I love, love, love Orchard Toys! They’re one of my favourite companies for kids toys. They always manage to make the most innovative and creative kids games and I love that all of their products do more than just one thing. Not only that, but they’re always such good value for money and kids absolutely adore them. 

We have a draw full of Orchard Toys products at home and my daughter always begs to play them on a daily basis. 

Look And Find Shape Jigsaw By Orchard Toys

This month, Orchard Toys have just released some new jigsaw puzzles and in true style of their brand, they aren’t just puzzles, there is a twist. They’re called the ‘Look and Find‘ jigsaws and if you have a 3-5 year old, you’re going to want one.

We snapped one up straight away but there are four in total, that you can collect.

Look And Find Jigsaw Puzzle

Look And Find Shape Jigsaw By Orchard Toys

Each jigsaw box, in the new ‘Look and Find Jigsaw’ collection, focuses on a different area of learning: 

  • Colours
  • Shapes 
  • Numbers
  • The Alphabet.

Each puzzle box contains two jigsaws, that once completed can be used together to play some fun learning games. You can have a peek at the rest of the collection here: Look And Find Jigsaws

Learning Shapes

We picked out the shapes puzzle as it’s an area we’re currently focusing on with my pre-schooler. Evie is really up to date with her numbers, letters and colours. But, she does sometimes struggle when it comes to shape recognition.

Look And Find Shape Jigsaw By Orchard Toys

The shapes jigsaw has a really fun ‘under the sea’ theme and the box contains not one, but two activity jigsaws. The main one is the vibrant, busy underwater scene and the second one showcases a range of different shapes, alongside their names.

Look And Find Shape Jigsaw By Orchard Toys

Evie can put the main puzzle together quite easily, but she finds the second jigsaw a bit tricky. Puzzles usually have different patterns and colours on the end of each piece, so you can easily match it up to the next piece. But, the second puzzle mostly has yellow borders, so it’s a lot harder to recognise which piece connects with which.

Look And Find Shape Jigsaw By Orchard Toys

I actually really like this though. It means Evie has to heavily rely on her observational skills to try and spot the smallest details that might connect it to the next piece. The first time we put it together, I was so impressed by her focus and how she didn’t give up trying. I wish she was like this with all activities she does.

When both puzzles are complete, you can then start playing some fun shape games.

Look And Say Each Shape

These puzzles inspired us to play so many different games.The first thing I did was to try and get Evie to read out and name each shape on the ‘shapes’ jigsaw. I have to admit, I thought Evie knew her shapes, but it took her a few go’s to be able to get to grips with the name and shape of a pentagon, a hexagon, a crescent and a semi circle.

Look And Find Shape Jigsaw By Orchard Toys

When she was confident enough with the different shapes, we then played ‘Spot The Shape‘. To do this we tried to match the shapes on the ‘shape’ jigsaw to the shapes on the ‘under the sea’ puzzle.

This was great for helping her to practise her observational and matching skills. It was also so interesting to see which ones she could spot and which ones I had to guide her to.

She actually spotted the trickier ones first and not the basic ones like a square and a circle. I found that spotting the shapes in the puzzles really reinforced Evie’s understanding and recognition of the ones she’d just learnt. It was actually a lot of fun discussing the shapes with Evie and hearing her thoughts and opinions on why she thought each part of the picture was a certain shape. 

Other Games You Can Play

These puzzles have inspired us to come up with even more shape games. One thing we did, was grab a piece of paper and some colouring pencils and I challenged Evie to draw the shapes herself. She used the shape puzzle as a guide, counting the sides of each shape and working out how she could recreate them.

Look And Find Shape Jigsaw By Orchard Toys

Another game we’ve started to play, and one that you can do anywhere, is ‘Spot The Shape‘. It works a bit like ‘I Spy’ but you have to spot the shapes in different items around you. So Evie would say, I can spot a circle and we’d have to go around the room, or wherever we are at the time, finding all the circles.

This new game is making Evie a lot more observant of her surroundings. She has even started spotting multiple shapes in things. For example, she noticed that my camera is a rectangle shape, but it’s also got lots of circles on it. 

We Love Orchard Toys

The Look and Find Puzzles retail at £8. I think they are such good value for money because they can be used time and time again and they’re more than just a jigsaw.

If you’ve not heard of Orchard Toys before, or bought any of their products, you really should look into them. You can visit their website here: Orchard Toys. Kids absolutely love their toys and their products never fail to be engaging, educational and also a lot of fun. They have games and puzzles that will be loved by a whole range of different age groups and as a grown up, I have to admit, I love playing some of their games with Evie.

Look And Find Shape Jigsaw By Orchard Toys

Orchard Toys are also my failsafe go to for gift buying. For every birthday, Christmas or event, I always buy Orchard Toys. Even for Evie’s friends if they’re celebrating a birthday. If you don’t know what to get them, you can’t go wrong with an Orchard Toys game.

Look And Find Shape Jigsaw By Orchard Toys

If you want to try some of their games, but don’t know where to start, their website has a really easy search function so you can find games that suits your kids age.

Want To See More Orchard Toys Games? 

One of our ultimate favourite Orchard Toys games to play as a family, is the ‘Games Compendium’. You can read my review about the ‘Games Compendium’ here and I also share more about their amazing games and puzzles in my post ‘5 Rainy Day Activities For A Pre-Schooler‘.

Have you got any Orchard Toys games or puzzles? What do you think of their new ‘Look And Find’ Jigsaw Puzzles?

*We are ambassadors for Orchard Toys and were sent the puzzle for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own, as is my love for Orchard Toys! 



  1. February 21, 2018 / 2:01 pm

    We love Orchard toys too! We only have one of their jigsaws and plenty of their games. I have been looking which jigsaw to get next. This one looks like great fun 🙂 x

    • February 21, 2018 / 9:56 pm

      Orchard Toys are brilliant aren’t they! We love their games. I love that we can play most of them as a family too and that the boxes are quite small so you can take them away on family holidays and trips! We have a couple of their other jigsaws, but these ‘Look And Find’ ones are fab! 😀

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