motivated, use it and go for it! I do this for both small and big things in my business. For example, if I complete that deadline that I was really struggling to get done or if I hit that milestone ‘figure’ I wanted to earn this month – you betcha, I’m going to celebrate.

If this is something that you need to start doing, then you will love this little addition on the free printable I’ve created!

6. Remind Yourself Of Your WHY

If you’re still struggling after all of the above tips, then I will leave you with one more little thing. Remind yourself of your ‘WHY’. You are self employed for a reason, yes? Remind yourself WHY you are self employed. Write down all the reasons you love being self employed! Remind yourself of your goals, what you are hoping to achieve and what that looks like for you.

For me being self employed gives me flexibility around my family life. It’s also a job that allows me to be as creative as I want to be and it allows me to do something that completely fills me with joy; helping other people to grow and flourish in business.

So, those were my tips for re-motivating you…

The irony is, I am writing this post on the back of having a morning where I just haven’t been able to focus. I’ve felt so tired (blaming the pregnancy for that one – morning sickness and fatigue is not fun), so unmotivated and the last thing I’ve wanted to do is work.

But, just completing this small task of pulling together this post for you, has seriously helped me to jump back into work mode.

Now I’m about to use the free printable worksheet for myself and I’m going to hop into my next ’30 minute time block’. Good luck.

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I would LOVE to hear your tips and tricks for staying motivated when you are self employed.

How do you get through those days when you just don’t want to do anything? Let me know your tips and advice in the comments below!!


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  1. September 5, 2018 / 5:46 am

    Just what i needed. My motivation has been really downhill just recently so has my inspiration definitely going to try these.



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