Growing up as a young person in Cornwall, you were made all to aware that there was not a huge variety of job opportunities in the county. If you wanted any kind of creative job, you would have to leave. Unless you already knew somebody and had a foot in the door.

When it came to me applying for University just over 10 years ago, I knew it was very unlikely that I would ever end up being able to do a job that I loved while in Cornwall. My industry was too particular and there was nothing of the sort in the county at the time.

But, who would have thought that the internet would create so many waves of opportunity. As it has grown its reach and strength over the years the whole dynamic of Cornish business has changed.

Now, I am one of those, that are lucky enough to get to work from anywhere that has internet. Be it a beach, a cafe, or my garden.

Opportunity For New Jobs In Cornwall At An All Time High

Technology and innovation has given my generation and the next, so many new opportunities. Now, in 2017, the world is even more so our oyster. We have the opportunity to do jobs that we love. Even when we’re sat on a beach at the very tip of Cornwall!

My younger siblings are now those teenagers that get to step into this new Cornish world. They have more opportunities in Cornwall than ever before. Yet, their generation still struggle to see what type of jobs are available to them, as do a lot of my ‘still lost’ generation.

Made In Cornwall Series

In my new series, Made In Cornwall, I will be bringing to you interviews, reviews and features from a whole variety of individuals and business’, that are based here in Cornwall.

Whether you want to work for a company or an organisation, or whether you want to create the business of your dreams, you will find inspiration from these incredible creatives.

From SEO startups, to photographers, illustrators, web designers, bloggers and so much more. There are so many people proving that even if you have a very small idea and a little motivation, you can do anything that you set your mind to.

Made In Cornwall Series

The Future Of Jobs In Cornwall

Now, Cornwall is absolutely bursting with talent. Creatives are popping up all over, from Penzance to Port Issac. So many people are now able to either find jobs, or create jobs that allow them to live and work in this beautiful county.

If you told me 10 years ago that I could make money from blogging whilst sat with my laptop in a delicious restaurant, sipping coffee and overlooking the sea, I would have laughed you. But, that is exactly what I can do.

When I first started Life Unexpected, one of the main things I wanted to do on my blog was to showcase Cornwall to the rest of the world.

I can now take photos of the county and share them to a mass audience. I can write either about the best places to visit here, or I can share my real life, raw posts on parenting and reach millions. All at the touch of a button, while I am sat in my little Cornish garden.

Just like many other Cornish people, I am so proud of where I am from. But now, I am even prouder to get to show you what all of these individuals and businesses have to offer.

I love finding out what people do. What jobs they do, what they love to do and what they love about where we live.

I hope that this series will create more exposure for these individuals and companies. But, I also hope that it’ll inspire the younger generation to start something of their own in Cornwall.

You can read the first interview now with Olivia Bossert. Olivia is photographer who has been making waves both locally and commercially.

If you are a business or individual that wants to take part in this series, then pop me a message over to

What do you think or our new Made In Cornwall Series? Let us know in the comments below.


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