Thank you so much to the wonderful Mumma Knows for nominating me to write this post titled ‘I am the mum who…’


This is for my beautiful daughter Evie, who despite her current toddler tantrums, I couldn’t love anymore than I already do!

I am the mum who…

  • didn’t realise she could love something this much!
  • loves being silly with you. You love trying to make me laugh and you have such a fun sense of humour already.
  • bribes you with food so that I can sit and have a warm cup of tea.
  • worries I’m not teaching you enough everyday even though I know I’m doing well.
  • needs to let you fall sometimes so that you learn to get back up (I’m a self-confessed helicopter mum  – always hovering!)
  • loves doing messy play with you. You get so involved and love being arty.
  • is constantly marvelled by how much you learn in such a short space of time.
  • loves watching you and your daddy asleep all cuddled in together. I love you both.
  • loves how affectionate you are. Every cuddle you give me and every cuddle you give your soft toys melts my heart. You are going to be kind hearted.
  • cherishes visiting the bathroom alone.
  • still checks you’re breathing in the middle of the night every few hours.
  • loves seeing how happy you are as soon as your feet touch the beach. It’s your favourite place to be.
  • will always be there for you, no matter what.

Thank you for being my daughter.

I nominate Little O and Me and Mummy and Monkeys to carry this along. I can’t wait to see what you write! 🙂



  1. Mummaknows
    August 1, 2015 / 6:10 pm

    Awe beautiful Evie!! Great post 🙂

  2. August 3, 2015 / 6:34 am

    Awww lovely heart melting post. Such a nice list and the photo is very very cute 🙂

    • August 3, 2015 / 10:16 pm

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. 🙂 I never normally write such personal posts but I’m glad I did. x

  3. August 3, 2015 / 7:41 am

    Lovely post! I love reading these and loved doing mine – totally relate to going to the toilet on your own, this isn’t done often enough lol #maternitymondays xx

    • August 3, 2015 / 10:17 pm

      Haha it’s such a rarity it’s amazing how much you appreciate it when you get the opportunity! 🙂 x

  4. August 3, 2015 / 10:29 am

    Aww this is lovely! I can relate to some of them too! #MaternityMondays

  5. August 3, 2015 / 12:55 pm

    Lovely post…you sound so caring and lovely 🙂 I think they learn so fast so quickly don’t they? xxx #maternitymondays

    • August 3, 2015 / 10:19 pm

      They really do. We’ve started to do monthly updates just so we can see how much she’s changed. It’s quite scary how much they learn in just a short month. x

  6. August 3, 2015 / 1:32 pm

    “Helicopter mum” Love it!! That is me!! I like this post I can really relate to it! #maternitymondays

    • August 3, 2015 / 10:19 pm

      Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one. Thank you so much! x

  7. August 3, 2015 / 2:44 pm

    Gorgeous post, lovely list of things and what a lovely Mummy Evie has 🙂 thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays

    • August 3, 2015 / 10:20 pm

      Oh thank you so much Caroline. 🙂 Thank you for hosting such a lovely linky. x

  8. August 3, 2015 / 5:21 pm

    Such a beautiful post! Such a wonderful mummy! She is lucky to have you!! #maternitymondays

    • August 3, 2015 / 10:20 pm

      Haha I bribe daddy too! With biscuits and pizza! Works a dream! 🙂 x

  9. LittleOandme
    August 6, 2015 / 8:05 pm

    Thank you so much for tagging me! This is such a lovely post. Evie is one lucky girl having you as a mama. I am also a helicopter parent, and my other half is even worse than me (poor Oliver) Becky xx

    • August 7, 2015 / 10:34 pm

      That’s ok. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. 🙂 Evie’s only got one helicopter parent which is ok but she still tries to be a daredevil, especially when her dad’s around. Poor Oliver haha. 😀 Let me know if you ever have time to do one of these and I’ll pop over for a read. 🙂 x

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