I have wanted to buy or make one of these ‘hanging branch Christmas trees’ for a few years now. I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and this year I was determined to get one. When I was shopping around recently though, I stumbled across some little hessian pouches. Seeing these gave me the idea to not only make a branch tree, but to also turn it into a family ‘branch tree advent calendar’.

I ended up making one this weekend and I couldn’t get over how easy it was to put together. I think it looks amazing too, so I really wanted to share how I made it on here, incase any of you fancy making your own branch tree advent calendar as well! 

Make Your Own Branch Tree Advent Calendar

One thing I really love about this branch hanging Christmas tree, is that it’s something that can be used for years to come by our family. I’ve also made sure not to ‘permanently’ secure the advent pouches to the tree. So, if we change our mind in the future and no longer want to use it as an advent calendar, we can re-decorate it however we like. 

Before I get started on the tutorial though, I will admit I cheated a little bit. As much as I wanted to make my own branch tree, I really struggled to find the right size sticks in our local woods. After three attempts, I then stumbled across the perfect pre-made hanging Christmas tree online. I couldn’t resist grabbing it! If you did want to make your own from scratch though, it is super easy and I’ll explain how below and I promise, the rest I did d.i.y myself!

Make Your Own Branch Tree Advent Calendar - Feature

You will need:

  • Branches of all different sizes
  • Rope
  • Mini linen drawstring bags
  • String
  • Numbers

We picked up the ‘hanging branch Christmas tree’ from a company called Sass & Belle. It was about £16. However, if you wanted to make your own, simply grab seven branches in all different sizes from your local woods or forest.

We then picked up the string, the little wooden numbers and the mini linen drawstring bags from Hobby Craft. The little wooden numbers actually came with stickers on the back already, which made it so easy to connect them to the pouches!

Make Your Own Branch Tree Advent Calendar - Feature

To Make:

If you’ve decided to make the branch tree from scratch, first you need to lay your sticks down in ascending size order. Then, you need to take your string and create a loop around one end of the largest branch. Now tie the string in a knot. You then need to do this again and again, connecting it to each branch above by making a loop and then knotting it. When you get to the top, simply reverse what you’ve just done and go down the other side.

To make the advent pouches, all we did was stick the numbers onto each pouch. Then I cut out 25 small pieces of string and fed each small piece of string in through one of the pouch handles. I then tied each pouch to one of the branches, using a small knot that I hid at the back of the branch.

Decorating The Advent Calendar and Filling The Pouches

My favourite thing about this advent calendar is that you can add whatever you like to the bags! We’re going to use this as a ‘collective’ family advent calendar and are going to put a chocolate for each of us in all of the days. We’re also going to put little surprise ‘activity’ cards in a few random pouches. Activities will be things like ‘Christmas crafts’ and ‘Christmas traditions’ to do that day. Or even things like ‘kind gestures’ to do in the lead up to Christmas.

We kept out advent calendar really simple, but you could easily decorate it even further. Some ideas I’ve seen include adding leaves to the tree, adding a star to the top, or wrapping little delicate twinkly lights around the branches. What you do though, is entirely up to you! So there you have it, that was our easy to make wooden hanging Christmas advent calendar.

Make Your Own Branch Tree Advent Calendar - Feature

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What do you think of this easy to make Christmas branch tree advent calendar? Let me know in the comments below!

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