One whole month of Lior. Gosh, it feels like this month has been a year, not just four short weeks. It has gone so slowly. It feels like forever since I wrote the ‘Welcome To The World Lior‘ post and I think lack of sleep has something to do with that.

I really wanted to start doing ‘monthly’ updates for Lior. When I first started this blog, I used to do monthly updates for Evie and I honestly love looking back at them even now.

I used to take photos of her and write about all of the milestones she was reaching, how she was sleeping, what foods she loved etc etc. I really want to do that again now with Lior and I feel so lucky that I get to capture these moments literally right from the beginning of his life. I didn’t start my blog till Evie was a bit older so I only posted the first one just after she was a year old.

So, here is the start of Lior’s monthly updates. Every month I’ll share milestones he is hitting, things he loves playing with and doing, how he is feeding and how he is sleeping.

Lior: One Month Old


I am going to be completely honest. Breastfeeding has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done. It was the same when I had Evie – breastfeeding was something I really struggled with. With her I had latching issues which caused me to have sore, cracked nipples. I ended up having to give up breastfeeding after three months, because we just weren’t getting it and I kept having repeat boughts of engorgement, mastitis and thrush.

I really didn’t want the same thing to happen this time around, so literally the minute we got back from the hospital, I rang a breastfeeding lady to come and help me with latching.

Unfortunately it didn’t work and this month has been horrific for feeding. I really didn’t get the support I needed and I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of feeds I have cried through because they’ve been incredibly painful. My nipples not only cracked and bled, but I somehow managed to have literal blood clots coming out of my boobs. I developed mastitis in both sides and also experienced serious amounts of engorgement and also thrush again.

Lior: One Month Old

However, there was a light! A friend of my Mum’s popped over one evening (she is also a breastfeeding specialist) when I was literally about to throw breastfeeding in. Aitan had gone to the only shop that was open, to get a manual pump because my boobs were so engorged, but my nipples were to sore to feed from.

She came over a few minute before he walked in with the pump and she somehow, in some miracle, managed to get Lior to latch in a way that wasn’t painful and she then taught me some amazing techniques. Within two days of seeing her (she popped back a couple of times, which was so lovely), my nipples were starting to heal and breastfeeding started to become a lot easier.

It took another week for everything to heal completely (it honestly felt like knives were stabbing me every time he latched) but suddenly something just clicked for us and now he is feeding like an absolute dream! Honestly, if it wasn’t for her (and the support from Aitan and my family), I would have given up. But, I am so grateful we are still feeding now and I hope we can continue to do so for a long time!

Lior: One Month Old


Within a couple of days of being born, Lior was a bit of a dream boat when it came to sleeping. He straight away started sleeping 5 hours in a row at night time and we definitely thought we were going to have an easy baby. We felt very jammy!

Oh how silly we were. Then…at the end of week two all of that went out the window and Lior started to develop a night time ‘grunt’.

Now, every night without fail when he falls asleep, we lie him in his cot and the grunts begin and oh boy they are so loud!

Lior: One Month Old

We’re still trying to work out if it’s constipation or reflux, or something else entirely. But, he gets so irritable (even if he is still sleeping) and will literally spend the ENTIRE NIGHT grunting.

Another issue we have with sleeping; he will only fall asleep on one of us (not in his crib) and he will only fall asleep if he is rocked, or if he is feeding.

We’ve just bought a sleep training book so we can try and get him to fall asleep in his crib and without relying on ‘us’ as sleeping props. We are also doing lots of research into how to get rid of this grunt! Fingers crossed we have a break through very soon!

Lior: One Month Old


Lior absolutely loves playtime and is very active for a newborn. His favourite thing so far is his play mat. He actually starts panting with excitement whenever we lie him on it and whenever the music and lights begin. It’s so cute! He usually lasts on it for about twenty minutes before fussing to come up, which I think is such a good length of time.

Lior: One Month Old

Another thing he loves is ‘Boo’ his Panda. Every time we change his nappy we put Boo next to his changing mat. He stares at him for so long and in the last week he has also started babbling at him and cooing whenever he sees him, which is really adorable.

Another Lior loves, is books. Especially when Evie or Aitan read to him. He’ll sit there literally staring at the pages and listening intently. I have so many cute Instagram stories of ‘reading time’ between him and his sister.

Lior: One Month Old


I have re-downloaded a wonderful app called ‘The Wonder Weeks‘. I had this app when Evie was little and it served us so well. It basically tells you every time your baby is due to go through a developmental leap. The first is usually due between 5 and 6 weeks.

Even though he’s not old enough yet, Lior has definitely started going through his first leap already. We’ve had the crying, the clinginess and the cluster feeds (which signal a leap) and we’ve noticed a literal ‘growth’ in his body, as if it happened over night.

Lior: One Month Old

I’m not even joking about that either. One day he was in newborn and ‘up to one month’ clothes and the next day they literally would not fit over his head.

We’ve also noticed a big change in his activeness. He’s suddenly become very aware of the world around him. He can see a lot further now than he did when he was born and he has started trying to grab things that are above him or next to him.

We have also had his first smile! Yay! And many more after that. He is a very smiley, giggly baby and he loves to chat. He is constantly babbling and ‘ohhing and ahhing’ both at us and his toys.

So, that was Lior’s first update! I honestly can’t wait to see how much he changes in a months time and I hope between now and then we get a lot more sleep. See you then!


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  1. Sam
    March 18, 2019 / 3:15 pm

    Things that you may find work for the grunting if it’s reflux related: raise the head end of the crib, hold them up longer (at least 20 mins after each feed) it’s a killer when you’re tired but it does work and then thing that’s the worst for us but the best thing I ever did: give up dairy in my diet 😒. It kinda sucks but it really really does help.

    I can’t help with the sleep training. It’s a personal thing and I’m not a believer of training a baby this young. Magic boobs for the win with sleeping over here! but top tips for putting baby into crib: hot water bottle first (the temp change is a killer), Muzzie that’s got your milk on it so it smells of you and a Ewan the sheep. I’m sure you remember stuff from Evie but I was surprised how much I had forgotten since the first one (plus the sleep deprivation makes you loopy and forgettful) and a friend reminded me of these.

    It also helps to keep reminding yourself they’re cute and it will pass. It’s so short a time really in the long run. Keep cuddling them I say!

    That all sounded rather preachy which I don’t mean at all. I hope you get some lovely sleep soon and you should be super proud of your feeding efforts, you done amazingly well with such a challenging start. Xx

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